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Prophecy: The Apocalyptic Key
July 31, 2019 Tammuz 28 (Mo 4 sacred-Mo 10 secular), 5779

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Two hundred and nine years ago, in the year of our Lord 1809, a very confident and extraordinary book was published. It was called the "Apocalyptic Key". The book itself was predominantly a reprint of the 1701 edition of Robert Fleming's only prophetic work: "The Rise And Fall Of The Papacy"

I spent the evening last night reading the first book, published in 1701. There is a sadness present that crops up several times in that 1701 edition. He mentions several times that he is under pressure to present his work in a minimum number of pages. Obviously, his benefactor had placed some pretty strict limits on how many pages he could take to present this work. I also got the feeling that he knew that this was his only chance to get these prophetic ideas out in print, so he was really trying to make the best of it and was feeling hindered at the same time. The ideas and concepts are not so easy. He had not very many words to plainly explain a great many things.

So today, I was taking a look at the 1809 reprint, which was reprinted again in 1848 with much celebration. Obviously, Dr. Fleming was not alive in 1809 or in 1848 to oversee the reprintings of his work. The reprint includes excerpts from the works of many of the important writers of Fleming's day. Fleming's sadness is still there, surrounded by all this celebration. What was the big deal? Why the reprint?

Seventeen biblical prophecy writers had speculated that the beginning of the fall of the Papacy was at hand before it occurred. Dr. Fleming was one of the seventeen. They had all done so, in print, prior to the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1794. Their names can be found at Predictions of the French Revolution by Lee Roy Froom

Dr. Fleming's single solitary prophetic work, printed in 1701, was the only one to take an educated guess at the starting date of the French Revolution: 1794. He hit the bullseye. He took another educated guess at the date of the fall of the monarchy in France and the further blow this would deal to the Papacy: 1848 The only problem was the almost nobody knew about it in 1701.

Dr. Fleming was a pastor in Scotland at that time and then became a lecturer in London, but his areas of concern while he was in London appear to have primarily been political. He was also a frequent lecturer on the liberal side of the Calvinistic controversy. He did have the ear of William III, the King of Scotland and he consulted with him on ecclesiastical matters. All in all, I conclude that he was spending his time primarily in areas other than those covered in the Apocalyptic Key. His fame at 1794 and at 1848 relates almost totally to the Apocalyptic Key, but this work appears to have languished without much attention from its' original publication in 1701 until his death in 1716.

I can really identify with Robert Fleming. I had an astounding prophecy in my hands on July 13, 1992. I lived in South Florida and God had told me that "I will use the name of Andrew to mark judgement this generation". I was also told to "watch August 24, 1992". I was looking for a great earthquake along the San Andreas fault until August 17, 1992, when tropical storm Andrew formed off the Azores. I warned my church in writing. Nobody paid much attention until the hurricane was bearing down on us and Sunday church service had to be cancelled.

I was told by the pastor at that time that they would have me in to the office to have a look over the rest of the prophetic I had received AFTER the hurricane passed. It passed and they forgot all about it. So yes, I have a pretty good idea how Robert Fleming might have felt if he could have lived to see 1794 and even further to 1848. Surely, he might have thought, these pastors and theologians will listen to me now. God has proven me right. But alas, in not too many years after 1848, all was forgotten.

Today, almost nobody knows his name and nobody knows his story. More importantly, nobody knows the Apocalyptic Key he discovered: the key to unlocking the correct understanding of the Book of Revelation. Incredibly, everything he learned has been forgotten by almost everyone. Those prophetic things that people are looking for now will never occur. Those prophetic things that they believe they will never be here to see are those things that will come upon them. Very soon now, there will be nothing but the sudden evaporation of false hopes in the churches and meeting houses, wherever you find them, on God's green earth. Dr. Fleming would surely sigh and wonder how such a thing could have possibly come to pass. After all, he wrote his book and the predictions came to pass. Surely, everyone would know about it and no one would be caught like a thief in the night by it.

You can still download both of Fleming's prophetic books: the original and the 1809 reprint. They are a bit difficult to read for the twenty first century twitter user who probably could slog through a page or two before putting it down...too boring...too difficult as the current day reader probably thinks that a Goth is a punk rocker. But alas, all is not can still get your apocalyptic key to unlock the secrets of the Book of Revelation.

I would start with THE REVELATION PUZZLE PIECES SERIES, which you can break up and study in 7 pieces to avoid overloading yourself with too much history, too soon:


Step 1: Go to Prophetic Superpages and click on the link in the second column to the right to Revelation Puzzle-Part 1 and scroll down to the completed Revelation Puzzle. Keep both pages open in your browser.
Step 2: Let us say you want to know more about the Great Earthquake in the Sixth Seal. Look down the Completed Revelation Puzzle until you get to the Sixth Seal, and click on the link to Revelation Puzzle-Part 4 to read the fourth article in this series. Keep this third page open in your browser as well.
Step 3-Click on the link to open the Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool that you can easily find on any of the Puzzle Pieces articles. Keep all four pages open in your browser and click on the link for Revelation 6 and scroll down to verse 12, where you will find the scripture relating to the Great Earthquake. Look to the right to see the Volume Number and Page Reference where you you will find this information in the Horae Apocalypticae.
Step 4 (optional)-Refer back to Prophetic Superpages that you should still have open in your browser and click on the link to the appropriate volume of the Horae Apocalypticae, found in the third column to the right, which in this case is Horae Apocalypticae, Volume 1, Fifth Edition. Scroll to page 235 to page 252 in the Horae Apocalypticae to perform in depth research on the Sixth Seal, but be warned the the Horae Apocalypticae is COMPLICATED. Take in in small bites at first. Keep all five pages open in your browser to quickly move back and forth between the resources.

By the time you work through this seven part study, you should be ready to tackle my version of The Apocalyptic Key at The Apocalyptic Key: The 1,260 Day Prophecy Of Revelation-updated July 31, 2019

Like Fleming, I have done my best. The rest is up to you.

Stephen L. Bening

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