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PROPHECY: A Short Letter To The Pastors (for distribution)
April 1, 2003

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Dear Pastor:

Sunday afternoon, I was in a worship service (not the church that meets in my home), and all I could think about was that these wonderful Christians were oblivious to the trouble that is on the horizon. Could they hear God, in a dream, or dream vision, or by the Holy Spirit? If they heard and understood that God was warning them, would they obey a heavenly vision or warning if they had to flee for their lives in order to continue alive on the Earth tomorrow? Was the church prepared to lead them on a moments notice?

There are six prophetic witnesses, and perhaps more, to a coming prophesied impact by three asteroid/comet fragments. These will hit the water off the East Coast and Gulf Coast of the USA. Severe flooding has been foreseen in Florida, and Northward through North Carolina and probably further North. We know a great deal about this expected event. Mature prophets have seen these things. We know that God will awaken many Christians at 2 A.M. to warn them to flee from this tidal wave. They will have 20 hours to reach high ground (1160 feet AND 200 miles inland) following receipt of the dream warnings. For a South Florida resident, that means that a person who receives a warning by 2 A.M. should be driving North toward the Smokey Mountains by 6 A.M. in the event this prophecy is fulfilled.

How many of them will simply go back to sleep? Others, who have made no plans, may find themselves fleeing in a panic, and unprepared at that. Others may waste precious time trying to figure out what the church is going to do.

Has the church established itself as an emergency alert or response center? Is the church equipped to deal with such revelation or even a sudden emergency and to direct the people in a wise and systematic manner? Would those who had the identical, simultaneous dream wake you up pastor? Could they reach you? Is anyone on your staff designated as a 24 hour emergency contact? Has any forethought and planning for these things been done at all by the pastors? Would the people be relegated to leaving messages on the church voicemail?

I donít believe that Christians today in America are prepared for such things. The church should be the center for prophetic readiness. Instead, we wait for the Department of Homeland Defense to increase the readiness alert from orange to red. Individuals who prepare in advance should have some supplies ready to take with them and they should have selected the closest high ground to flee to. In short, churches and individuals should do some advance planning, not only for this asteroid event, but for a whole range of potential dangers and emergencies that God is warning us about. Churches could plan to help those who are blindsided. Pastors could quickly ascertain from the prophets what the short list of dangers are that are currently foreseen. Right now, it seems that watchmen do their trumpet blowing on the internet, and the church at large remains uninformed.

The bible has much to say about warnings that are given by God. History reveals how those warnings were heeded, and how they were not. Legend has it that no Christians were among the hundreds of thousands who were killed in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. How did they avoid death? They knew about Jesusí warning from 40 years earlier, and they heeded prophetic revelation that came to the church. Church tradition holds that the church leadership took the lead in these prophetic matters, and led the church in their escape to Pella. History tells us that all who were in the city when they saw the Roman legions of Titus compass the city were killed, or crucified trying to escape. It took seeing of another type: a prophetic type, to escape. Those church leaders perceived accurately, and passed the test.

Are American Christians prepared to escape as successfully as the Jerusalem Christians were in 70 AD? Is the church prepared to lead them prophetically?

Iíll leave the answer to that question to you pastors.

Stephen L. Bening

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