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PROPHECY: Red Alert Unto Watching And Prayer
June 16, 2004

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Today, June 16, 2004, at 11:11 P.M., Jerusalem time (4:11 P.M. Miami DST), marks and anniversary of 9 years and 11 months since the first of 24 cometary impacts, over a seven day period in July 1994, on the planet Jupiter from Comet Shoemaker Levy 9.

We should also consider three prophetic warnings, which referenced the numbers 11:11, which were received and reported here in late 2003. These came through mature prophetic intercessors. This could POSSIBLY relate to this Jupiter Comet impact anniversary, as there is a correlation with the time of first impact on Jupiter.

Also, we take note of recent godless predictions of late June asteroid impacts (June 18-June 28), along with unprecedented activity by the world's navies. Ten of the Twelve US Aircraft Carrier strike groups have been confirmed to be at sea, right now. The bible warns us in Deuteronomy 13 that godless men may bring forth accurate predictions.

We also seriously consider the flurry of visions and prophetic warnings to Godly, prophetic people over the same time period. These warnings cover a number of serious events, seen in visions, that range from nuclear and chemical terror attacks, to warfare on a global scale, to attacks against our President, to terrible storms and earthquakes, and falling asteroids. Several of these warnings have been warnings of a terribly catastrophic event or events, that will bring an end to the world as we know it. Many of these center their focus on an America that has become Sodom in the Lord’s sight.

For all of these reasons, it is reasonable and prudent for the people of God to be in a high state of alert from June 16, 2004 through June 24, 2004, with great attention unto repentance, watchfulness, prayer, fasting, preparedness and obedience, during this period: unto your sanctification. Passing and enduring that, there is no reason to be any less watchful in the period following June 24th. Personally, I believe November and December of this year will be the period of highest danger. However, I see sufficient confirmation, from multiple sources, to raise this call to alertness and prayer.

I want to emphasize that God has revealed as many as ten types of judgement and trouble, and perhaps more, that will befall America if she refuses to repent. This RED ALERT is a watchfulness not simply for an asteroid event, but a call unto prayer for any terrible event that God has warned us about, and a crying out for repentance in our land, for this is our only salvation as a nation. I am convinced that without repentance, serious events will now transpire. Many times, we as prophets think that one type of event is at hand, and then, God allows something of a different type. We know that something big is upon us. We are beginning to drink of a terrible cocktail of judgement in America. Let us pray that we are not forced to drain the last drop.

There are many words of reliable prophecy, to the effect, that some of these judgements are now sealed by God, and will occur regardless of intercession. This should not discourage us from interceding, however, for the mercies of the Lord are new every morning. God, in allowing these terrible events, desires our repentance. He desires an awakened church. Never in history has it been more possible to intercede, and to obtain delays from the Lord of prophesied events. We have prophets giving real warnings, and the spirit filled intercessors to bring these matters before the Lord. Isaiah did not have an army of spirit filled, born again intercessors, praying to God when he spoke forth a prophetic warning. Today is different. We can pray, and we have access to the throne room of God by the blood of Jesus Christ.

We should repent of any “bring it on” attitude that may have developed within us. The scripture decries woe unto anyone who looks forward to the day of the Lord. It will not be a pleasant or happy thing for us to be present in this place when the judgement of God is unleashed. It will not be easy for any who must endure that day. Yes, we will use whatever opportunity we may have to carry the gospel to newly awakened Americans, but it would be far better for these to repent today.

If you can pray, pray now that our fellow Americans will come to God in DEEP repentance.

Isaiah 28
5 In that day shall the LORD of hosts be for a crown of glory, and for a diadem of beauty, unto the residue of his people,
6 And for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate.

I want to turn you to do battle at the gate. Some are looking away from the gate because they expect a sudden rapture, and see no battle that is worthy to be fought, because they don’t believe it will harm them. Others see the trouble approaching, but have adopted a “bring it on” attitude, so they have left off praying for our Country, and our President. Both are in error. The Lord is willing to give us strength, and to train our hands for war, but we must choose to turn, approach the point of battle, and FIGHT. Others have been filled with fear, and are running to witches, necromancers and those who consult familiar spirits for a word about the near future. Repent. Return to the Lord.

You should pray for your country, your leaders, your military and for your president, until the Lord orders you to pray no more for them. Amen!

Stephen L. Bening

I want to ask all of you to consider partnering with me in this ministry to Medellin, and to greater Antiquia province of Colombia. I know that God will richly reward you. I assure you that I will honorably represent you there, in the name of Jesus Christ.

I will be giving a report on the mission at our October meeting of Watchmen Prophets Assembly at Monteagle, TN.

Registration forms are available at: Meeting WPA Apostolic Prophetic Company, at Monteagle, TN-October 22-24, 2004---

Stephen L. Bening

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