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PROPHECY: Causes Of Banishment
January 29, 2003

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Dear Readers:

In the place of private imagination, I ask that you now paint a picture of yourself, in any Church. You are leaving by airplane for China tomorrow, for a two month missions trip. It is Sunday morning, and you must run a gauntlet of five prophets before you may travel. Each will lay hands upon you and prophesy.

The first closes his eyes, and begins. He tells you that “I see a flight attendant. Give her twenty dollars and she will upgrade you to first class. Thus sayeth the Lord.”

The second prays in tongues for a few seconds and then exclaims: “you must not eat or drink on that airplane trip. Fast, for the enemy has placed a Norwalk virus in the food. Obey and you will escape the sickness.”

The third prays, in the name of Jesus, and blesses you and your trip, and asks for provision and help. It is a good blessing. Oh, you exclaim, this is wonderful.

The fourth goes straight to the mission field in a vision, and sees multitudes of Chinese in the valley of decision, and says he sees the light of God coming down on you, and a two edged sword coming out of your mouth. Now, you are really pleased.

Now, you approach the fifth prophet. He looks at you, and looks up to heaven. He has heard the other four prophesy. He stands in silence, deep in thought, and his brow is furrowed. Thirty seconds pass. You are beginning to wonder if this fellow is ever going to open his mouth. He considers whether he should speak at all. He almost decides upon silence. Finally, he begins to speak. He says: “You will not reach China at this time . I have seen a vision, and the airplane you will be flying on will explode. You must not go on this trip. Cancel your plans, and seek the Lord for future permission to travel and protection.”

You are, of course, stunned. The other four prophets have some very strange, twisted looks on their faces as they eye the fifth prophet.

What I have just described is happening all around us in America! Gentle, encouraging and consoling words from the Lord are being spoken by the popular prophets, but they are vain words and must be accompanied by the whole truth and nothing but the truth to be meaningful. Other words, false words, are proceeding forth, filled with lies about judgements and troubles that the Lord has spoken nothing about.

The Lamentations Of Jeremiah 2:14
“Thy prophets have seen vain and foolish things for thee: and they have not discovered thine iniquity, to turn away thy captivity; but have seen for thee false burdens and causes of banishment.”

This morning, the Lord spoke this word to me, and said that as it was in Israel, so it now is in America and has been so for some time.

The word for “causes of banishment” in that verse, the Hebrew “madduwach”, (Strongs 4065) gives clear indication that the very words given out by these prophets promote banishment. They stir up the desire of the land to vomit out it’s inhabitants. That word comes from the Hebrew root “nadach” (Strongs 5080), which is used in a great variety of situations, but it’s basic meaning involves a pushing off or out, a banishment, a drawing or driving away by means of seduction or deception.

In my prophetic example at the outset, the words of the first four prophets were rendered meaningless by the utterances of the fifth. The food to be consumed on the flight, or first class status, is rendered a vain and unimportant thing when you are informed that the airplane is going to BLOW UP.

I ask all of you who are reading this to straighten yourselves up at your desks right now. Slide your butts to the back of your chairs, sit upright, and shake off spiritual lethargy. Shake yourself from the tendency to debate and consider all manner of disputable things, and consider this.


Now, in light of these words, how many things are needful? Examine yourselves right now. Are your words and ministry all ordered with the purpose of provoking the people in such a way that their sins are uncovered, and so that they may see their iniquities and turn from them? Are you making people comfortable in their sins? Are any of your words vain and unimportant along side of this word?

I am approached frequently and asked to give my opinion regarding the ministry of this prophet or that who has a public TV or radio ministry. What am I to say? Some of them say some good things, but they give no warnings to the people. They are not giving the hard word I have given above. Instead, they are giving some instruction on how to be blessed, how to prosper, how to walk in the anointing and the like. These are all good things, but how important are they when you are on the brink of captivity and banishment? Then, these words even become an eventual cause of the banishment.

Whatever we are doing, we must be RECOGNIZED AS AGENTS OF GOD FOR THE PURPOSE OF TURNING BACK THE CAPTIVITY. Our words will either fight against the banishment, or will be added as CAUSES OF BANISHMENT. Which will it be for you?

As you prophets go about your ministries today, and speak for the Lord, are you giving the WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD, or are you shrinking back from speaking that fit word that will bring sanctification, healing and repentance?

Lord Jesus, may you bring that pure and life giving word forth through your prophets, and close the mouths of those who would speak forth causes of banishment. Amen.

Stephen L. Bening

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