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PROPHECY: Countdown To Zero Hour/Sleight Of Hand
May 10, 2003

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Last night, I prayed to the Lord, and to sum up my prayers, I said, “Lord, what is going on”?

This morning, as I awoke, the first thought that came to me was implanted there by the Holy Spirit:


My second thought, (mine this time), was, “why didn’t I think of this on May 4, 2003, when the Holy Spirit revealed that we were in a “Countdown”, that pointed at the time period from 5/4/2003 to 5/7/2003”? A child could have made the connection, yet I was blind to it.

On August 26, 2003, I wrote a received a communication from the Lord warning us that we were at Zero Hour. This was presented with a vision, received by Bob Neumann, on July 8, 2001, entitled “The Basement”. The Lord connected these two bits of prophecy for me: that ZERO HOUR would commence with an approaching tornado, as it was in Neumann’s piece, where the commencement of the “storm” was marked by an approaching tornado. How could I have missed this connection on May 4, 2003? For whatever the Lord’s purposes, it was delayed in being brought to my understanding until today.

ZERO HOUR/The Basement-August 26, 2002

May 4, 2003 through May 7, 2003 has now been marked as the most destructive period of tornadic storms in 53 years in Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas. With what has followed on May 8, and May 9 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is catching up quickly regarding the history of those states. Illinois has also been severely affected.

This has been hidden from my view until this morning, and that fact is incredible to me, given all the shaking that I have gone through this week. It is so simple that a child could see it, were it not for “SLEIGHT OF HAND”. All that can shake is gonna shake!

A “COUNTDOWN TO ZERO HOUR” has just happened. ZERO HOUR arrived. The storm has begun. AND NO ONE NOTICED! Incredible! Just as Bob Neumann saw in his vision in 2001, the storm began with an approaching tornado, and flying debris. This has now happened. Yet, the discussion in the prophetic is not about this VERY APPARENT FACT regarding fulfilled prophecy.

The discussion is about a failed prophecy regarding May 7, 2003, and a contrite confession of error by Chuck Hinson. What is really going on here? That is what I asked the Lord last night in prayer.

Last Sunday night, on 5/4/2003 (on the very day the Lord spoke to me about the "countdown"), I saw one of my very best friends in the Lord at a local restaurant. I had not seen him for about a year. His name is Bob Koenig. We used to serve in ministry together, working in the local jails. Before Bob was a Christian, his trade; his skill in which he earned his living was that of a magician. He was regarded by many in the magician’s trade in the late 1980’s as being the most gifted sleight of hand artist in the world, and in fact, in competition, was voted as being the World Champion of Sleight of Hand.

The art of “sleight of hand” is to distract the eye with something, so that the hands may do something with an object without the detection of the viewer. Bob could do things with sleight of hand that were unbelievable: you would say they must certainly have been demonic, but they were not. One time, he did something in front of me, and I told him that he had to show me how he did it, or I was going to have to start praying and casting out devils. It is very easy for our eyes to be distracted. The hand is quicker than the eye.

Now, I believe that God had me run into the World Champion Sleight of hand champion on Sunday night, 5/4/2003 to communicate with me what was going on in the realm of the spirit. I was just too dull in my spirit to put things together at that time. Satan has been pulling some sleight of hand. I can be just as dull as any servant of the Lord has ever been. The Lord said, through Isaiah, “Who is blind like my servant”?

I wonder if any of you can see now that the prophesied storm, pointed to last year with the term ZERO HOUR, has begun with a tremendous crescendo of tornadoes, just as Bob Neumann foresaw. The storm has definitely started, yet very few have noticed, because a predicted earthquake did not happen. Just as I was shown ZERO HOUR on a stopped watch at that time, the Lord had spoken COUNTDOWN to me on 5/4/2003, and then we were all distracted, and told to LOOK OVER HERE at the earthquake. Meanwhile, the storm commenced and we hardly paid any attention.

Have we been victimized by sleight of hand? I believe with all my heart that we have been.

I suspect that Chuck Hinson had something from the Lord with respect to the New Madrid Seismic Zone area and a great shaking to commence there. I further suspect that he had something from God with respect to May 7, 2003. Mr. Hinson now says he was deceived, and falsely prophesied. He certainly believes that he has been the victim of a Satanic deception. Perhaps he is right, and he also had some things from God.

What I really suspect at work here is sleight of hand. I believe that old Slewfoot Satan knew that May 7, 2003 was a date the Lord was talking about, and he knew the storm was going to commence, but Satan proposed to use a little bit of sleight of hand. So, Satan moved upon a man, inexperienced with prophecy, who had a bit of prophetic information from God, and tempted him to go a bit too far. This man had a flaw in his heart: he wanted to build his own prophetic kingdom. He has admitted to such in his confession.

Let’s get our eyes back on the business at hand, and cast away the distractions of Satan. The storm has now commenced. It is time to be in prayer and intercession for our nation, for it will surely now rage and increase in intensity.

135 Tornadoes Hit US Since Sunday 5-8-3

(CNN) -- Forecasters are warning that conditions are ripe for Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas to be hit by more tornadoes Thursday.

"If you're in that area, stay tuned," said Jeff Evans, lead forecaster with the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center.

Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas were heavily damaged earlier this week in one of the most intense outbreaks of tornadoes in 53 years of record-keeping.

Officials have recorded 135 tornadoes for the week since Sunday. More than 40 people have been killed in the non-stop storms.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, authorities there were battling to keep the Tennessee River from rising any further. The river has already reached its highest levels in 30 years, flooding a riverside park that has been a hallmark of the city's renovations in recent years.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) estimated as much as $7 million worth of damage so far in the area. Three-hundred structures, including dozens of homes, have been affected, the TVA said.

The area received as much as 8 inches in less than a day, swelling the creeks and tributaries that feed into the Tennessee river.

A hospital in the community of East Ridge, Tennessee, near the Georgia border, was "surrounded 360 degrees by water," said Don Allen, the director of emergency services in Hamilton County.

Ambulances can no longer get to the hospital, and authorities have routed any emergencies there to other medical facilities.

Severe thunderstorms rumbled across central Alabama and northern Georgia on Wednesday night, uprooting trees, downing power lines and swamping areas already deluged by three straight days of heavy rains.

In Alabama and Georgia late Wednesday, there were no reports of major damage, but authorities warned residents to stay inside and not drive down flooded roads.

"It's extremely dangerous," said Buzz Weiss, a spokesman for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. He added there was a "lot of widespread localized flooding" from the rains.

In Talladega County, in eastern Alabama, a tornado touched down near the Talladega Superspeedway but did not hit the famed race track. Sheriff Jerry Studdard said they had "some trees blown down" and "a lot of power lines down," but the county escaped major damage.

Missouri junior high collapses

A powerful storm hit the town of De Soto, Missouri, Tuesday night, causing part of a junior high school to collapse, bringing down trees and power lines and creating a flood of water down Main Street, officials and residents said. (Full story)

No injuries or deaths were reported after the storm, and the town of 6,400 missed a second storm predicted to hit the area around midnight. The town's residents have now experienced four twisters in the past four years.

In Pierce City, Missouri, which has just over 1,300 residents, 96 houses were damaged by tornadoes Sunday night, Red Cross officials told CNN. Authorities are concerned hard rain could do more property damage and possible collapse already weakened structures.

Heavy rains and storms were not confined to the lower Midwest and the Southeast, however. Flooding in Holly Township, Michigan, about 50 miles northwest of Detroit, caused a 22-car freight train to derail, and several railcars were on their sides, Michigan state police reported Wednesday.

The CSX train was carrying auto parts and completed vehicles. Some cars carrying propane stayed on the rails. The only environmental cleanup involved diesel fuel. A conductor and an engineer were treated for minor injuries.

Stephen L. Bening

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