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Prophecy: The Hour Of The Prophet And The Month of May
April 24, 2016, with May 11, 2016 Addenda

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FOREWORD-Addenda May 11, 2016
I desire to present words that are intelligible: I really want to understand what God is saying and I want to present words that others will be able to understand. With God, that is rarely possible. Never was and is this any more apparent than when I have studied the prophet Isaiah and among his writings, Isaiah 21 stands paramount as a mysterious chapter, filled with multiple "burdens" that still, over 2,500 years after he penned them, are difficult to decipher. I take comfort from Isaiah and from Daniel in that they probably understood the meaning of very little of that which God revealed to them. They presented what they saw and heard and did not fill in any blanks with their own understanding. Such is the challenge to me as I present many of the visions, dreams, words and prophetic experiences that God has given to me. He has, only now, chosen to reveal to me that many of these revelations are linked together. I will attempt to show you just how they relate to each other in that which follows. What does it exactly mean that they are linked together? There is the sense, in the Spirit, that they will flow forth near or close in time one to another. But just how close together in time? I cannot really say, but there is the sense just now that we are going to see many of these things begin to break forth very soon now: perhaps even this month. These last couple of bits of additional information that the Holy Spirit just brought forth really hammer home a theme that God has brought before me many times over these last few decades: tribulation and blessing for the remnant are going to somehow travel together. Many want cheery words depicting rose petals from heaven and these shun words that terrify. Others camp out in judgement and sneer whenever anyone says that God will do anything good. Surely, the truth is a combination...a mix of the two. Truly, the morning is coming...and also the night, hard on it's heels.

There is a principal that is repetitively used by God throughout the bible: Progressive Revelation. God spoke through dozens of prophets, then through His Son and then through apostles and prophets in the New Testament era. We take the accumulated sum of the revelation they received as the full counsel of God. God would give a little here, to this man, and then hundreds of years later, He would give a little more to that man, and so it went. Study carefully the work of any biblical prophet, identify the probable dates when he received the information and then follow the flow and you can see that in some cases, the revelation he received came to him in bits and pieces over forty, fifty and sixty years of life. God has worked through progressive revelation in my life and there is no subject where He has done this in my life more frequently than in the subject of this article.

My subject here is rather more expansive than the title: The Hour Of The Prophet And The Month Of May. But, I had to call it something short. To be more accurate, the title should have been much, much more expansive, for recently, the Lord has tied together a number of topics of revelation into a thread that God began to reveal to me in pieces from as far back as May, 2000. The more expansive title would include all of these subjects that I have frequently written about over the years as I will now show them here as all linked together: woven together like a garment:

(Some of these topics listed below require reading of prior articles so that the importance of the reference phrase may be understood. Where needed, I have provided links to those prior articles further down in the body of this work)

  • The Hour Of The Prophet, The Feast of Fire (Pentecost-Shavuot) And The Month Of May

    These link via May to:

  • Maia, The Pleiades and The Tablets of Gold

    These link via The Pleiades to:

  • The Seven Stars, The Seven Churches and The Church of Philadelphia

    These link via the Feast of Fire (Pentecost-Shavuot) to:

  • The Two Witnesses Company, The man-child church, the Iron Rod and the real fire of glory

    The end at which these foregoing linked revelations point is explained in these three things, running close in time, one with another:

  • Sudden calamity, Sudden relocation and Sudden empowerment

    We see that the good, pleasant, powerful and supernatural elements we await will be accompanied by and are linked in time with unpleasant things and items of judgement:

  • The missing bride, the dead church, Isaiah 21:5, the defibrillator vision and the double judgements

    These link via Isaiah 21 to:

  • The twenty first week, Watchman 21 and May 21

    These link with my own life chronology through the Glory-Fire anointing and the prophecy concerning May 21-23:

  • The twenty four year anniversaries in my life, culminating specifically on May 22/23, 2016

    These then link to two further revelations in the Addenda, through May 21, 5/21 and Isaiah 21:5

    Addenda May 11, 2016
  • May 21, 5/21, Isaiah 21:5, 11/21, 11/21/1991 European Vision, Reenacted French Revolution, 417 Vision on 7/4/1991, July 4

    I have written in the past at length about every subject listed above, except for my 24th life anniversary culminating on May 22, 2016. So, there is no need for me to write a novel here. I will try to pull the subjects together, provide links to the other pages and show how the concepts and revelations relate to one another. The 24th anniversary subject relates to a revelation I received on March 11, 2016 that I have only now received a release from the Holy Spirit to write about. It relates to a promise that God has given to me alone, but I am led now to present it to you here, so that you may pray, and perhaps, if you embrace the call to purity that is coming out from the throne of God and seek His face with all your heart, you too might make this word your own in that God might graft you into the promise and induct you into the company of the Two Witnesses. I have always maintained that God intended for there to be a company of witnesses: many more than two. We wait to see how many will pass their respective tests and qualify for that which God has promised.

    I will sum up that which is new here and now. (The May 11 Addenda at the end of the article is also new)

    This latest revelation is an alert for period of May 21, 22 and 23, 2016. This alert is a watch that, in so far as I can recognize, is a watch for me alone, for I am the only one to whom God has spoken about it, yet, as I mentioned above, God may, in a sense, graft you into it if you seek Him and He finds that you meet the requirements. It is and has always been a promise just for me, from God, that the anointing and glory of God that has manifested to me and through me twice previously in twenty four years is about to return and abide with me, as God promised me on January 17, 1993. I expect this fire-glory anointing to ramp up in my life, I am seeing the beginnings of this just now and since I received the revelation of this on March 11, 2016, I have been preparing the way of the Lord so that I will qualify to receive that which has been promised to me. I expect this glory-fire anointing to ratably increase from now through the time leading up to and including the fall feasts, culminating at the Feast of Tabernacles, 2016. This has been compared by the Lord to the brightness of the Sun at daybreak and how it measurably increases in intensity right up unto midday.

    God called me out of my former life after I had completed a forty day fast on water and then a little more than a month later, at about 6 A.M on May 23, 1992. I was told to walk away from everything that I possessed, to trust God with all of the troubling details and to walk forth into the calling of peace. I left Loxahatchee, Florida later that day. Almost eight months later, following the receipt of a few major prophecies, I was hit, literally hit with a physical beam of fire from heaven in my left hand on January 12, 1993, while I was worshiping the Lord. Eleven years, 8 months and five days later, on September 17, 2004, an actual bolt of fire came out of my left hand as I ministered in Webuye, Kenya, striking a young woman in the forehead: right between the eyes, knocking her flat on her back and driving out the demon spirit of desolation. Pressed Out Of Babylon-Zerubabel And Holy Fire and Fire Came Out From The Lord. Eleven years, 8 months and five days later will fall on May 22, 2016. That date coincides with the twenty fourth anniversary of my coming out of Loxahatchee, FL where I really began my faith walk with God for the very first time. That is the revelation I saw two months ago: that God was pointing at the release of literal fire and pointing, once again, to the month of May as a commencement point that will ramp up until the fall Feasts of the Lord. I have had many dealings with the month of May. These have been difficult to understand. I will now go into the prophetic background that I have covered in other articles.

    Revealed another way:

    05-23-92(Called Out)................+ 24 years....................................05-22-16

    01-12-93(Fire)...+ 11y 8m 5d....09-17-04(Fire Came Out)....+ 11y 8m 5d.....05-22-16

    I was studying Revelation 1, 2 and 3 when I noted that it was God who correlated the “SEVEN STARS” with the “SEVEN CHURCHES” in Revelation 1:20.
    Seven Stars And Seven Churches

    The “SEVEN STARS” is a constellation in the sky that most people call the Pleiades. It is also spoken of in Amos 5:8. During May every year, it is directly overhead at noon, and on May 21, it sits on top of the sun, at noon. I had to really study at that time the star maps of this constellation and God revealed to me that the star map of the “SEVEN STARS” matches up, point by point, with a place name map of the “SEVEN CHURCHES”.

    If you place the star map over the top of the place name map, you can see the match-ups between the star names and the associated city. The match-up even goes so far in that there are only six stars left of the seven today that may be seen with the naked eye, and the one star that no longer shines brightly on the star map matches up with the place location of Sardis, which God said He would blot out in Revelation 3:5.

    The very next day, on 5/22/2003, this revelation came Tablets Of Gold and The Pleiades:

    I have been looking into this and meditating on the image of the Hebrew word for “Pleiades” also being related to the Hebrew word for “Tablets of Gold” in their word etymology. These tablets were apparently golden tablets, taken as spoil in the extermination of the Midianites (Numbers 31, Exodus 35. If that is so, they were probably the heaviest objects, laden with the most gold, and probably then, when melted down, provided the majority of the gold for the forming of the holy tabernacle objects. Just a guess! Whatever was written on a golden tablet must have been quite precious to the Midianites. To the Jews, it was worthless, probably even worse than worthless, and subject to be melted down, refined, and reshaped into something holy and useful. Now, the latter day translators say that the KJV has it all wrong, and these tablets were strings of gold beads, or perfume boxes, but I wonder. I tend to not doubt those KJV translators all that quickly. Is the Pleiades star cluster a precious gold tablet from God, but showing a tablet with so many impurities that it is going to have to go through the fire? If so, does it indicate a time when that gold tablet, portraying seven churches, will go into the fire, to be shaped into something useful for God’s purposes? Some holy purposes? The prophecy I have already seen from my study into the Pleiades and what God is saying is that yes, a refining fire is coming to the church.

    Now, I realize that almost no one has the patience to work through a revelation like this. Most people don’t care about the stars, even though God placed them in the sky in their positions. It is very easy to despise this type of prophetic revelation, but God gave us an order that we are not to despise prophesying in 1 Thessalonians 5.

    God brought me back at that time to the revelation I had received exactly three years prior.
    21st Week Of The Year-Highest Alert

    He revealed at that time to me that May 21, every year except for a leap year, commences the 21st week of the year. This was interesting to me because my daughter Rachel had received a dream six months earlier on 11/21/05 at 5:21 AM. In it, she heard five people, dancing, repeating the phrase “Watchman 21, Watchman 21”. When the dream ended, a voice said, “Isaiah”.

    God also sent me back to the star maps to discover that the star map of the SEVEN STARS has a star named “Maia”, in which the name is associated with our modern month of May. That star is on the map in the same place occupied by the city of Philadelphia on the map of the SEVEN CHURCHES. When I noticed that, God spoke to me that the man-child would be born in May in some future year, in the 21st week.

    When this was revealed to me, I called WPA to HIGHEST ALERT from 5/21/2006 to 5/27/2006: the 21st week of the year. Nothing discernible occurred in the natural realm. All that could be noted was that God's principle of Progressive Revelation was being employed by Him.

    We were, once again, at the start of the 21st week of the year. God was busy giving progressive revelation, and now a pattern was emerging: revelation coming every three years! The Isaiah 21 prophecy indicates that the morning (man-child) will come, and also the night (tribulation). So the man-child will be born just a little bit ahead of the terrible tribulation. It has been God's intent to bring this man-child forth in the form of a local church. Failing in that, He will bring it through His prophets. It will also be associated with the rise of Elam and Media (Elam)(Modern day Iran) according to the first few verses of Isaiah 21. The Hebrew word for Media is “Mahdi”, whom the present Iranian President is waiting to inaugurate.

    We were busy at that time founding a local assembly in the place revealed by the Lord: the mountains of Tennessee. We were fasting and praying to cast out the bondwoman. We did not leave the harlot church: we cast it out. Oh how we wanted it all out! We spent TWENTY ONE days in meeting together, and we clearly knew who we were, or so I thought at the time. We discovered who was with us and who was not; who would go on with God and who would not. The revelation came, near the end, through a husband and wife of our group, that the days of our meeting together were a parable of Daniel 10, and that we were “fasting our me time” for 21 days and that the answer would come on the 24th day.

    The first meeting of our new church fell on the TWENTY FOURTH day of May. And so, the full answer came on the 24th day, just as prophesied during our time of meeting together, or gathering, or waiting upon the Lord. It is in the 21st week, which was pointed at by our 21 days of meeting together in our local assembly. (4/20 to 5/10).

    I believe that God desired to birth the man-child company in that Tennessee assembly. We failed, not God. Two of our four elders desired one man to be the Senior Pastor in August, 2009, most of our small congregation went along with it and God would have none of it. By October, God had given me the revelation of His decision in the matter. The presence of a Senior pastor was sufficient leaven of the Pharisees to defile the whole lump. God had decided NOT to imbue this local assembly with power and glory from on high. He would place no special measure of His presence upon it. Structural Abominations And Shrinking Refuges

    I received another direct word from the Lord on October 24, 2009. The word was given after three days of deep despondency that I endured after I had received a series of words that culminated with the prophecy called Final Words. I was in despondency because the Lord had spoken to me that He was sending the entire church of my age into the wilderness of great tribulation and that I would not see the true church operate with full power until the time of the adulthood of my children. We had just experienced a church failure, where one of the elders desired the preeminence. The Lord had told me that He would grant no special measure of His presence: no refuge protection, to that church. Now, this was compounded by this word that our opportunity to build the true church would not arise again for many years. That news was sad news to me, but at the end of three days, the Lord spoke another word...this a word of encouragement. He said:

    "Why are you so downcast? This is the hour of the prophet. You will wield the iron rod"

    I now realize that Jesus was not referring only to me but to all of the prophets and the prophetic company who are currently suffering affliction and despair during this present hour. That 2009 word ended with an encouragement that in this difficult hour, God would work through His prophets with great power, as He gave forth the word image of the iron rod from Revelation 12:5. Sixteen years earlier, I had gone through a prophetic experience where, a few months after I had completed a forty day fast on water, I was hit with fire from heaven in my left hand. I had thought at that time that the fire from heaven was the anointing of Elisha that I had fasted for not even one year prior to that time, but the power of God faded on me until after five days, the power had almost left me completely. When I complained, the Lord spoke and told me that "the anointing that you seek will come upon you later in your life and will abide upon you at that time. Much time passed and brought many life events my way over the next ten years. There was not much to indicate that this might ever come to pass. I might have assumed that the Lord had pretty much forgotten about that bolt of fire He hit me with in 1993, but suddenly, with no advance warning, on the night of September 17, 2004, God caused a four foot long, 2 inch wide bolt of lightning to leave my left hand as I stretched it forth to pray for a Kenyan woman in Webuye, Kenya. Fire Came Out From The Lord By doing that thing, the Lord convinced me that He had been serious with me back in 1993. He will come again to me suddenly and this type of dramatic power will be manifested on the Earth. Now, it is getting easier to understand just why we will need this great power and why the Lord will give us a shepherd's rod of iron. He is going to build His real assembly: His real temple on a true and powerful foundation of apostles and prophets. Once again, I do not believe this prophecy or this event refers only to me and my future, or I would be still silent about it. Recent events and revelation suggests to me that there will be several who will wield this type of iron rod power in the name of the Lord!

    God was not finished with the three year interval of progressive revelation. He gave me a vision on May 21, 2012. I called this vision The Double Shock and The Defibrillator Shock Vision. At that link, I wrote the following:

    "I came to a decision that I needed to do a double shock of my water well yesterday. Today, as I was doing radio programs, I began to meditate on that and I had a vision sometime after. I saw a man on a gurney and he was lying in an emergency room: apparently dead. Then a doctor approached him and I knew it was Jesus. He applied both paddles and administered the shocks and the patient's body jumped off the bed. I do not know if the patient revived or not. After the vision, I did some research on fibrillation. The original discovery was that a single shock to the heart would revive the patient 50% of the time, but sometime later, it was discovered that a double shock was successful 95% of the time in restarting the heart of the patient. I then understood that the patient on the gurney is the church. It is apparently dead. Jesus will attempt to revive it with the double shocks of the double judgements."

    I have noted, since I received this vision, that one can deduce from this vision that the church must be totally dead just prior to the commencement of the double judgements. This explains why in one vision given to one of my daughters, the Lord exclaimed that He had to leave now to go for His bride, but He was going to have to do the thing that He did not want to do. The Lord has NOT wanted to bring these double judgements, but we have left Him no choice.

    I noticed today as I was perusing my website that the progressive revelation regarding these matters did not actually begin in May 2003 but really three years earlier, at this article: A Crisis In Faith-All Messed Up. I gleaned these comments from the year 2000 article as I reviewed it today:

    "The speaker's basic argument is that the epistles were written to specific churches, not to individuals. Furthermore, he argues convincingly that what we regard as the church today is a poor comparison to the bride of Christ, which met daily from house to house. We simply do not have the body life they had and he therefore argues that we are anemic and weak as Christians because of it. He quite passionately and angrily charges that the bride has been taken from him. The solution, as he sees it, is a return to living in neighborhoods, close to our Christian brothers and sisters and meeting in homes." The church planter, as that speaker taught it, needs to be itinerant: to plant the church and leave it. He is never to control it.


    "We come to know things with a certainty and then no one can shake us. But the converse is also true. We tend to build thoughts and arguments like we do buildings. Deep down in the thought pattern, under-girding the entire thought structure, or strong hold, there may be something that is in error, or perhaps our own supposition that was not authored by God. God may need to and may want to remove that and when he does, our whole thought building will come crashing down."

    ADDENDA-May 11, 2016
    God has been pretty quiet with me since I wrote this article on April 24, 2016. I seek the Lord and spend time in the scriptures every day, but I began to inquire of the Lord most earnestly on the morning of May 11, 2016, desiring that He would impart some new revelation to me. I did not specify any parameters to the Lord regarding just what I wanted to hear about and I was led to read in the book of Isaiah. When I reached chapter 21, I began to study most carefully and look into many commentaries and background works.

    I noticed some historical aspects of the fall of the Babylonian empire, related to Isaiah 21:5, that were new to me. I had not previously realized that the Medes and Persians had laid siege to Babylon and that it was at that time that the party had been called by Belshazzar as spoken of by Daniel in his fifth chapter. During this party, the Medes and Persians, at the direction of Cyrus, pierced through the dikes lining the Euphrates River: an act that allowed the Euphrates to spread out in all directions and that caused the water level in the main river channel to be so decreased that the Medes and Persians came in to the city UNDERNEATH the wall that surrounded Babylon.

    I pondered the arrogant false confidence that Belshazzar and the Babylonians had placed in the wall surrounding Babylon: the penultimate military technology of his day. This wall allowed water from the river to flow underneath the wall and gave the Babylonians confidence that they could endure any siege by any enemy, so they threw a big drinking party in the face of an enemy that had encamped against them. This false and arrogant overconfidence reminds me so much of the confidence that our nation and our leaders place in our military technology.

    The first new revelation I got this day was to suddenly connect Isaiah 21:5 with the date of 5/21 that the Lord has spoken to me about for many years. I pondered this connection and then realized that all of this was connected with Rachel's dream vision, previously mentioned above, of the five people dancing: (she said they were "Lunarejos" in the dream), dancing around a bible, shouting Watchman 21, Watchman 21, and then hearing "Isaiah" at dream conclusion. This dream came to her at 5:21 AM on 11/21/2005. I then also connected all of this with the receipt of my European Open Vision on 11/21/1991.

    These revelations were received at different times and any previous connection with the other revelations could have only been guessed at or speculated about when the revelations came forth. The linkage together with all of the foregoing with the European Open Vision opens up another connection with an offshoot revelation of that one, which I entitled the Reenacted French Revolution. When the Lord spoke it to me, He said "The French, The French", drawing my attention to the fact that in the European Vision of 11/21/1991, the Eiffel Tower was at the center of the vision.

    Several years have passed since I prophesied in 2011 that America would see a reenacted French Revolution, with Christian and Biblical place names being changed to secular, along with a whole host of other more horrific acts that will be done. Today, many are beginning to see the advancing possibility of the onset of such things given the rapid descent of our culture into an enthusiastic embrace of everything vile and abominable. Others are talking about it. The prospect of rioting in every American city no longer seems far fetched at all. When we ponder that the Holy Spirit has connected these things with worldwide economic collapse and that the Lord has indicated that sixty days after we see this total economic collapse, accompanied by riots, then great earthquakes and floods will commence, we see how very near we could now be to the fulfillment of all of these things.

    Suddenly, the Holy Spirit connected a couple of other things. I was quickened to remember that my 417 Revelation was given to me on July 4, 1991, and when I inquired about the meaning of it, I was told that it had to do with the loss of America's independence. So, this loss of independence will be connected with a day of great partying and feasting in America. The number repetitively uttered in the dream, 417, is a numerical representation of Judgement that begins in the House of God. July 4 is indicated and so, every year, as we are surrounded by enemies, we engage in feasting and drinking parties on several days each year. I believe that the Spirit is saying that just like Babylon of old, our modern American Babylon will fall quickly on one of these days of great feasting and drinking, perhaps even as indicated by the Holy Spirit, on Independence Day.

    Notably and perhaps ominously, God did not reveal anything when the three year progressive revelation cycle came due in May of 2015 and decided to bring forth this rather dramatic announcement of His intentions to move in the year 2016. That glory and fire that He has been speaking about for so many years is going to begin through at least a few prophets during this year. Some time later, that same fire-glory will reside and abide in the remnant Church of Jesus Christ. Yours and my own receipt of this prophecy is of course conditional: it depends upon our individual obedience. We are right now in the midst of a time of testing and trial. Each of us would have already preferred to have been walking in this glory-fire anointing for the last twenty four years if we had our way in the matter. Nevertheless, it has been the plan of God all along to move at appointed times and through tested vessels and this major appointed time is no different. It has been heralded by unusual blood moon eclipses and other signs in the heavens. The nations are raging, to and fro, in their insanity as all of this world seeks to throw off every band of Godly restraint that remains and to indulge in unencumbered liberty to do all the evil their evil hearts desire to do. The church has seen fit to conduct business as usual.

    This is all about to suddenly change. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

    Stephen L. Bening

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