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Prophecy: There's A Real Fire Coming
March 21, 2016

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Jeremiah became a weeper over just this kind of situation that we find ourselves in right now. (From the Good News Bible)

Jer 14:13 Then I said, "Sovereign LORD, you know that the prophets are telling the people that there will be no war or starvation, because you have promised, they say, that there will be only peace in our land." Jer 14:14 But the LORD replied, "The prophets are telling lies in my name; I did not send them, nor did I give them any orders or speak one word to them. The visions they talk about have not come from me; their predictions are worthless things that they have imagined. Jer 14:15 I, the LORD, tell you what I am going to do to those prophets whom I did not send but who speak in my name and say war and starvation will not strike this land---I will kill them in war and by starvation. Jer 14:16 The people to whom they have said these things will be killed in the same way. Their bodies will be thrown out into the streets of Jerusalem, and there will be no one to bury them. This will happen to all of them---including their wives, their sons, and their daughters. I will make them pay for their wickedness."

So, it is not only the worthless prophets whom God will destroy, but all the people who have listened and hearkened unto them. God expected them to discern and stay clear of the worthless prophets. They did not. It is tragic, but this is the way God is going to mete this thing out. In our age, we seem to have it even worse, because these worthless prophets have engaged with a power, not of God, but nevertheless, a real power. People are everywhere and they are trading in this power. Many of them have websites with books for sale. YOU MUST DISCERN! People are being drawn into this mess because their churches have no real power. It is deceptive, but anyone who can read the gospels and the first four chapters of Acts should know that God is after raising up disciples and that these disciples must repent before they receive any power. Holiness must be evident and working in the believer before God will empower the believer. These false revivals promise a drive up window to the so called fast food of God’s power. It is all a mirage.

The ministry of the prophet is subject to the control of the prophet. The gift may be of may be real, but how are you going to conduct it? How are you going to carry it out? Are you, as a man, going to lay hands upon a woman's belly when you pray for her? Or, are you going to bring a woman into a private room to minister to her, with no else around? God will definitely be watching. Someone may tell you to immediately go forth and lay hands upon the sick and cast out devils......on the very same day that you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Is this right? Is this biblical? What trouble might you get into, wielding the real power of God in a manner that might not be authorized by God? Are you going to do any follow up or will that job be assigned to someone in your absence? Discipleship requires follow up. Is it right to go forth and cast out devils, but have no discipleship meeting to bring those people back to? Have you ever seen a person filled with seven worse devils? I have and it is horrible! Can you do this thing and never see the person again? All these things are happening right now. We had best make up our minds how we are going respond and in doing so, this should drive us to our knees with even greater urgency. Many people today seem to be intoxicated with a form of trafficking in the power of the gospel, but there is no similar urgency to disciple people into the requisite holy life that God requires of those who will be His ministers. Jesus called disciples THAT THEY MIGHT BE WITH HIM! We cannot simply pour out power: we must pour out love as well, and that will require that we spend our time discipling people.

You may have done some study of the counterfeit. You may consider yourself an expert in Pensacola and Toronto and Lakeland. You may think you know about deception. I will leave it with God whether you have studied it too much (Romans 16:19) Bottom line: you have to get to be an expert in the real!

The real is coming very, very soon. Those who will be God’s ministers of the real will have been tested and tried and must be devoted to holy living. Satan has poured out the counterfeit over these last several years. This has been strange fire, but there is a real fire coming. Those who go into the counterfeits and come out have been inoculated against the real. They will be like the “Mykala’s Korner” people or they will turn into God's Answer Man. They will come out and will stay totally out of the supernatural. They will go back to their E.M. Bounds prayer books and stay safely there in something like a Lutheran church, or so they think.

There is a real supernatural. It is coming. So, they come out of the counterfeit revivals and those who want to be free of the demons go back to their Senior pastor headed churches and become good tithe payers. There is no power to deliver them there. They are in a fix! They are only going to be delivered IN SPITE OF their church. It may take a very long time, if at all, to get free from demons by yourself.

This is the terrible situation we are in. We are waiting for God to be merciful and grant us His real church, with real power. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, for we are waiting for you, oh God of miracles.

Stephen L. Bening

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