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PROPHECY: The Presence Of God
November 9, 2006

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Three days ago, we recorded a radio program on this subject, and one of our listeners wrote me to ask about the differences between the presence of God and the glory of God. He said he was a bit unclear. So I wrote this letter to him as a response. Then, the Holy Spirit began to urge me to publish it.

First, I urge each of you to listen to that program, dated 11/11/2006, at Radio Audio Files

The presence of God is something that should be with you, every day and every hour. You should know how to come into His presence in private worship, and there should never be any time when you feel none of His presence. You should be intimately aware of the levels of His presence, and the different ways that He expresses himself with His presence.

Just as the wind blows with varying velocities, so His presence moves upon us with varying degrees of power and expression.

If there ever is a time like that, when you cannot recognize His presence, you know you need to repent and get under the blood, and discover just how you offended the Holy Spirit and grieved Him.

There are times when His presence is overwhelming. This past week has been unusual in that every single day, that is how it has been.

His glory is connected in His word with His power. Jesus was glorified when He was resurrected: an awesome display of power. Moses was very familiar with God's presence. God had promised to send His presence with them. Yet, Moses cried out in Exodus 33...."show me your glory".

With God, there is always something "more". God's servants want to know Him fully. They seek Him always.

I personally believe that the pathway to a revelation of God's glory is just how you see it worked out in the bible: you should practice being in His presence, and that puts you in a position to ask for a revelation of His glory. You need to cultivate His presence, and be attentive to it.

For years now, I will leave any place if His presence leaves if I am not the presiding elder in a meeting. If I know the presiding elder, I will try to find a way to speak to him, and to let him know, to see if something can be done to recover God's presence. I will not record a radio program without His presence. If His presence lifts during a radio program, we will stop. If I am in a meeting, and men bring me up front to speak, I will not speak if His presence is not there in power. If we are in the communion room, and His presence lifts, we will stop and pray, to discover why we have offended Him. I will not post any article to the internet unless His presence will rest upon me. I will not even send this email to you unless His presence will rest upon me.

Two years ago, in Africa, I was speaking at a series of home meetings. I was carried to one large home in Kenya, and there were about 25 people there, and 3 pastors. The pastors were speaking for about an hour, and there was some worship, and there was absolutely no presence of God that I could discern. Then, they turned the meeting over to me, and they expected me to speak.

I stopped the meeting. That created a stir, and I was certain it would bother the religious folk. I told them that we had to discover why there was no presence of God upon the meeting. I was aware that the pastors might be offended that I had confronted them for speaking for an hour without God's presence, but I didn't care very much about that. I cared more about God, and why He was withholding His presence.

So, we prayed as a group, and waited upon God. Suddenly, I had a vision of a huge black bull, standing in the middle of the living room. Someone had cut its' throat, and all its' blood was pouring out on the floor.

I asked everyone at the meeting what that could mean. No one knew. Then I asked the owners if anyone had ever sacrificed animals in worship to other gods in that house, but everyone said, "absolutely not, we have always served the Lord".

Then I asked, "before the house was built, who owned it? Are there any elderly neighbors who can tell us what was done on this land before the house was built?"

They went to ask an elderly neighbor, and sure enough, many bulls had been sacrificed to the ancestral spirits on that plot of land. We went with anointing oil to the four corners of the property, broke the curses and took it back for the Kingdom of God. And then, we had a tremendous, anointed meeting.

It turns out that the family who lived on that property were always getting sick and having troubles up to that time. They had no idea why.

So, obedience and attentiveness to God's presence is very important, and God has many things to reveal to us. If I had gone ahead to preach and ignored the withholding of his presence, that curse would still be on that property, and those people would still be getting sick and worse.

Those who seek for His glory, but who ignore His presence, are in for trouble and they may never get out of troubles. They will fall victim to false signs and wonders and false miracles. Religion will be able to control them.

You have to be attentive to His presence, and obedient to His still small voice, for that is where He IS, day by day. Only then will you be able to distinguish His glory from a false wonder.

Stephen L. Bening

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