WARFARE: A Call To Arms
February 26, 2001

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Dear Watchmen Prophets Assembly:

I have just finished reading all the posts of today. It is 10:45 PM here and I am greatly moved in my spirit, particularly after reading the post by Alex Puyol because it sums up everything that I have been sensing for the last two weeks. I wrote my last prophetic article on Feb 12 or so. Then, it seemed that the Lord was causing me to reflect on agreement, unity and warfare. Even as I have responded to a couple of doctrinal things in study with David Skelly, I have found that I have no particular heart for it or desire to do it now. To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

I've been praying, mulling these things over in my mind and in my spirit, praying in the Holy Spirit as well, for we need supernatural guidance so that we aim correctly and utilize the proper firepower against the enemy.

I have previously engaged and successfully prevailed in prayer against the Mormon spirit strongman, accompanied by a host of other demons, by utilizing prayer and fasting for a night, a day, and a night. I took only water on those days and nights. I engaged in a greatly increased time of prayer. I watched no television, but I did work on that intervening day. On that morning of the third day, I was quite certain that the battle had been won. That experience was quickened to me tonight as I was seeking the Lord and considering this call to arms.

I am therefore calling for a fast, on water only for tonight, Monday night, 2/26. Also for 2/27, Tuesday. The fast will concluded at Sunrise, Wednesday 2/28. During this time, take scripture for your food. Read the scripture aloud, particularly the victorious warfare passages. I am going to begin tonight by reading 2 Kings 18:13 to 19:37 out loud, in a loud voice in my room. The adversary hates that scripture, particularly when it is read aloud.

Please notify the group by posting your assent if you plan to join the fight.

And now, by the Lord's help, this is how we will fight:

1) 1 Corinthians 10:24 NIV "Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others."

2) We submit ourselves to the Lord our God and to his shaking. "Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you." Give thanks to God for testings and trials that prove our faith. I thank God where it is revealed, in me, and in others, that I need to trust my Lord and God for fully and deeply. Grant us discernment Lord to gratefully receive your purging and purification and steadfastly and quickly shed the oppressions and afflictions of the enemy. Grant us discernment Lord to quickly and assuredly know the difference, in Jesus' name.

3) Do not cast the Mormon spirit strongman and it's accompanying henchmen out of Kay Lynn's prodigal daughter. Pray instead that she is drawn to the light of God, so that she can be delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit. I am concerned that if we cast this spirit out at this time, she could be filled with seven worse spirits. Her spiritual house must be ready to be filled when it is cleansed. I sense that now is not yet the time. By all means however, we cast the Mormon spirit strongman out of and away from the Manker property and household, in the name of Jesus, along with all accompanying spirits. We ask that the Father post angels at the four corners of the property to enforce our decree. We make the claim, that is the promise to all servants of the Lord, that "All my children shall be taught by the Lord", and "Great shall be the peace of my children", and "My children shall once again come to live in the land of their Father." We also lay claim to salvation for the entire Manker household. We lay claim to the marriage of the vulnerable daughter and surround it with our prayers. We rebuke all separating forces in Jesus' name. We rebuke all seducing spirits and spirits of addiction and sorcery. We rebuke spirits of pornography and fornication. We send these spirits to the pit, the place prepared for them and forbid them to return. This is a one way ticket, in Jesus' name.

4) Rebuke the enemy where he has afflicted people with sickness during and immediately following worship: IE: Stephen's case and Tammy's case. Tammy's case also calls for the rebuke of the spirit of suicide and lying spirits.

5) We pray for provision for Laura and thank God that a way has apparently been opened, but we have known, as you do Laura, that the grace of God is sufficient for you. We will pray for your encouragement in the Lord.

6) I should add in a need regarding my wife, who still has difficulty sleeping. 25 years ago, she had a relationship with a man whom I believe was demon possessed. While we have taken back much that was stolen, we seek for a full restoration of the peaceful and restful sleep that is the right of all the saints of God. Perhaps, this is the time for the full recovery to her of what the devil stole from her in her youth.

I am sure that as we enter the fast, many other needs will come up in the spirit. Many of us have shared quite openly. As I write this, I'm thinking of things that need prayer regarding Kristine and John Neuhaus, as well as Alex. We know how to pray for one another. We are aware of many needs. Promises have been delayed. It is now time to receive. We have learned how to be abased. Now, we shall learn to abound. Now, we simply have to do it, in agreement. No force on earth can overturn the prayer of saints, praying in agreement and unity according to the will of God. We shall have what we ask for.

Perhaps, we have been assembled together for such a time as this. The season has arrived. It's time to drive the Canaanites out of our land, in the name of Jesus Of Nazareth.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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