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PROPHECY: The Time Of Judgement Has Commenced In America
May 11, 2003

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Yesterday, Saturday May 10, 2003, I was confronted with the revelation from the Lord that what I had seen this last week, commencing May 4, 2003, represented a "Countdown To Zero Hour". Perhaps many of you missed the implications of that, lost in a somewhat long article.

The time of judgement has commenced in America. That is what is meant by saying "Countdown To Zero Hour". Zero hour has arrived, according to the Holy Spirit. It's arrival was marked by 8 straight days of windstorms, whirlwinds and damaging hail accross the heartland of the United States.

I looked around the internet at a few things, trying to ascertain whether this could be confirmed through any other watchmen or prophet, and I did not find very much. It seems that the only one who sees that we are in a time like no other has ever been in America is Dan Bohler, who prophecied on May 7, that a great calamity was just ahead. Everyone else seems to be, in a word: distracted.

I sat with the scriptures this afternoon, seeking the Lord, and wondering just what is meant by saying that we have reached and passed through the countdown to zero hour. We saw it in one prophetic witness, through Bob Neumann, that the storm that was to come would be inaugurated with an approaching tornado. Of course, it will be obvious that it has commenced, according to that prophecy, if we see jet planes brought down by attack, and according to the Holy Spirit, through me, those attacks will be by Stinger missile.

As I pondered this situation, and discussed this with the Lord, He confirmed it to me by the speaking of the Holy Spirit today that two things that have happened mark the commencement of judgement in America: 8 days of whirlwinds, which we call tornados, and 8 days of damaging hail. It is the commencement of everything that I have seen in visions and prophesied about since the commencement of my ministry on June 24, 1992. It even precedes that, to the time of my first interest in the prophetic in 1987. The Lord confirmed this to me in one of His customary ways of speaking to me through the scriptures and the underlying Greek and Hebrew words for wind, and great hail stones.

As I look at it now, I can see that it is confirmed in another way as well, and it is awesome to behold. The Holy Spirit just opened my eyes to this as I was writing, and oh, how I am going to be mocked. Glory! Hallelujah!

The 8.8 quake that Chuck Hinson was prophesying about along the New Madrid fault, to occur on May 7, 2003, in the bootheel of Missouri! Yes, that prophecy that so many people have cast down. Even it's recipient has cast it down. Does not the Lord shame the wise with foolishness? He uses the foolish things to shame them. How much more foolish could I be in the eyes of men than to take this discarded prophecy, and by the Holy Spirit, redeem it from the prophetic scrap pit? Yet, that is just what the Lord has done!

Yes, Chuck was inexperienced, and Satan found pride within him but he received real prophetic from the Holy Spirit. The 8.8 magnitude of the quake that he prophesied about was a picture of the 8 days of tornados and 8 days of large, damaging hail that plagued America from May 4 to May 11, 2003. More than 300 tornados struck America, and great hail stones fell every single day. I am told that the average size of those falling stones was 3 inches.

The storm has commenced. The judgement of America has begun. What does this mean? Does it mean that we have begun the seven year American tribulation that the Lord told me about last year? Is the clock ticking now? I am not sure about this, and I continue to pray for more revelation concerning this.

Please pray along these lines in the coming weeks. We need a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, to fully understand what is happening, and how we should respond. In the meantime, we should step up our praying in the area of terrorism in the skies, as well as for the repentance of our people in America, for the Lord is saying that we are out of time. The judgement has commenced. We must also pray that as people suffer loss, as they have in these windstorms, hailstorms, and tornados, they will return to the Lord their God in humble repentance. This is the gift of God.

Stephen L. Bening

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