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PROPHECY: Your Resume In Heaven And The Great Flood To Come
October 17, 2003

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Each of us has people, ministries, churches, gifts, callings, money, possessions, children and other things for which we are responsible as a steward. God says that as believers, we will have to give an account before the Lord for how we have handled these things. This account will even cover every idle word we have spoken. It will also cover words that could have been spoken, but were not.

Consider these words:

Mt 12:36 But I say to you, That for every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account in the day of judgment.

Mt 18:23 Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened to a certain king who would take account of his servants.

Ro 14:12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

1Co 4:1 Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.

Heb 13:17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.

Believers tend to think of this type of judgement, of the detailed minutia of life, as being applicable to unbelievers, but the truth is that everyone who lives or who has lived will be subject to this type of intense scrutiny at the judgement seat of God.

I am a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ. In America, my home country, I am of little to no reputation. In my home church, I have no weekly service responsibilities. I am not sought out or followed by many. I do not receive offers to speak frequently, if at all. Two to four times a year, I travel, as led of the Lord, to minister in other nations, where I am received as a prophet of the Lord, with all of the honor that is accorded to a visiting prince or monarch. It is for me as Jesus described it in His word:

John 4:44 For Jesus himself testified, that a prophet hath no honour in his own country.

You have, in your hands, a warning from God, given to you through His prophet. You are going to be held to account concerning what you do with it.

Warnings regarding a great flood, caused by the ocean impact of three asteroid or comet fragments, that is prophesied to totally inundate the Southeast coast of the United States have been received from God by eleven American prophets and prophetesses.

I first became aware of these warnings early in 2002. Then, God spoke directly to me about it through His Holy Spirit. After a time of deliberate and somber prayer before the Lord, I became convinced, through multiple confirmations of these events to me, and through the clear speaking of the Holy Spirit, that this event is a near term event: IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN VERY, VERY SOON. I suspect that it could happen this month or next. Every year, I put a circle around the anniversary date of the flood of Noah as a date to watch. God has, in the past, allowed things to happen on anniversary dates of former events. This year, the Hebrew calendar date Marheshvan 17 falls on November 11/12. I make no such prediction as to timing with regard to that date, but it is set to occur very soon. If it is delayed by the Lord, so much the better, but I do not expect a long delay. There are multiple warnings in the Spirit, as to the imminent nature of this threat.

The bible contains numerous descriptions of catastrophic events. These events will happen in the future: some in one place, and some in another…in diverse places. We know, through prophetic redundancy and confirmation, that this great flood is going to affect the Southeast US coast from North Carolina South to Florida.

I began to warn the people with every means at my disposal. My website, GAMMADIM VISION, receives an average of 250 hits per day. In one sense, that is a lot, but when we think of a nation with 300 million souls, it is a drop in the bucket. My three other groups on prophecy, found on Yahoo Groups, have hundreds of members, and are viewed by an uncounted number of other people, who contact me by private email, and viewed by uncounted others who simply stop in, take a look, and pass on without comment. I have sent private letters to 37 pastors of congregations whom I know personally. Some of these KNOW that I am a prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have also distributed flyers by hand, and witnessed about these events face to face with the common people. And so, I am certain that many thousands of people across America have received these warnings. The spreading of it from those thousands, to the reaching of 300 million souls, is the Lord’s business.

To my knowledge, none of these pastors have warned their congregations about this imminent threat. None of these 37 pastors have invited me to speak to their congregations. None have telephoned me or sent me an email to let me know that they have warned their congregations. PASTORS, YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE BEFORE THE LORD, YOUR GOD!

Yesterday, the Lord spoke to me through His Holy Spirit, reminding me once again that a great flood is coming, caused by falling heavenly objects. I was instructed to once again, warn the people and the pastors. Later in the evening, the Lord sent another one of His servants who confirmed this to me. Yes, this event is real, and it is coming to the Southeastern United States very soon.

As I awoke this morning, the Lord continued to speak to me through His Holy Spirit. He told me that right now, many pastors have received this word of prophecy, but have withheld it from their congregations. They are accountable. The Holy Spirit instructed me to be very frank and firm with you pastors. This is on your resume in heaven, Mr. Pastor.

If this event were to happen today, these charges will be found on your resume in heaven, Mr. Pastor, when you meet your Lord:

1) You have allowed unsaved people, who are sitting in your churches and congregations, to die before their appointed time. If you had warned them of the imminent threat, or if you had given a favorable forum to the prophets, all people in your congregations would have received the warning, and would have had the opportunity to take heed and to make preparations for the threat. Some unsaved people would prepare, survive, and then turn to the Lord as it became clear that GOD HAD INDEED SPOKEN. Pastor, your silence has sentenced some people to hell. Pastor, you are accountable for these unsaved people, sitting in your congregations, who will needlessly enter into hell.

2) You have allowed saved people to die before their time. Those people whom they would have ministered to after the occurrence of this terrible event will never receive their ministry now. Those people are now sentenced to hell, unless another minister may be raised up to take their place. Pastor, you are accountable for these unsaved people, all over this nation, who would have been saved through the ministries of those who are sitting in your congregations. Those potential ministers in your church will now have their ministries cut short because of your silence and refusal to warn. YOU HAVE A DUTY TO WARN! WHEN IT IS THE LORD DOING THE WARNING, YOU MUST NOT BE SILENT!

And so, I offer it to you again, at the leading of the Holy Spirit. You still have an opportunity to make things right. I am a prophet, but I am also an apostolic administrator. I walk in excellence with regard to the making of plans. I am a former certified public accountant. This is not some crazy, schizophrenic utterance. False prophets are everywhere, but you know, deep in your spirit, that I am not one of those. This is a calmly prepared, rationally delivered warning of a very real future event that GOD himself has decided, through His mercy, to warn us about ahead of time. He has confirmed it through many sober, mature and experienced prophetic witnesses. He has also given it to babes.

I have put together an emergency warning system with regard to this future event. Contingency plans for escape have been prepared. These resources are available to you, if you will only take heed and seek them out.

If you are receiving this by hand, or through the mail, you have all the papers and resources you will need to prepare, attached just behind this document. If you are viewing this document on the internet, you have the links below to all the resources that you need to sensibly prepare your church for this coming deluge. YOU AND YOUR CHURCH MEMBERS DO NOT NEED TO DIE IN THIS DELUGE!

The instructions for Emergency Prophetic Readiness may be found at: Emergency Prophetic Readiness

You may review all eleven of the prophecies, in their entirety, by looking at the following page: What Do We Know About The Great Flood?

You may sign up to receive a telephone warning at the time when many of us are warned, through a dream to be received at 2 A.M, that the prophesied event will occur in 20 hours. There is a public contact list, viewable on the internet, and there is a private list. You may view and copy the sign up sheet at: WPA Public Contact List

You may view the first letter I wrote that was mailed to 37 pastors on April 1, 2003: Pastors Letter April 1, 2003

As a servant and prophet of the Lord, all that I can do is warn you of what I see, and what the Lord says to me, as I stand on my watch, to see what He will say to me. What you do with it is entirely up to you. May you choose wisely.

Stephen L. Bening

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