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Issue 99-03
October/November 1999

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***GOOD NEWS-Ministerial Exemption From Social Security
One common misconception regarding ministerial taxation regards the exemption from social security, which may be obtained by the minister by filing during the one year period following ordination. This exemption does not apply to non-ministerial compensation or wages, therefore, a minister might be exempt with respect to ministerial compensation, but not exempt with respect to other wages. In any event, claiming exemption does not prevent a minister from receiving social security benefits on wages previously earned where social security taxes were withheld.

***CHURCH TAX TIP-Year End Reporting Requirements For Donations-IMPORTANT!
Charitable organizations must issue receipts to their donors. Failure to do so renders the related donation non-deductible. The receipt needs to make a statement on it's face as to whether goods and services were received in exchange for the donation. A good faith estimate of value of the goods given in exchange for the donation needs to be made by the charity if such goods are transferred to the donor.


***CHURCH LEGAL TIP-Florida Reporting Requirements For Non-Religious Charities.
Christian ministries who form a non-church charity to operate a social services ministry are sometimes surprised to find that there is an annual reporting requirement to the State of Florida. The registration involves completion of a form, submission of a fee and the forwarding of the organization's 501 c 3 approval letter, articles of incorporation, financial information and budgets.

The "Convoy Of Love" outreach will be held at Pro Player Stadium in North Miami/Dade County on December 16, from noon to 9 P.M.. Food will be GIVEN away. We hope to preach the full gospel of Jesus of Nazareth to more than 10,000. Volunteers and support are needed. Contact Lonnie Tolbert (305) 685-8568. WANT TO HELP? GO TO THE CONVOY WEB PAGES

Nuclear Blast-Los Angeles-5 Kiloton Explosion-PRAY FOR THIS CITY! For details, please see10/20/99 Dream Text

***PROPHECY-Thoughts regarding Modern Day False Prophets, Deception and Ezekiel 13.
The Israel known to Jeremiah and the Diaspora known to Ezekiel were plagued by false prophets who promised prosperity and the life of ease. Ezekiel 13 contains the harshest warnings to those false prophets who have seen vain, useless visions, who say they have heard from God and are lying, who have not stood in the gap of prayer, who follow their own spirits and who have seen nothing. God assures in verse 9 that "they shall not be in the assembly of my people."

There is nothing new under the sun, but Satan and his servants occasionally invent new shades of evil. Jeremiah and Ezekiel do not record anything like what we have today. We have prophets who lie, promising blessing and prosperity to America. We also have prophets who lie, saying that God has spoken to them in great detail and given them vision after vision of the destruction of America. All these claim to be servants of the same God. Something is dreadfully wrong.

These false prophets cause the people of God to despise true prophesying. It is as my friend Blitz Robinson used to say: "The enemy is throwing clutter onto your radar screen." A common defense tactic used against radar was the dropping of metallic chaff, or clutter, which returned false radar echos. Hence, the airplanes could sneak in amid the multiple radar echos.

It is bad enough that this spirit proliferates at our supermarkets on the covers of the National Enquirer and the like, but it is abominable when these false prophets are given a regional and national radio and TV forum in Christian programming. It is particularly nauseating when one of the false prophets follows the day after a real prophet has spoken. Those who are responsible for these programs must begin to judge prophecy, not merely to present whatever comes before them.

Be on your guard! Jesus warned us four times in Matthew 24 that deceivers would come.

***PROPHECY-Judgement Begins With The House Of God-1 Peter 4:17
Recently, the Lord spoke plainly and gave me insight and understanding of this scripture. Any baby Christian who begins to suffer for the sake of Christ becomes quickly familiar with the fourth chapter of 1 Peter. It is in this context of the discussion of the righteous suffering of Christians that Peter states that "Judgement must begin at the house of God."

Every time the Lord uses me to prophesy some judgement of God that is to occur in the world, I endure a trial first, which usually involves some suffering on my part. This month's visit of hurricane Irene was no exception. I warned of Irene and it's danger to South Florida in both my June/July newletter and in my August/September newsletter. My Dodge Van was stolen October 11. Margate FL police called at 4:17 A.M. on October 15 to say that it had been recovered. Then Irene's winds began to blow. My trial ended and South Florida's began.

Please note the time of my van's recovery of 4:17 A.M. and compare with the scripture address of 1 Peter 4:17. It also turned out that the Greek word for wind, "anemos", falls at #417 in the alphabetical order of new Testament words found in any Strongs Concordance.

***PROPHECY-The Revealing of the Apostles-Ephesians 2:19-22
The bible clearly teaches in this scripture that we are living stones built and framed together as a building which groweth unto a holy temple of the Lord. This same scripture describes Jesus as the chief cornerstone of this building. He is certainly a living stone: Jesus Is Alive! Why then do many insist that the apostles and prophets referred to in verse 20, whom God has made the foundation, are dead stones? No, they are living stones; living apostles and living prophets. Certainly no part of any building is more important than the foundation. What if part or all of the foundation is defective or missing? Building collapse! How about a sinking or leaning building, as in the Tower of Piza?

I had thought that when the Lord called me as a prophet that prophets would have to stand alone in this hour and indeed, I have had to on many occassions. What a blessing it has been though to meet and build with the apostles whom the Lord has placed in my life. Working together, we form this foundation. All of the blessing of the financial ministry I oversee has come through this living living foundation channel of blessing. These apostles were involved in my life and my development before they were revealed to be apostles. They did not even know themselves. Suddenly, they were revealed; first to themselves and then to me. We began working together.

God is using Apostle/Prophet teams as foundations upon which to build his end time building that will stand in the hour of testing that is coming upon the Earth. God is using the flow of ministry life as the indicator. All the growth in my ministry has come through these apostolic associations.

As I have meditated upon this in the recent past, the Lord has revealed that this is true now in all areas of fruitfulness. A famine of hearing the word of God is falling upon those churches who reject these associations.

Please, as God reveals his apostles to you, do not reject the will of God for your life and your ministry! It is not enough to recognize the apostle. John the Baptist recognized Jesus, but still lost his head. He did not follow Jesus as Andrew and Peter did. It is necessary to associate with and build with and sow into that apostle and his ministry. You need this flow of life giving anointing to survive in this hour.

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