PROPHECY: Judgement Upon Man's Inventions
December 19, 2002

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Dear Readers:

I stand convinced today, more than ever, that we in the United States stand very near at hand to a catastrophe of terrible and awesome proportions.

First, the order of events on the 17th of December argues to that conclusion. I was led of the Lord to seek him regarding the outcome of threatened and planned events and actions to occur in the Persian Gulf. As an answer from the Lord, I was given insight that I presented in my last article. I was shown that four terrible angelic principalities are working together as one, and that they are opposed by the Angel who watches over America, along with Michael, Israel’s prince.

Immediately upon completing that article, word reached me that the USS Kitty Hawk is set to spearhead the US incursion into the Persian Gulf and Iraq. I was alerted to this by Bob Neuman, who, like me, has seen a vision of an attack to come to the USS Kitty Hawk.

Then, yesterday, I became aware that the 17th of December every year is the anniversary of first flight by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk. This year represents the 99th anniversary of that event. Upon seeing that number, I knew it was significant, and I inquired of the Lord. Last night, I received my answer, in the Authorized Version, from the Psalms:

99:8-“Thou answeredst them, O LORD our God: thou wast a God that forgavest them, though thou tookest vengeance of their inventions.”

Apostle Neuhaus had received this word in 1999, yet we were both alerted that it would not come at Y2K, 1/1/2000, as many expected. Initially, we were concerned about it, yet the Lord gave direction to his apostle that we did not need to prepare for trouble in an emergency, panic mode for 1/1/2000. We were both told that it would come later.

I can think of no invention that rivals that of first flight, and it took place at Kitty Hawk.

My conclusion is this: I have been certain for more than ten years that at some future time, my beloved United States of America would come under severe and catastrophic judgement from the Lord. The angels who protect America, including Michael who stands with us because we stand with Israel, will at some point be forced to stand aside, and the hostile principalities and powers will proceed to tear my nation apart, using the nations and the hostile forces they control to carry out this atrocity. I have been certain that it would occur. I have had very little idea when it would occur, until August 26, 2002.

On that date, the Lord began to speak to me about timing of these events. He told me and showed me, in such a way that I was certain, that we were at ZERO HOUR, and that the planned events were now soon to occur. Some time later, the Lord told me that these events would not begin before November, 2002. It is now December.

The 17th of December saw the release of what I regard as the most powerful piece of prophetic work ever written by Nita Johnson. In that word, she tells of a visit she received from the ruling angel who watches over America. He had tears in his eyes and warnings on his lips of a catastrophe to come. He was begging the intercessors for America to make their pleadings with tears. I read this powerful word AFTER I had completed and released the word given to me on the morning of the 17th.

Here I stand, on the 19th of December, with a feeling of great dread. I know that our last opportunities for intercession for our great nation may very well be passing as I write. We may be down to a matter of days or weeks remaining. I have begged and pleaded with God for mercy, yet I have no confidence it will be obtained. Previously, we have received more time from the Lord. I am convinced this time has been purchased by the intercession of the saints. This time, I am filled with this dread. It is almost unspeakable.

I took some time to look around on the earth the last few days to see and hear what others are saying. The TV prophets, almost to a man, have no warnings to give about anything. The one exception was quite a shock to me. Creflo Dollar was warning in the last few days that every American city is in danger of destruction, and that every family may see a day soon come when members of their family will go missing, and they will seek for them everywhere and not find them..

With regard to the internet, there is much prophecy, but very few cries of warning. Very few dogs are barking. Isaiah told Israel that their prophets have become as dogs that cannot bark. So it has become in America.

I thought this morning about prophetic voices in America. How many have stood firm, over the years, in their warnings? Not many! Were it not for Stan Johnson, most people might have never heard a warning about what is to come in the near future in America. Stan has his faults, but he has warned the people and gotten the message out. Credit is given where it is due.

We have available in America, and available on my website, a book entitled USA Prophet, Prophetess and Saints. The URL is GAMMADIM VISION

The current edition includes the prophetic work of some 250 prophets, yet very few of these are known as men or women who have consistently barked out warnings from God to America. Most are known for their healing or evangelistic ministries. They gave an occasional word of warning or have reported an isolated vision. One is not left with the impression that this duty to warn was high upon their list of priorities. Granted, it was one thing they did and reported on, but they are not known for it.

I looked down the list of those in the “USA Prophets” document today. These names leap out at me as being among those who have consistently barked the longest and the loudest, while avoiding the pitfalls and schemes of the enemy as he has worked to make them ineffective and unproductive in their faithfulness to the heavenly vision: Duduman, Neumann, Bohler, Wilkerson, Gruver and Hansen.

Hopefully, when the rolls are written in heaven, I will find my name mentioned with the likes of these men.

Then, there are a couple of people who have consistently heard from the Lord, and pushed the intercessors with words of encouragement, while at the same time, barking out warnings of needed repentance and judgement to come: Nita Johnson and Timothy Snodgrass.

For all the current emphasis in America on apostolic and prophetic ministry, you would think that we would have more to show for it than these names, but the list does not and cannot be extended much beyond this. We have conventions full of people who are teaching others how they can go to the third heaven. Many people report having gone. We have probably hundreds, even thousands of people in this land who have seen angels, and who report their awesome supernatural experiences. I read about them frequently, and I do not discount them, belittle them or make fun of them. People are seeing gold dust and receiving gold teeth. I don’t doubt it. Miracles abound, yet barking dogs are oh so few and warnings are rare today in the American prophetic.

I have never seen an angel. I have never been to the third heaven. I have never received a gold tooth or seen gold dust. I have never seen the glory cloud. I have received, once, a visit from Jesus, at a point in my life when I was about to give up. If He had not come to me….I don’t even want to think about it. No, I cannot measure myself as equal to these other men or women who have had such high and holy experiences.

This thing I do: I want with all my heart to be faithful to the heavenly vision. I have brought forth the word of the Lord, as my forbear Jeremiah did. He too, never saw an angel. He was never transported supernaturally. He was never taken to the third heaven. He never worked a great miracle, raised the dead or healed anyone. He just barked and brought forth the word of the Lord. That is what I do too.

I have a responsibility to be faithful to the heavenly vision, and from what I have seen, everyone who reads this had better draw very near to the Lord, very quickly, for trouble is coming to our land, and it is coming soon. While I beg God, and plead with the intercessors to do so as well, I have this sense of dread that it is time for all that I have seen in the heavenly vision to be fulfilled.

Seven years of tribulation are coming to America. Seven years that must pass before the son of perdition may be allowed to begin to rise. So it has been decreed in heaven, and so it must be.

Prepare yourselves accordingly.

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Stephen L. Bening

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