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PROPHECY: You Will All Prophesy
May 9, 2003

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Like Moses, I am praying that God uses ALL OF YOU AS PROPHETS. You are called to be a prophetic people.

That means, that ALL OF YOU are going to be placed one day in the spot that Chuck Hinson occupies today. Chuck Hinson has gone out publicly today and "repented for releasing false prophecy" with respect to his May 7, 2003 Earthquake prediction for Portageville, MO.

Now, you the reader are left to discern which one was from the Lord: the prophecy, or the confession of sin?

Those of you who are seeking in the prophetic, and who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, and are seeking an intimate relationship with him will find that it will happen to you one day. What will happen, you ask?

It will either be with an individual, or with a family, or in your church, or like Chuck Hinson, regarding a city, or region, before the world on the internet. BUT ALL OF YOU WHO ARE ON THIS DISCUSSION BOARD (And regular readers of my website, GAMMADIM VISION), who are Christians, are going to prophesy. I just prayed for it to the Father. I believe it will happen. Maybe you won't predict a date for something to happen, but you WILL ALL PROPHESY!

It's easy to talk until you are in the spot yourself. How many of you have been in that spot? I have: many times. Many people are condemning old Chuck Hinson today. He's easy to pick on. He's learned his lesson, some are saying.

What will you do when God tells you to warn of disaster that is coming to a city? What if God gives you a date? God gave me a DATE ONE TIME, for a region! Another time, God gave me a date on which an individual would be healed, and it happened just that way. God does, infrequently, give dates about things. Check it out. It's in the scripture. Yes, even a failed, set date is in the scripture. Oh, poor Jonah! Poor Chuck Hinson!

Will you be silent? If you are silent, and God allows that disaster to come to that city, then the blood of those who die WILL BE ON YOUR HANDS. What if God tells you to warn a man that he had better repent, for he has only one week to live? Will you be silent? What if God tells you to warn a woman that she must stop her adulterous affair (that she never told you about), or she is going to die? Will you be silent? What if God tells you to warn a pastor that if he does not properly utilize the people from the prophetic that God is sending him, that God is going to shut down the church. Will you warn that pastor? What if you are driving along one day, and God tells you that your pastor is in sin, and is going to be replaced? God tells you to warn the pastor, and tell the elders. God did this to ME! Will you do it?

Now, that is a spot to be in brothers and sisters! You will be squirming. You won't want to say anything, but you know you must. You will try to hold it in, but it will burst your innards, and you will then have to spill the beans, and tell it all.

Now, I hope when God uses any of you like this, BECAUSE HE IS GOING TO USE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS, AND WHO BELONG TO HIM, LIKE THAT, THEN you will intercede for that man, the woman, that church or that city. You will be getting in between what God has told you that He is ready to do, and the people that he wants it done to. YOU WILL BE BEGGING GOD FOR HIM TO MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A FALSE PROPHET. AND YOU WILL BE BEGGING GOD TO BRING REPENTANCE TO THAT MAN, WOMAN, PASTOR, CHURCH, CITY OR REGION.

I have done this many, many times, for when you prophesy a lot, you have to intercede a lot, otherwise you are not pleasing to God, and you are not walking in love. If you don't intercede, it's easy to become like Jonah, or one of the Son's of Thunder, rooting for the fire to fall from heaven. I'm not the only one interceding. We beg God to show mercy, to change hearts, to give us more time and to give us more favor so that we can live more holy lives, and be more like Jesus when we give these warnings. Sometimes, it's easy to have the faith to prophesy a coming disaster, but hard to muster up the faith to pray in intercession: MUCH HARDER. Perhaps, if we are more holy, more people will listen.

Why do you think God calls intercessors? Do you believe intercessors will never persuade God to change His mind or delay something that He has purposed to do? If you think that intercession is absolutely purposeless, why would God call intercessors to do what they do? That would be an absolute waste of time!

Another thing that intercession does for the prophet is that it gets the eye off of self, and onto Jesus. If we agree with Chuck Hinson that he issued false prophecy, what can we learn? What do we see? Even in the apology and the confession, it appears that Mr. Hinson's eyes are too much on self, and reputation, and dishonor.

Now, we have had KENNY GREEN, prophesying last year in the Watchmen Prophets Assembly, about the California earthquake, on Rosh Hashanah. That one, I discerned, was not from the Lord. Others discerned it too. Several of the rest of you were right with me on that. We are right to discern the false ones. We discerned it ahead of time, thank God.

We had the three fellows post to the Assembly, who traveled to Phoenix, and were saying that Phoenix was going to get nuked on a certain day last year. Again, I discerned that one was not from the Lord. Again, many of you were with me on that, and we were right. We discerned it ahead of time, glory be to God.

Now, we come to this one. THIS ONE, AS FAR AS I COULD TELL, WAS FROM THE LORD. I wasn't sure, but I thought it might be. I let everyone know that I prayed about it, and God was silent. God told me neither yeah nor nay, but then, the Holy Spirit said, "Countdown". Countdown to what, you might ask? God wasn't saying, but that's all I had.

Not one single person had any discernment ahead of time and spoke up about it. We have had much prophetic concerning a future New Madrid quake. So far as I have been able to discern, after prayer, and in a time of fasting, I don't believe that Chuck Hinson missed it. Just because it is delayed a little bit, don't get yourselves all in a huff. Now, that's my opinion in the matter, and you have yours.

Now, Chuck Hinson has said today that he blew it big time, and we'll have to take him at his word.

What was Chuck Hinson supposed to do in 2001 when God told him that? Many of you are oh so sure that God didn't tell him that. Are you so very sure? I'll tell you what: even after his confession, he is not sure himself. Well it looks on the surface like he missed it, you say. Are you sure? You wouldn't set a date, you say!

Chuck was expected by God to immediately turn from being a prophet to being an intercessor. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BEG GOD TO BE MADE TO LOOK LIKE A FALSE PROPHET. I hope he did, because he was not the only one. He knew that prophesied Earthquake was connected to the US attempts to divide Israel. He had read some of the other prophecies about the New Madrid. He was almost certainly begging God to change hearts in government. Perhaps his prayers, with those of many others, mine included, led those Congressmen and Senators to stand up to the hugely popular President Bush, and tell the President to go very slow and easy with Israel. THAT TOOK GUTS for Republicans to stand up to this President! That is what happened on May 2, 2003, just FIVE DAYS before Chuck's deadline. Whew! Talking about just getting it in under the wire! Of course, that is only true about Chuck Hinson if he was praying for it not to occur.

What can we learn from this. Chuck Hinson wrote on his website that: "My wife has told me she is skeptical of these prophecies, but if they come to pass she will be the happiest person in the world."

We can conclude from that comment that Chuck's wife does not have the heart of an intercessor. She was rooting it on. What about Chuck's heart. Perhaps this was the root of the problem. I can tell you that I was quite happy to see on the morning of 5/8/2003 that no 8.8 earthquake had happened in my home area of Southern Illinois, and that my mother was doing just fine. Yes, the tornadoes they suffered there were bad, but much less bad than that earthquake would have been. Yet, there was something in me, something sinful lurking out of sight, being pushed down and denied; a wishing that we could all just get this stuff over with, and get on with it. The scripture says “Woe to him who looks ahead to the day of the Lord”. Please forgive me Lord. Why wasn't Chuck happy that it failed to occur? Why is he depressed? Did he fall into this pit?

You young prophets need to learn this lesson. Us older ones need to be reminded. The minute you receive a terrible prophecy, and you warn people, you should immediately turn into an intercessor!

Is there any other country like America on the face of the Earth, with this resident great wickedness, and many, many intercessors side by side?

I am aware of a big intercessors meeting that happened in St. Louis in 2002. They wept and fasted and prayed that God would hold back his hand. Did they simply waste their time? Some people think they were and are! Hundreds of saints were there. Why should any of us pray at all if it's all a waste of time, and things are set in stone?

God even told Moses to stop praying, and get out of the way. God wanted to destroy all of Israel and start over with Moses and his kids. Moses disobeyed, and still got in Gods way. You know what? God listened to him.

Now, I'm not saying there is a Moses praying for America today, but you can bet there are a lot of Christian old ladies, and a lot of other people doing so.

And so, we are here on May 9, and God has allowed the worst tornado activity in 53 years in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, and a bunch of other terrible stuff in Western Missouri and Kansas and Oklahoma. 42 people are dead. Thousands are homeless and without jobs. Yet, it's probably much less severe than an 8.8 earthquake would have been.

In my humble opinion, God showed some mercy, and gave America just a little bit more time. As a nation, we didn't deserve it. We really still don't. That is what mercy and unmerited favor is all about. We were still killing babies at record pace, but God granted just a little bit more time. Make no mistake, the plan is still to divide Israel, and set up a Palestinian state on Israeli soil. The Congressmen and Senators said that is still the plan. Oh boy, we still need to pray that this nation repents from abortion, pornography, wickedness and our intentions for Israel.

And so, there it is. The prophet himself has repented of his prophetic ministry, and has confessed his false prophecy, but I suspect otherwise. I suspect he took the easy way out. We will see over time. What we are looking for is repentance, and the question of what will happen if we don't attain unto it.

That will result in the breakup and burning of America if it continues on it's present path.

So, all who want to pick on Chuck Hinson? Get ready! God is going to use you next! Maybe Chuck missed it, and maybe he didn't.

As for me, I sent Chuck an email today to encourage him to follow the Lord even more closely, and to do exactly what God tells him to do.

In my opinion, you all ought to do the same. From what I can see, he has always been a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. Encourage him to pray more, and to stay out of depression and discouragement. Tell him to run to God. Just stay close to the master. Chuck just got some on the job training in the prophetic. He can sit at the table with Jeremiah and me, if we all make it. That table is for the true prophets whom God made to look like false prophets: if we all endure to the end and stay true. Jeremiah made it to the end. We've still got a ways to go. And if Chuck really was deluded, well he certainly was not the first.

We do our part, and then we give it to God. We let God be God. We are His little ones.

Give it time. We will see if Chuck Hinson has a real prophetic gift. Those of you who are aware know that he has predicted a couple of really good things(astounding things). These things would really strengthen the church if they come to pass. If these things come to pass soon, there will be no doubt about him. Right now, Chuck is in there with a whole bunch of other guys who have apparently missed something, and it requires discernment to make up your mind about it, concerning just whether they missed it or not.

In the meantime, keep the faith, and keep preaching Jesus to the lost.

Stephen L. Bening

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