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PROPHECY: "Let These Sayings Sink Down Into Your Ears"
November 4, 2006

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“Let these sayings sink down into your ears: for the Son of man shall be delivered into the hands of men”.

Dr. Luke recorded these words of Jesus. Jesus had just performed a great miracle and had amazed everyone who knew about him. Jesus simply rebuked a demon and a child was totally healed. All seemed to be going along wonderfully for Jesus and the disciples. Visions of the kingdom of God were running through their heads. It seemed as though nothing bad could possibly happen, but Jesus abruptly began to speak in a most dark and mysterious manner. So dark was this saying that the disciples did not even understand it. It was hidden from them. They did not even dare to ask any question of him about it. Instead, they quickly turned to disputing, among themselves, as to which one of them should be the greatest in what most obviously seemed to be the restored kingdom of God on the Earth.

Yesterday, I was reading in Luke 9, and the Lord stopped me at verse 44: LET THESE SAYINGS SINK DOWN INTO YOUR EARS!

How true that is of today. There is such quiet. Watchmen Prophets Assembly has never had fewer posts since its’ inception. The stock market is near an all time high. Gasoline prices have moderated. Not a single hurricane has hit the United States during this tropical season. America has had no great terrorist attacks since September 11: more than five years ago. The feelings of peace and safety are everywhere. The greatest electoral concerns are a distant civil dispute in Iraq. In the churches, it seems to the casual observer that the prosperity prophets will be right. They will build bigger and bigger mega-churches where people will flock to hear preaching that will make them feel better and better until they are raptured away.

For the people of the Lord, God is mostly silent right now, and you must seek Him out to find Him. You must go and minister to Him to hear His voice. Most are busy with work, and the good times are rolling onward. Can any word of warning sink down into your ears right now?

Most of you are probably aware that a homosexual “pride” parade has been proposed for Jerusalem for some time now. It is currently set to occur next Friday afternoon, November 10.


All of you who own a Hebrew calendar and who know how to read it can readily see that next Tuesday night commences Marheshvan 17, which commemorates the day upon which the flood of Noah commenced (Genesis 7:11). That means that Friday, November 10 is Marheshvan 19 on the printed calendars.

This year was somewhat peculiar, however, in that the Lunar sighting was delayed for two days to mark Yom Teruah, so that the calendar that certain of the Orthodox observe is set back two days. That means that Thursday night sundown, to Friday night sundown, will be Marheshvan 17 for them.

I am aware that there are several different methods of calculating these dates. The point to be realized is that there are some who reckon time in this way. Eddie Johnson sent me a link to one group, which you can see below. Scroll down to the blog referring to “Abomination of Desolation”. (This is a non-Christian site). They are regarding the occurrence of this march, on this particular day, as a serious abomination.

Orthodox Blog

And then, there is the parashah: the weekly Sabbath Torah readings in the Synagogues. Next Sabbath, the reading is the “Vayera” portion: Genesis 18:1 to Genesis 22:24. I refer to this reading as the “Sodom” section.

Apparently, there are many in Islam who also regard this march as an affront no matter what day it occurs.

Islamic Anger

I pay very close attention whenever any events point at an occurrence on a “17th” day of a month.

Kitty Hawk Vision

I should also point out that apart from the bible itself, the Hebrew calendar is probably the only other printed media that you should study and be intimately familiar with. Why? God has chosen particular dates to perform certain works, and has repeatedly used the same dates, over and over again.

There are other events happening. There are a record number of ships from numerous navies populating the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea right now. Four US carrier groups are among them. Iran is firing missiles daily. George Bush was quoted last week as saying that he would “understand” if Israel attacks Iran.

It is, quite simply, a time to be on highest alert.

This is also a month to watch the signs in the stars. The Pleiades midnight culmination occurs on November 21. That is the time when the constellation Pleiades is directly overhead at midnight. The Pleiades, also known as “The Seven Stars”, and referred to by that name in the bible, has been associated with great calamity from a time prior to the written recording of histories. Biblically, the Pleiades and Orion are mentioned in a verse that hints at the occurrence of a great flood (Amos 5:8). Many millennia ago, the midnight culmination of the Pleiades occurred on October 31, and is said to have been related to many multi-cultural remembrances of the dead that commemorated some great deluge of the distant past. This evolved into the pagan Halloween celebrations of today. Over time, the stars have migrated in the sky to the place where today, the midnight culmination of the Pleiades occurs on November 21. I believe the great flood probably happened at a past time of a Pleiades midnight culmination.

We therefore enter this time of highest alert which, in my opinion, will last until the end of November. I urge you to do as the bible exhorts us to do: to watch and pray always, that you may escape what is coming upon the Earth, and that you may stand before the son of man.

I have been alerted to this year now for about fifteen years, wondering all the while what might commence during 2006. Now, the year is drawing to a close. We may look back, and note that it was the year we lost our constitutional rights in America. Or, something else may occur; something much more calamitous.

Let these sayings sink down into your ears: great calamity is coming upon an unsuspecting world that has been made drunk by money, pleasure and the worship of idols. Their peace and safety will be suddenly disrupted by destruction. An eerie silence in nature is recognized as that which directly precedes a great storm. Do not be caught unawares. Run to Jesus! Hold tightly to the head, which is Christ.

Stephen L. Bening

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