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Prophecy: A Shield And A Refuge
August 6, 2015

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There have been TV shows showing "Doomsday Preppers", where someone believes trouble is coming, so they try to prepare for it. Truthfully though, how can you prep without God? God is our refuge and our shield. When He is with me, I am not afraid. He is my glory. I sense His presence and I am confident. Without it, I am troubled. Do whatever you can to understand His presence and His glory and then try to stay behind His shield and you will have refuge. Worship Him! Turn away from wicked things. He will lift up your head. He will fight for you. It is all very real. I know about it first hand. He has protected me from many attacks that I did not see coming. He is able to fight for you. He will provide for you when you are in need and you call on Him.

Things that go together: blessing, honor, glory, power, refuge, strength and a shield about me.........they leave together too.

There used to be a shield around our nation, but that is gone now. Doing what is right puts that shield up and doing the wrong thing tears it down. Church used to have a shield around it...maybe part of one, years ago, but it certainly has none now. Church is a monster. The godless cheer and the religious want to stone me. Church is a monster system, strengthened by members, where a weak brother can come and go to a service and there is no reasonable possibility that his sickness or lack of groceries might be discovered. Church today is a taker...a user. It is after one thing primarily and the non-Christians know what that is. Do you? Thing is...tear it down, without building the real assembly, and you have done nothing good.

When enough can see that it is a life and death proposition, we will gather together and seek God like we mean it.

God is coming to tear the monster down. He will use the nations to destroy the church for Him. He hates this thing! They are coming for those of you in buildings first: French Revolution 2.0...American style! Every place name will be changed to non-biblical names. Believe it: it is in process. What should we do? Learn how to MEET together. We cannot be perfect, but God covers over many if not all of our shortcomings and faults when we MEET together, discover the needs of those who are hurting and love one another. We have GOT to find out how to do it and make it work, or we will have nothing of God left in this land. Preach and teach HIS word. That will manifest Him. He will show up and be real to those who meet and look for Him that way.

God sent a bible prophet a vision: a valley of dry bones. This signified the spiritual condition of God's people. God said "prophesy life to those bones". He did and it worked: bones came together with bones and flesh and sinew appeared on the bones. Then he prophesied breath to them and that worked: they came to life; a great army. Today, the church is filled with the modern image of the walking dead, the spiritual zombies. I prophecy life to you dead bones, in the name of Jesus. Come to life, you spiritually dead ones. I can see "tombstones in your eyes", but I say to you, live, and live for your God. Do it now! Do not delay! It is life and death; maybe your own and your children.

Stephen L. Bening

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