PROPHECY: Major Elements Of US Judgement
May 25, 2001

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Dear WPA and Others:

Over the years since my call to prophesy on 6/24/1992, I have listened to and read much by those who claim to speak for God. As one who has been shown terrible events to come that will happen in my country, I have always been awake and alert when others claim to have seen or heard similar things.

I present below those events that have been prophesied by me, and others, that I believe are from the Lord. There are many others I have judged and not received. I do not, for example, receive the prophecies of Chuck Youngbrandt of Chicago, as being from the Lord. There are others not mentioned here, that I do receive, that are in most cases duplicative of what is presented below.

This is not intended to represent an exact order of occurence as if given by the Lord, although I have tried to place them in some hypothetical order. With my mind, it is difficult to forsee how all of them will be fulfilled, but my spirit has received each of them as from the Lord..

1) Y2K 1999-God judges man's inventions. Y2K will at first appear serious, then seem to be completely handled and not a concern, and then trouble will come. Christians will be able to buy survival supplies for 11 to 13 cents on the dollar.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-Vision-5/5/1999-As printed by "The Prophecy Club", Stephen Bening-word of prophecy-May, 1999-As printed in "GAMMADIM VISION", July 1999.)

2) American soldiers will be killed in the Balkan Slavic lands and be sent home in body bags. NATO will be discredited. A united Nations peacekeeping force will take over for NATO. This marks the place of tribulation geographically.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-vision-4/24/1999-As printed by "The Prophecy Club", Stephen L. Bening-word of prophecy-November, 1992 as printed in GAMMADIM REPORT newsletter)

3) Children and adults in America will be arrested and taken to detention camps for the smallest of crimes or offenses. Children and adults will be incarcerated together.
(Stephen L. Bening-dream vision-2001-GAMMADIM VISION website)

4) Droughts and flooding will cause the complete loss of a fall harvest just prior to the destruction of America.
(Benjamin Baruch-word of prophecy-Book "The Day Of The Lord Is At Hand"-1998)

5) Internal revolution will be started secretly by communist infiltrators in America.
(Dumitru Duduman-word of prophecy-September 1984)

6) Los Angeles will suffer the detonation of a 5 Kiloton nuclear warhead.
(Stephen L. Vision-dream vision-GAMMADIM VISION website-1999)

7) Nothing has changed! Israel will be involved in an intervening war with Syria, Jordan and the Palestinians. Israel will suffer defeat and perhaps even cease to exist as a nation. After a time, she will return and be recovered from war. Then, war will come again to Israel.
(Stephen L. Bening-word of prophecy-November, 2000-GAMMADIM VISION website)

8) A terrible earthquake along the San Andreas fault drops coastal California beneath the sea.
(Stephen L. Bening-word of prophecy and vision-7/13/1992, and many other prophets)

9) The USS Kitty Hawk and 11 supporting vessels are destroyed by a nuclear attack, perpetrated by the descendants of Ishmael.
(Stephen L. Bening-vision-1/9/1993-Numbers 24:24-GAMMADIM VISION website-1998)

10) An EMP/Neutron fuse pulse/nuclear attack will take out electronics, communications and transportation in the continental United States.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-message from the angel Gabriel, 2/4/1999)

11) The US president will invite 500,000 Russian troops to America to help with implantation of the mark of the beast.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-vision-1/2/1999)

12) Colored badges are given out to Americans as the mark of the beast implantation proceeds. Non-compliant Americans are taken to military bases, given red badges, and exterminated.
(Dr. Bill Deagle-vision-9/1998)

13) Russia will launch a nuclear attack against the coastlands of the United States. SS18 missiles will rain down on these areas, as Cormier has written.. Russia's submarines will launch their missiles against both coasts, as seen by Gruver.. Duduman was shown that Florida, Las Vegas, California and New York will be attacked. Russia and her allies will invade and occupy the heartland of America, entering through Cuba, Mexico and Nicaragua. This was seen in a general way by George Washington as well. Surviving Americans will be rounded up and taken to military bases, transported accross the heartland using railroad cattlecars, as seen by Bening in a vision. Washington was shown that after a long siege, the occupiers of America would be repelled and defeated.
(Art Cormier-SS18 Satan prophecy, Dumitru Dudman-prophecy, Henry Gruver-vision, Stephen L. Bening-Vision-7/1993, Dr. Bill Deage-message from the angel, George Washington-vision of war)

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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