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I spent all of my time today fighting a computer virus known as Trojan.MTX. Since nothing comes into the life of a saint by coincidence or accident, I sought the Lord for his purposes in allowing this virus to occupy my time today.

I find it interesting that the word "virus" was used to describe this post 1990 phenomenon that has entered our society with the proliferation of the computer. My websters dictionary predates the PC, and has no reference to any such meaning. By 1992, My American Heritage Dictionary had added a reference for application to computer science.

The old dictionary meanings include this one: something that poisons the mind or the soul. The word virus and disease seem almost synonymous. I have heard sin referred to as a disease before, and I suppose it is proper to refer to sin as a virus also. The use of the word virus seems particularly appropriate where a disease is highly contagious.

Let's take a look at the computer virus I've been fighting. It's name, Trojan, evokes images of the Trojan Horse. It gets in quite innocuously enough. This particular virus is passed to you from a friend's computer, so you readily accept and open the email attachment. Voila, you are now infected, but you don't know it.

The first thing this virus does is set itself up in your computer's operating system, seeking to weaken it. Then, it sets up what is known as a "backdoor application": something that is running in the background, but you don't see it. In this case, the backdoor application prevents you from accessing antivirus websites for help. When you try to log on to one of those sites, your computer simply shuts down the browser you are using.

The virus then takes on the character of Hal in 2001. Every time you send an email to a friend, the virus activates your computer and sends a second email to your friend in your name. That second email contains the virus in the form of an attachment file. Your computer has just emailed a virus to your friend, but you didn't know it.

Once this happens, the virus then continues corrupting your computer's operating system at a geometric rate. Left unattended for two or three days, you computer will grind to a halt by this multiplying virus.

As I was watching this happen, and watching how my computer techie attacked the problem, I would not help but make associations to sin and demons. Sin comes in every so sweetly and innocently, but it works very destuctively. Demons are invited in and they block your pathway's to help: they attempt to cut off your Christian support and cause you to isolate yourself and break fellowship with the very people who can help you. Sin is like a Trojan horse in the life of the believer. And, the bible says, that sin is very contagious too, like a virus. We are warned to expel the immoral brother and to remove the leaven from the church before the whole lump is infected.

We are nearing that end of year time when everyone makes resolutions and examines themselves. We would be wise to kick out any Trojan horses we have allowed in. Increase your time and exposure to the word of God and his presence: the best antivirus program every invented.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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