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MISSIONS: Kenya Mission-Days 14-20: Fire Came Out From The Lord
September 21, 2004

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Greetings from Kenya. Today is a travel day. I am flying tonight over to Nairobi, Kenya to see Pastor Chris Okumu and his wife Joanne. Then, tomorrow morning, I leave early for Lagos, Nigeria: at least that is the schedule. I am feeling very, very ill, with what must be pneumonia or some capable imitator.

I preached 34 meetings on the Kenya/Uganda campaign in 16 days, so today is a needed day of rest and travel.

Thus far, I have helped 50 orphans in Kampala, Uganda, 68 orphans in Webuye, Western Province, Kenya, and I have money to give to the Okumu's tonight to help the 100 orphans in Nairobi. What little I have given is just a small fraction of their monthly need. Your generosity is appreciated. I have all the contact information to reach these orphans with finances at any time.

During the last week, we held an outdoor crusade, with revival meetings, in Webuye, Western Province, Kenya. Thus far, there have been about 700 confessions of faith here in Kenya, and in Uganda. There have been many deliverances of demons, and healing testimonies have been coming in frequently.

Most notably for me, God has begun to use me to minister through fire. Yes, fire has come out from the Lord against his enemies. Yes, I am talking about visible fire.

We had made the trip back from Uganda when I came down with pneumonia during the trip, quite suddenly. Last Friday night, September 17, I was so ill that I did not think that I had the strength to leave my bed on the first night of the outreach. But, the team came for me and told me that thousands were waiting to hear me preach. I prayed, got up and went to preach.

While preaching, I made some dramatic hand gestures behind me toward Mount Elgon and a few observers told me that they saw fire fly off my fingertips as I flung my hand out toward that mountain in prayer.

Later, I was asked to go over to the church, even though I was so faint that I was not sure that I could even stand up, let alone preach. We were ministering in a tent, in a revival meeting, late into the evening. We had prayed for many hundreds of people, and God's power was displayed.

Pastor Ademba called for the last group of people to come just about midnight to the front, asking if there was anyone in the meeting who had not received prayer and called for all of those who had not come forward for prayer for any other reason. There was a woman, just to the right of center, and I was drawn by the Lord to her.

As I stretched my left hand toward her, the Holy Spirit said "curse of desolation". As I said those words, fire came out of my left thumb: visible fire like a lightning bold, about two inches wide, and went into her head, before I could even utter all the words of my declaration. That two inch wide, bright bolt of lightning fire spanned a gap of about four feet between my left hand and her forehead: it was dramatic.

The Lord woke me early the next morning, and said that he has begun to reveal himself once again as a God of Terror against his enemies, and he will answer by fire in doing so.

During the meetings, many people felt impulses that were similar to electricity when we prayed for them.

The morning is here. The night is coming. The light of God has arisen upon us. Now, we must work with everything we have while we still can.

So, in that spirit, I purchased my airline tickets for my return trip here. I will be ministering here from December 27, 2004 to January 21, 2005.

We have plans for reaching Rwanda and the Sudan with our existing apostolic team. We will join with the Ugandans to reach these places. Our team is making the first exploratory trip to Rwanda in less than two weeks.

Now, I can take a breath, and reflect on the last three weeks. I have been on the stretch for God. 34 messages: 14 in church revival meetings, tent meetings or with pastors; 9 outdoor crusade meetings, 1 meeting with many orphans, and 10 meetings in Kenyan homes, have been an incredible time for me.

Open vision is operating in me with great accuracy. While ministering in a Kenyan home, I saw a great black bull being sacrificed, right in the middle of the living room. The owner of the home asked her neighbors about the history of the property, and discovered that yes, black bulls had been sacrificed right at that spot, before the house was built. We smashed those curses in the name of Jesus.

The apostolic team here is composed principally of a team that consists of the following individuals:

David Machimbo Walukhu-Apostle, Outreach Coordinator
Patrick Wachiye-Apostle, Bishop of 20 churches, teacher
Maurice Wasike-Prophet, Apostle, Pastor
Ainea Wambeye-Apostle, Coordinator of Western Outreach (WESO) University evangelistic campaign
Alex Wafula Wabwile-Apostle, Bishop of 18 churhes
James Maumo Were-Bishop of 5 churches
Emmanuelle Lubuula-Apostle, Bishop in Uganda

That is our team that God is going to use to reach many nations. Each of these men is a man of faith and power. I have been prepared by God, for my whole life, to work with these men.

They are desirous that I bring one or two men with me when I return in December, if that is possible.

Now, I am off to Nigeria, to visit my good friends Jimmy and Victoria Akodu, and to see what the Lord has planned for me there. I already have an invitation to partner with a church there, which I must investigate and pray about. Otherwise, the first few days in Nigeria I will devote to rest, and to prayer.

This is my remaining itinerary.

09/16/2004...09/19/2004..Four days of ministry are planned in the area around Webuye, Kenya. This will involve preaching in a church on Sunday, as well as meetings with ministers. We will be staying at David and Selina's home during this time. David and Selina Machimbo Walukhu, Box 230, Webuye, Kenya, 50205. David's cell phone number is 254 721 461173. You must first dial the 011 international prefix. His email address is:

09/20/2004.....Rest and prepare for travel

09/21/2004.....Depart from Eldoret, Kenya, travel back to Nairobi on the AeroKenya Shuttle, and then I will fly from there to Lagos, Nigeria on Kenya Airways.

09/22/2004.....Arrive in Lagos, Nigeria

09/23/2004.....Fourteen days of ministry are planned in private homes, and in the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. My ministry contact in Lagos is Jimmy Akodo, whom I call Papa Jimmy, a close friend of mine, and a member of my home church, Harvest Fellowship, when he is in the United States. We will be ministering among his family, relatives, cousins and will be praying for God to open additional doors for ministry there. His address is Jimmy Akodu, P.O. Box 10034, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. His telephone number is 234 815 7611. You must first dial the 011 international prefix. His email address is

10/06/2004.....Depart from Lagos, Nigeria on Kenya Airways, travelling back to Nairobi Airport, and then flying British Airways back to London, and then on through to Miami.

10/07/2004.....Arrive in Miami, Florida

Many thanks to all of you who have helped us thus far in finances and prayers. I will try to be reachable at my regular email address throughout:

Stephen L. Bening

I will be giving a report on the mission at our October meeting of Watchmen Prophets Assembly at Monteagle, TN.

Registration forms are available at: Meeting WPA Apostolic Prophetic Company, at Monteagle, TN-October 22-24, 2004---

Stephen L. Bening

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