ADMONITION: Less Barking, More Praying
May 23, 2001

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My sister Laura reports dry times in the Lord. You are not alone sister Laura. Dry times all around.

My brother in Christ Bob Neumann called me yesterday to ask what the Lord was saying, and I replied: "Not much". The attack against my mind has been terrible. I went through 48 hours where it seemed as though I could not keep my mind on Godly things for 30 seconds. Mentally, I fell many times into sin. I'm still a man in need of a Saviour. Praise be to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord, that today, my mind has been delivered out of the hands of the devils.

And yet, we have not seen, but we believe. We have heard enough to know the truth. If He does not say one more thing to us until we see His face, we can and should endure, because He loves us that much. He has loved us enough, that we know it for sure. We are not going to be led by feelings any more.

Yes, it is silent. As Alex said, it seems there is a move afoot to snuff out the Dogs. No more warnings, it seems. Alex told me some time back that he had grim tidings for the Tower of Gammadim. I don't want to see that, but I do see it coming. I see absolute calamity coming.

In my 3100 miles of travel, I was not permitted to utter one more warning to my brother, my sister in law, my sister, my mother. I have warned them enough already. It seems that now, I'm just a silent, living epistle to them. No more warnings, not even to the Mormon relatives. I saw them, and was only permitted to love them. No more warnings, it seems, other than my loving, smiling face...and my silence with respect to warnings about what is to come. Only with my Dad could I discuss the things that are to come....because he knows it too.

Look around! You know that it is near. How near in human terms? We'll have to wait to see. All around the American church, people think that something is about to happen, but they are looking for the wrong "something". They are expecting the antichrist to be revealed and the secret rapture as the rescue. They can't even begin to open their minds to the awful truth that, no, it's not time for that, but it is time for God to deal with America. That is so awful that almost no one wants to look at that squarely. It is awful to think that the hand of God will fall upon America, and it won't be done by the antichrist, and there will be no secret rapture rescue.

Who has been preparing the church for this Lord? Just a few watchmen, sounding alarms from their respective towers, not much better than a few barking dogs. Are we on TV....No! Are we on radio...only a few! Our voices are too low to be heard over the celebratory deafening din that fills the ears of believers today.

Tell The Spartans! Oh my, does that speak to me.

There once was a man of Spartan character. His name was Arsacius. He was a watchman in the towers of Nicomedia, Turkey. He was also a Christian. He received warning from God, by a vision, of an impending calamity, and told the church, but no one wanted to listen to this military man. He asked for intercession, but no one was moved. So, as a true Spartan would have done, he returned to his tower, to pray alone. Nicomedia was entirely devastated by earthquake on August 24, 358 AD. Arsacius was killed in the quake, found dead, still in his tower.

It seems to me that God is calling the Spartans to return to their lonely refuges and to pray. For some, it is a Themopolae....a narrow pass to be defended to the death. Perhaps, it will make some difference. Perhaps not. For some, it is more a lonely watchtower, more solitary in nature, where there are not even 300 to die with.

It also seems to me that I have been doing much barking, and not a lot of praying. What is God saying to me? It's time to return to the tower to pray. Less barking...more praying. That's the season I have just entered. It has the feeling of futility with it. It may even be pointless, appreciated only by God. And yet, Jeremiah behaved in this way. I believe I'll try to also.

Perhaps obedience in this will produce a Polycarp, or an Ignatius, or a Paul in this generation. God knows we need one.

And so, we are to watch and pray. We know that calamity is coming. We have sounded the alarm, and not many have listened. We wait for we know not what. We believe that we will have service to our God in the midst of calamity, yet we are not sure that nuclear destruction of our nation will be long delayed. We know we will have shaking, but just how hard and how suddenly will we be shaken? We wait, and we watch. Will the shaking rise in a gradual crescendo of ever increasing and ever more severe hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanoes, or will our country be taken out suddenly? Will this happen before we Christians undergo vigorous persecution in this country? The Lord has hidden the order and timing of it from our eyes.

Like Arsacius, we come, crying out about a general calamity, to a people who demand specificity. We purpose a call to prayer, and few are moved. And so, we return to the tower to pray.

Jesus closes Mark 13 with one word: Watch! Yes, that is a capitalized word at the end of a sentence, which would usually indicate that a grammatical mistake has been made. That's no mistake! The writer used a capital "gamma" for emphasis. The Holy Spirit gently reminded me of this today. We must Watch! If you are a gammadim, you are called to Watch. How do we Watch? For me, it is a call to vigilance at 5 A.M., bible open, ready to commune with my Lord; to read; to chat with him; to sing a song of worship; to pray. What is it for you?

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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