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Prophecy: New Front Page of USAPROPHET.COM-Biblical Pastors Must Be Subject To Discipline And Correction
April 22, 2016

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The first coming of Jesus Christ to Earth was preceded by the ministry of dozens of prophets who walked, spoke and wrote the word of God for more than two thousand years. Directly preceding His ministry, John the Baptist, called the greatest prophet born of a woman, prior to the arrival of the Kingdom of God, by Jesus Christ, came as "a voice crying in the wilderness" to urge preparation of the way for the coming of the Lord. Two things were clear: the Lord was coming and the people to whom He was coming were not ready for His arrival.

Two thousand years have passed now since the childhood years of Jesus. We quickly approach the anniversary of two thousand years since Jesus began His ministry on Earth to men. Every expectation is that Jesus must be coming soon. Jesus spoke of twenty four signs that would be present in the Earth that would herald His arrival. These are happening with greater frequency and increased severity. Numerous prophets have arisen, both false and true, since the 1950's, who have warned of various events, along with the soon coming arrival of the King of Kings. I am one of those prophets and hopefully, you will number me among the true ones.

As it has been before, so it is once again. Prophets have been sent forth, ahead of Jesus. We warn with our voices and we cry forth from the wilderness of the internet. The Church, which is supposedly connected to Jesus and loved by Him, wants nothing to do with the true prophets of God who have been sent forth to tell the people of God that they need to prepare the way for the Lord to come into their hearts. Just as it was two thousand years ago, the religious institutions of our day want nothing to do with this truth. They are, for the most part, businesses motivated primarily by greed and the profit motive. They are truly non-prophet organizations!

Our churches are headed by men, usually one man, whose errors cannot be corrected and whose sins may not receive any discipline by their congregations. Other board ruled churches have become so organizationally rigid that they have lost their life as an organism. No man can be a biblical elder, bishop or pastor if he cannot be corrected. No man can be a biblical elder, bishop or pastor if he cannot be disciplined for his sins. Who are these men (and women) who are in charge of the churches of our day? I cannot find them in my bible. Can you?

Jesus is returning and the first judgement is beginning in His house. Are you ready? Do you have any idea what to expect? Enter in and read this website to find the answers. May the Lord guide all those who enter herein by His Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Stephen L. Bening

"Nothing crushes the human spirit like the sudden evaporation of a false hope"

Stephen L. Bening

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