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PROPHECY: Never Give Up!
May 10, 2003

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My Conclusions and Judgements regarding this "confession" of Mr. Chuck Hinson are as follows:

1) This man received truth from the spirit of God. He saw prophetically that an earthquake, or some type of great shaking, was to come, and he was given a date of danger. Whether the earthquake he saw was spiritual, and a SEISMOS, to be fulfilled by tornados, is one possibility. Another possibility is that God repented of bringing the severe judgement, and opted for a less severe one. I discern by the Holy Spirit that Chuck Hinson has a true prophetic gift. He lacked experience with the prophetic. He lacked close mentoring in the prophetic. He was alone, and not in close fellowship with other prophets, and Satan took advantage of that. As David Skelly has proposed, he could have submitted the dated part of this prophecy to other prophets if he had been in close association and fellowship with any. In this way, some confirmation for the dated part of the prophecy could have been sought for in prayer and fasting. By association and proper confirmation, he could have grown certain about what he was to release. This was not done. One of Satan's greatest tools is isolation. We will now see how he employed other tools against Chuck Hinson.

2) Satan found pride in this man's desire to build his own prophetic ministry kingdom, and used that to set this prophecy up as something to build up a human kingdom with. This prophecy became an idol to Chuck Hinson. It became everything to him. It became his God.

3) Satan worked on this man to become filled with a spirit of "the sons of thunder". He began to hope for the fulfillment of this prophecy, rather than to intercede for it's cancellation, and for the repentance of those who would be effected by it's potentially catastrophic fulfillment.

4) Satan further attacked him through a non-supportive wife, who was also hoping that this event would occur, rather than interceding for it's cancellation or delay. This was further building up the "sons of thunder" complex in this inexperienced prophet. I discern the spirit of Jezebel, in plain operation here, through the wife.

5) Satan further convinced this prophet that "his prophecy" was absolutely non-cancellable or delayable by God, in total violation of clear scriptural teaching. Satan had him program into his (post May 7 plan) a program for his public repentance and submission to "godly pastors" if this date should come and go without catastrophe. Mr. Hinson had written down this plan of restoration in January, 2003, on his website, and announced to the world that, in the event the earthquake did not occur on May 7, 2003, he would do as he has now done. As such, He gave God absolutely no ROOM TO BE GOD. This violated the principles set down in Jeremiah 18 and Ezekiel 33, whereby God may repent of allowing or bringing judgement if the people under his watch turn from their wicked ways. Amos 7 was also violated, where God may repent as a prophet intercedes.

6) Now, with the passing of May 7, Satan has moved upon this man to repent and totally forswear himself of involvement in all prophetic ministry, to which I discern, as a prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ, that he is called to. This is sin! This is not humility, but pride. Just as Jonah retired to sit under the Juniper tree, Chuck Hinson has retired to silently sit under his pastors. This man needs prayer FOR DELIVERANCE. He will therefore be guilty of quenching the Holy Spirit for whatever time he continues under this cloud of demonic oppression. Yes, he needed to repent, but not of what he has talked about in his confession, but of idolatry. Therefore, his confession and repentance is not wholly pleasing to God, but it is a further work of the devil, no matter how humble and contrite it may appear to be on the surface. Should he straighten out what is crooked? Absolutely. Should he now totally abdicate his God given prophetic gift? Absolutely not. He has now totally come into league with Ahab, and the spirit of abdication. May he be delivered from this spirit, in the name of Jesus.

7) Satan has used entire event, and the confession, to sow confusion into the prophetic, to operate with sleight of hand that is intended to distract the prophets of God from the FACT that the storm has begun, and that judgements against the United States of America have begun, and will now worsen over time. Concurrent with this prophecy, America has suffered the worst week of tornadic activity in the history of our weather records. 298 tornados have occurred in the last week. This failed prophetic prediction of an event and the confession of sin that followed are now being used by Satan, through the spirit of Jezebel, to discourage prophets, to muzzle them, to silence them from operating in their prophetic giftings and callings THAT ARE FROM GOD.

This is a hard word, and I know it, but the truth is what it is. We are living in perilous times. You may think that I'm being terribly mean to Chuck Hinson, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you don't see what has happened, you are going to be muzzled, and you may not even realize it has happened to you. We have many adversaries. Our adversary Satan is no fool. He is a wily and experienced opponent. He will use anything and everything that he can find in each of us to defeat us, destroy us, discredit us and demolish us. He wants an even greater prize: he wants you prophets muzzled and locked up with choke chains around your throats! If you can't see it, you are going to quiet down, and not speak forth quite so much. You must see all of this for what it is! Stop looking at mere appearances and make a right judgement!

Prophets of America: The STORM HAS BEGUN. Satan does not want you to tell anyone. He wants you to be good little boys and girls, to go home, and shut your mouths. You are to sit quietly in your mega-churches, and listen while your pastor teaches you how to prosper in America. Satan wants you to be ashamed of your gifts and callings, and to abdicate them. So much so, that you won't venture to say a word. You are to keep tithing and offering and shut your mouths. Let the pastors who know everything handle the real ministry.

There is an event coming very soon. Three asteroids are going to fall out of the sky. Waves and water are going to cover the East coast and Gulf states. This is going to create great chaos, tumult and panic in the lower 48 states. How soon? Only God knows for sure, but it could be very, very soon. At least 8 prophetic witnesses have seen it coming. Are you going to tell anyone?

There is another event coming very soon. Chuck Hinson saw it coming, as have almost ten others. It is an earthquake of great magnitude that will split the nation if we participate as a nation in the splitting of Israel and the parceling out of God's land. How soon? Collin Powell is on his way to Israel to discuss this subject today.

There is yet another event coming: California and part of the rest of the west coast are going beneath the waves in a great earthquake along the San Andreas fault. San Francisco is going to be taken beneath the waves. I have been told that more than 40 prophetic witnesses have seen this event coming. Does anyone claim not to know why?

And yet, that is not all:

America is going to be invaded and occupied by foreign armies. American cities are going to burn from nuclear attack. Russian SS18 Satan missiles are going to fall like rain on America. Submarines with nuclear missiles will attack America. There is going to be famine in America. Prophets from President George Washington on down to today have seen these things.

What and who, besides Jesus Christ, stands to hold this back?

God's prophets, who must warn the people, and intercede for our people and our land, and bring them before a loving God who does not want to do us harm, but who must nevertheless be Holy in all He does and performs. Prophets give our people at least the opportunity to repent from their wickedness.

God's intercessors also stand before Him, pleading with Him that he might give our Christian servants and ministers in this land more time to be salt and light in this beautiful land, and that he might heal the hearts of our people and turn them back to Him. I regard the passing of 5/7 as a nod from the Father toward you intercessors. We have been given just a little bit more time, but still, the stern warnings in the forms of storms and tumult have been allowed to roll across our land.

God's church also stands to hold this back, wherever they are still salt and light in our beautiful land, proclaiming gospel truth in fulness.

God's Holy angels also hold this back, hearkening unto the voice of His word.

Donít let May 7 hold you back one bit. One other minister has written that he views it as a victory, and so do I. 9/11 was a failure. Godís prophets came forth later, telling us that they had seen it. Where were they before it happened? Donít be muzzled. Donít be quieted. Keep praying and interceding.

Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

One day soon, God will grow weary of repenting.

Satan would like you to be quiet, and to tell nobody about it.

What are you going to do?

Stephen L. Bening

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