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Prophecy: Stirring Up A Peasants Revolt
August 4, 2015

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HAS THE CHURCH FORGOTTEN? 1) The path to greatness in the Kingdom of Heaven was to be converted and to become as little children in all humility. Matthew 18:2-4....Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

How did the Reformation happen? A mighty pen, pushed along by a sanctified mind, writing not in the language of theology, but in low German, met a stinking colossus of a church in a head on collision. The result was a peasants revolt. How I would love to start such a revolt against a present day religion that is built on the love of money! But we must also learn how to love one another, for to simply tear down organized religion with no accompanying replacement with true Christ designed organism of assembled saints will result in another French Revolution. We must learn how to hammer and nail while the wrecking ball swings.

Reformation only happened when mighty pen met stinking church like a wrecking ball! Question: just how much does your church stink in God's nostrils? Can you smell the stench, or have you been shoveling manure inside of the barn for too long? Take a step outside, get some fresh air and maybe you will get some sense of smell back. You do not have to stay in there, breathing all of that foul air, to prove that you love Jesus! Does your church help brethren who are really hurting? Do the unlovely feel loved? Whose kingdom is it, anyway? How much stench can you stand? How much can God stand? What will He do about it?

Out of church Solutions and suggestions? Hold a home meeting. Check a house church directory for your area and go to one: Google it! Join an internet group for Christians where you can participate. Reply to faith building posts on Facebook. Worship, pray and read your bible with your family. Have lunch with a strong like minded believer and make it a long one....bring your bibles. Offer to pray for people who obviously are sick or have a problem. Offer to help a neighbor with a tough chore. Buy a bag of groceries for an out of work believer.

I am hearing about September 23 everywhere. Big trouble, or so they say. You have all fallen victim to Aesop! Did not Aesop teach us long ago that a shepherd who emptily and vainly cries wolf over and over again will produce townspeople who will ignore real warnings? The real wolf will come and eat your flocks. What if the danger is just a little later? What if you are given a tsunami dream from God? Will you even pray or will you turn over and hit the snooze button? I will bet you will not even tell your pastor about it. You have, I am afraid, become a church that not even God can warn.

What if you were the devil and you knew there were real prophets and prophecy on Earth; actual real warnings about trouble to come? Would you not do everything within your considerable power to discredit them? Jesus warned us 3 times in Matthew 24 that deceivers would come at the time of the end. I am watching this unprecedented flood of so called prophecy regarding supposed bad trouble for this September. Watch out! There is clutter on your radar screen. Find the real blips and disregard the chaff through prayer and intimacy with Jesus. Pray through all fear until you reach the peace of God.

How did those 40 bible prophets make the cut? Not by prophesying merely about earthquakes and floods! They told their people that God had major problems with them, the reasons, and they described a great Savior who was to come. They told many details of His life. They prophesied the other things too. Today, I regard no man as a prophet unless he first informs this present generation of Christians that God has a major controversy with them about their churches and the reasons why. Those who sell prophecies about floods and economic crashes to people in churches have nothing from God.

Stephen L. Bening

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