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Prophecy: Miraculous Healing Of Sanchi
November 10, 2013

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The bible makes reference to many of the miracles that Jesus performed. They are often described in colorful detail. In like manner, the book of Acts celebrates the signs that followed the apostles as they went forth proclaiming truth among the Gentiles. Many have preached that miracles have passed away, out of the church, during the last 1,900 years. Still others say that there are no true apostles and prophets today. Paul declared that there were signs of an apostle (2 Cor 12:12) and that they were wrought among the Gentiles, so it is clearly no sin to talk about it and spread the news wide when they do still occur today. Sometimes, the occurrence of them can be expected and sometimes, quite a shock.

I have seen miracles and signs coming forth from the ministry God has given me. I have seen men instantly healed. I have seen a leprous man receive totally smooth skin in seven days time. I have seen fire leap forth from my thumb, bridge a gap of three feet and strike a Kenyan woman between the eyes. Each of those cases carried with it some sort of expectancy. I was ministering, or rather, in charge of the ministering that was going on, and I make room for whatever the Lord wants to do, whenever He wants to do it.

For example, I was preaching in Mukhonje, Kenya before about two thousand people and suddenly, my right leg had a pain in the thigh that felt as though I had been stabbed by a knife. I cried out the to Lord and He told me that He had just healed someone in their right leg. I had to call for the person who had received the healing three times before a girl ran from the back of the audience, declaring that she had broken her leg last night and that God had just healed her instantaneously. So yes, I have seen miracles following.

One thing most of us know is that miracles accompany evangelism and they accompany faith. I, like many others, have seen few miracles as I have ministered here in the United States, so to participate in one, especially in the atmosphere in which it occurred, is unusual in my experience and I feel that I should publish it wide.

I went to Hope Church at 8 AM to offer prayers for our Sunday activities, which were to include three services that day. I was to attend all three services and I was to officiate the prayer room after each service, as I have freedom here to pray and prophesy for people as I am led of the Lord to do in the prayer room. We came through the prayer time with nothing special to note. The 9 AM services followed and the subject was on "Family Matters". I have no preaching responsibilities in this church but I have, on occasion prophesied from the platform. There was really nothing very exciting going on in that 9 AM service and certainly nothing to hint at what was to come.

The 10:30 service then began. As usual two young gentlemen were doing a tithing and offering pull, which always nauseates me, but this one was particularly manipulative. Two young men performed a little skit and the one was heard to exclaim, "your robbing God, your robbing God". I was very close to leaving so I know the Lord must not have been very far behind me. But, as always, I stayed in place to help all those who would come before me for prayer after the service. This service ended and I was still in the Spirit, even as a young girl was giving announcements that were singularly irritating, the glory of God was upon me and remaining. People were dispersing from the assembly and just at that time, I was summoned from my front row seat on the left side of the auditorium to go about ten rows back where some women were praying for a young girl. I later found her name was "Sanchi"

The report to me was that she had recently had knee surgery for a torn ACL in her left knee. She had almost no range of motion in her knee and had a lot of pain that accompanied any movement. I stood in front of her and the song of the Lord began to come forth from me, so I continued prophetic singing, waiting for the Lord to give me some leading or instruction as to how to proceed. Suddenly, I felt power issue forth from me like an explosion in her direction. I inquired of her whether she had felt anything and she indicated that she had not. So, I asked her if she would do something that had previously been impossible for her. She questioned me and I said, "why not do a deep knee bend?" She looked at me as though I was crazy, but I told her that I would put my hands under her shoulders and I would catch her if she fell, so she trusted me and began to descend. She went all the way down and as she descended, she began to cry. She had been totally and instantly healed.

I directed her to go over to the Bishop and report what the Lord had just done for her and she did so. And that is the story of the miraculous healing of Sanchi.

Stephen L. Bening

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