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PERSONAL WORD Discussing My Promotion, Battle Assessment and Future Direction

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One month ago, the Lord moved on my spirit, directing me to begin to write daily and to post to the site on a daily basis. Previous to that, I had only been posting to this site a couple of times a month on the average. You can check that out by just looking the site over.

All I said to the Lord was that if I was going to write every day, he was going to have to speak more frequently to me and more clearly. He complied and the promotion is evident. It became clear to me, after a few days, that some of the things that I would be writing about, on certain days, would fall into a category of "personal words". They would not be for the church at large: I would not be giving them to my pastor, or posting them to prophetic forums and egroups. I would simply post them here. What has become clear to me is that one or two people will find these personal words, and be helped in their own development by what I am going through and by the Lord's personal dealings with me. Today's post is one of those personal words.

I explained in my post of 11/18/2000 about my promotion and the Lord's revelation to me of that promotion: and the anointing of Asher that I am walking in now, as it fulfulls the prophecy of Moses to Asher as detailed in Deuternonomy 33:24-25. Go back and read that word if you are not familiar with it. The main message given to the church in that word is that "This Battle For Florida is Over".

Late last week, I received email communication from Bob Neumann, and we decided to get together for breakfast today, Monday morning. Then, later in the week, I, with my church, experienced victory in the spiritual battle on Friday night and I had revelation from the Lord on Saturday concerning my promotion. I have known Bob Neumann on the internet for about a year, but we have never met before today. I recognized real wisdom and anointing in his writings and have told him before that I value his wise counsel.

For those of you who may not understand, the Lord called me as a prophet to the nations on June 24, 1992, but I have only, in the last month, begun to walk in the "nations" aspect of that calling and anointing. I have not sought any promotion, and have done nothing to self promote. The promoter has sought me out and has done as He saw fit.

As I was driving to breakfast this morning to meet Bob Neumann, I asked the Lord, "what do you want me to talk to Bob about Lord"? The Lord replied to me, "talk to Bob about your recent promotion."

Well, we met, and I shared that with Bob. He pulled two prophetic words out of his pocket: the only two he had brought along. They were both given by the Lord through Bill Burns of Kremmling, CO, and they were for me. The first word is entitled "Set The Trumpet To your Mouth...Rise UP! The second word is entitled "The Sword Of The Lord". I'll be scanning these words in to the site later when my copy of Textbridge software arrives, which is currently on order.

Those two words did much to explain what has been happening in my life during the last month. They explain some of the words I've received about "60 days" and "slaughter" and "promotion/new churches/new worship" and a "coming wave of God's Glory". These words are elsewhere on my site. If you can't find them, send me an email and I'll track them down for you.

Bob and I then began discussing the battle I had just come through. I had the most awesome, kind of throwback feeling to a bygone era. It seemed as though I was a brand new general in the Civil War era. I felt as though I was being visited by an advisor, sent by President Lincoln, to debrief me on the battle, to help me to learn from it, and to advise me as to the future direction and overall plan for winning the war.

Lincoln, of course, is symbolic for Jesus, and Bob Neumann was his servant, sent to me to fullfill that function, which had to be done in person prior to the era of sattellites and cellular telephones.

I came away from this 5 hour meeting today feeling as though it was the most singularly important meeting I have ever had with a man in my entire life. I know that things were put into my spirit that will be used later. I sat, and obedient to the Lord, I kept my mouth shut for most of the five hours. I let Bob ask me the questions, I answered, and he gave me long briefings and led me through what seemed like hundreds of applicable scriptures, laid out for me in new ways with new light shone upon them.

One thing that I can tell you is that contrary to what people may initially think by reading only the title of my last word on 11/18/2000, the United States is still judged. Judgement is coming. My actions and recent conduct of battle in the spirit realm recently, battling the principalities at the Gate of America: Florida have caused that date of judgement to remain on it's present time of appointment by God, and to not be delayed. Please allow me to explain.

When a man has cancer, early detection and treatment is crucial to the survival of the patient. If treatment with chemotherapy or radiation begins soon enough, the cancer will be killed and the patient will survive and recover. Wait too long...the cancer spreads...and becomes untreatable. Why is it untreatable? Because it would require such massive doses of radiation that it would kill the patient along with the cancer.

The United States has spiritual cancer. It has been diagnosed. It's appointment with the surgeon, Jesus, has been set. Demonic forces have set themselves to oppose and delay that judgement. They have coerced many intercessors to agree with them.

My calling, however, is to be a prophet after the order of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was considered a traitor to Israel, for he called for her surrender to Babylon. I will be viewed the same by the church as she exists today.

As Bob Neumann pointed out to me today, it is not possible to have 2 Chronicles 7:14 without having verse 13 first, and that is the terrible warfare, storms, droughts, plagues and pestilences that will cause this people to truly turn to the Lord their God.

Our LORD, the great physician Jesus, has prescribed castor oil for America and for his church in America. The church, and the false prophets do not want to take this castor oil. The intercessors do not think America will have to take the castor oil. Some of them say that America will be blessed. THEY ARE WRONG. America is going into warfare and trouble: and very soon. It is necessary that it be soon so that America survives the medicine.

That is the reason why, on 11/18/2000, the Lord had me decree Psalm 149:5-9. It is not a prophecy that speaks of happy, light times, but stern medicine from the great physician. Verse 9 reads "To execute upon them the judgement written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the Lord.

Indeed, if the other prophets are correct, and we are entering the era of the Bush presidency, it will be a time of great warfare and trouble in our land. And it is necessary for our national healing.

Stephen L. Bening

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