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CULTS: Mormonism And The Indwelling Christ

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Mormonism and the Book of Mormon clearly teach that Christ indwelled people who lived in North America almost two hundred years prior to the crucifixion of Jesus. I have given the citations from the Book Of Mormon, which are numerous, in a previous posting.

These Book Of Mormon passages clearly claim that people spoke in other tongues and had the indwelling and residing presence of Christ, living inside of people as the temple of God. This is a lie from the pit of hell and is a contradiction with John 7:38-39, which is ABSOLUTE PROOF that the Book of Mormon is not scripture.

Today, we will examine passages from the New Testament that seem to indicate that people were filled with the Holy Spirit prior to the crucifixion of Jesus. Were these people, namely Elisabeth and Zacharias, filled with the Holy Spirit in the same way as the believers were filled who were gathered in the upper room some 34 years later? Did that filling result in a residing and dwelling Christ, living within them?

With the Lord's help, leaning upon him in prayer right now, I will attempt, as a mere son of dust, to speak and bring forth light and truth from the word of God.

The filling of the Holy Spirit, as given first in the upper room, and specifically prophesied about in John 7:39 was evidenced by the speaking forth in other tongues. As a totally new sign: men speaking in languages they knew nothing of ordinarily, it was a shocking development to witness, I am quite sure. An event of this nature was unprecedented.

What would you think of this, if you saw it for the very first time. If you were a Greek, and you saw a black Ethiopian Jew speaking fluently in your native tongue, you might have been very awestruck. You might wonder what was inside of that man, causing him to be able to do that.

The scripture in John tells us that this will be a "giving of the Holy Spirit". But the underlying Greek does not have the word "given" Literally, it reads "for not yet was the Spirit holy because Jesus not yet was glorified". Hmmmmmmm!

Also, think about it: Jesus was telling us what would be different after he was glorified. Now, we would have a river of living water, gushing up from inside of us. I'm thinking of the song, "Spring up oh well, within my soul". The source of that river would be inside of us. Jesus, by his spirit, was going to take up residence on the inside. This had never happened before. This was new. Why? How? When?

Now look back to that previous paragraph before the last one. Jesus could not do this until his blood had been shed so that cleansing could occur. He could not dwell in an unholy temple, and man's spirit was unholy until Jesus had been glorified. Once that blood of atonement had been shed, man's spirit was now holy, and could therefore be a fit place of residence for the spirit of the indwelling Christ.

When I look at Luke 1:41, the underlying Greek has none of these lasting, river source connotations. There is no talk of a flowing river of life. There is no speaking in other tongues. There is no talk of an indwelling Christ. We don't even get the feeling that this being "filled with the Holy ghost", was a lasting phenomenon. What is indicated here is that Elisabeth spoke loudly and prophesied, in that instant, concerning Mary and her Lord and that the babe leapt in the mother's womb. We have no further indication in scripture that Elisabeth ever prophesied again.

The Greek has it like this: she was "filled of the Spirit Holy". This is far different from the Greek literal rendering in John 7:39 of "for not yet was the spirit Holy". We know for certain that Elisabeth's spirit was not yet holy, and God will not dwell in an unholy temple.

2 Chron 23:19 "He also stationed doorkeepers at the gates of the LORD's temple so that no one who was in any way unclean might enter."

So, we know for certain that the Spirit of Jesus did not come to dwell in her, but he came to her for the purpose of delivering a prophecy, and then he departed again.

Only the sacrifice of Jesus, on the cross, could make man's spirit holy and remove everything unclean, so that man's spirit could become the living temple of the living God, for it is written:

"Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" 1 Co 3:16.

Oh, how thankful I am that he lives. And I'm even more thankful that he lives on the inside of me. Hallelujah. Elisabeth and Zacharias did not know what that was like when their son John was in Elisabeth's womb. Perhaps, they did not live to see the day when Jesus was glorified. They probably didn't since that was almost 34 years later and we know that they were quite old at the time of John's birth.

We have something that they could only dream about and hope to look into. Oh wonderful, blessed Jesus, you gave your life for me. You poured out your blood to prepare a holy place, within me, where you could dwell. Yes, you are building a mansion with many rooms for me in heaven, and I'm thankful, but I'm more thankful that you prepared a mansion for yourself inside of me!

How wonderful! How awesome! I love you Lord. As I meditate on the absolute wonder of it all: Christ in me, the hope of glory! I get chills as I think about it, and I want to live a holy life. Oh Lord, please help all of us to live and walk worthy of this high calling we have. We have done nothing to earn it. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Stephen L. Bening

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