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February 4, 2003

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Dear Readers:

The word “FIGHT” was the title of the message that Pastor Joseph Hanna delivered Sunday at Equipping The Saints Ministries, in Miami, Florida. It has been resonating in my spirit, and I have written the word all over my prayer journal, on my file cabinet and on my computer, and everywhere else where I can plainly see it and be reminded.

Then, this morning, the chorus from a “Hillsongs” cd came rumbling through my spirit: “This is how we overcome, this is how we overcome, this is how we overcome, this is how we overcome….You have turned, my sorrow into dancing…you have turned, my heartache into joy.”

My mind was carried back to August 27, 2001. On that day, my friend, Sharon Rose Peszek, forwarded to me a word of prophecy from Graham Cooke. It was titled, “The Unparalleled, Unlimited Favor of God”. It was the single most encouraging piece of prophecy that I had ever read, and what was even greater, was that the Lord was saying that it was a word for ME!

In that article, Graham encouraged his readers to mark the day they received the prophecy. He promised that the Lord would, in one year from receipt of that prophecy, pour out His unparalleled favor and blessing upon the recipient within that one year period of time.

As with all good prophecies, there were a couple of conditions placed upon the recipient:

1) I was going to have to FIGHT in prayer to receive this favor and blessing. There would be many adversaries, and it would be very tempting to quit when discouragement at apparent failures would appear.

2) I was going to have to lay hold of the spiritual favor first in order to ever see the financial favor, and the relationship favor, the salvation favor upon my household and every other kind of favor you can ask or hope for. The spiritual favor must be laid hold of first.

3) Graham promised that if you laid hold of any part of the spiritual favor, that it would continue to flow like an open spigot of water, even after the year ended.

I set about contending in prayer and asking God to give me favor in those areas of my life, and yes, there were many adversaries. Some people just didn’t understand. Aren’t you the judgement prophet, they would ask? You are the one who sees everything exploding, and now you are talking about favor? What gives? Sometimes, I struggled to understand, and yet, I knew it was God.

One year later, just a few days short of the one year deadline, the Lord came to me and gave me His touch. I called it “The Wildfire Of Intimacy”. His presence has been with me like a wildfire, in the secret place, since August 9, 2002. I had received the spiritual favor, and I knew that God had set about confirming and giving me everything that was contained in that word of prophecy from August 27, 2001.

Then, in October, 2002, the financial favor began to flow. Still, there were many adversaries. $4,000 was stolen from me in October, and this discouraged me terribly. My uncle died in November, and then my Father died in December. I lost my focus briefly. It is difficult to stay up, focused on favor, when loved ones are going home to be with the Lord.

Now, we have made an entry in 2003. The Lord spoke to me on January 1, 2003 that he had commenced 1 Peter 4:17. Judgement had begun in the house of God. And so, we have seen it manifested. Surely, judgement is ready to begin in America and in this world.


God is beginning to make the distinction between the righteous and the wicked; between the servants of Christ and the religious.

If you have been faithfully serving God, running from cave to cave, and on the wrong side of the tracks for 17 years like David of old, well…get ready. You are to be preparing yourself and getting ready for your coronation. God is bringing us to the Holy City. But we are going to have to FIGHT! We are going to have to pray, to ask God for all of it.

Today, with FIGHT written all over my prayer journal, I entered a new set of records, for which I am petitioning God.

Category 1 contains every thing I walked away from to follow Christ. In my case, I had to leave almost everyone, and everything, and all my possessions behind. I have listed every item, and I am going to regularly ask God to give me everything back at least 100 times or more, because He has told me to do so.

Category 2 contains every thing that has been stolen from me in the last 16 years since I have been a Christian. I’m getting all that back too with interest, thank you. It is a long list.

Category 3 contains every unfulfilled vision for ministry, and every promise that God has ever given for my family, or for anyone else who I care about. It is a long list. I’m asking God for all of it, and God is saying that, this year, I am going to begin to get it all back.

Have you separated yourself from everything the Lord has told you to leave behind?

Have you obeyed the Lord?

Are you walking humbly and in a repentant way in this hour?

Are you asking God for the things that are yours in Christ Jesus?

If your answers are yes, yes, yes, and yes, then heaven is open over your head. Open your hands and get ready, for you are not going to believe it.

As Graham Cooke advises, get yourselves with some people who are likeminded on this, and pray together for these things to manifest in each other’s lives.

I’m not going to put a time table on this. One of the greatest words of prophecy I have ever read was John L. Moore’s prophecy about “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”. John L. Moore wrote this as a word for 2001. He missed God in setting the date for it’s fulfillment. It wasn’t fulfilled until 2003, so I’m not going to make that mistake, but I can tell you it is the season to FIGHT!

And if you have to fight, FIGHT A GOOD FIGHT!

Stephen L. Bening

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