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Prophecy: Interrogating And Tormenting Demons
July 23, 2015

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Casting out devils is like going to the post office with twenty diamonds to send. I want to:

1) Get them delivered service

2) Receive delivery confirmation....God, show me that the deliverance is complete

3) Obtain insurance.........I sit and counsel the person when the devils are out, because I do not want to see this person again with seven worse demons to cast out. (I HAVE SEEN THIS TWICE)

One person wrote to me recently and made the following statement about interrogating demons:

"Jesus Christ spoke to and heard from demonic spirits many times. Are we not supposed to follow him, and do the things he did?

She quoted this scripture:
Mark 5:7 And cried with a loud voice, and said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not. 8 For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit. 9 And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many." ....................................................

Some years back, I was in charge of a "Samaritan Ministry" that was a local ministry outreach from a church that I was a member of. The church gave me $100 a week. I went to the grocery and bought canned and box foods, put them into about 40 plastic bags and loaded them into my van.

On Sunday afternoon, I had about 30 folding chairs that I took out of my van and set up in a ghetto/crack house neighborhood in an open field. My church leaders had selected the field where I led the ministry, and three other men had headed the ministry before it fell to me to lead it. I had always participated in it however. Five or six church members: women, always accompanied me. So, I had been going to this field for a few years, and I was well known in the neighborhood and easily recognizable due to my color: white people do NOT go into this neighborhood.

One Thanksgiving morning, our church was holding a feast a couple of miles away from my field of ministry. I felt led of the Lord to drive down into that neighborhood where I ministered on Sunday afternoon to invite anyone whom I might meet to the feast and offer them a ride to it. I was standing on the sidewalk, across from the field, when I was approached in a threatening manner by a gang of young black toughs. They said, "what are you doing down here honky?"

I told them "I am a minister of Jesus Christ and I preach and distribute food every Sunday in this field right here, across the street, and I am sent by Jesus this morning to invite you and all whom I meet to come to the Thanksgiving feast that we are hosting. Do you want to go to a feast?".

Their faces were suddenly filled with fear. They said, "oh, you are THE PREACHER. We're sorry, goodbye." And they ran off. ..........................................................

I was authorized and deputized by Jesus to be there in that crack neighborhood, doing whatever He had me on mission to do. I was not fooling around, but I was doing the King's business. I dealt with a gang of thugs that were, in effect, human demons, and I tell you the truth: I had no fear of them whatsoever. I was filled with a holy boldness. They were trying to make me afraid, but that fear suddenly jumped on them and they ran away.

The question is this: if you are going to interrogate a demon, are you authorized and deputized by Jesus to do so? Are you on mission, doing the King's business, or are you just fooling around, trying to show off and act like Jesus? Does this have anything to do with proving your supposed greatness? Jesus was interrogating a gang of demon thugs in Mark 5. He did not do anything like that any other time. But, Jesus must have had a good reason for what He did. He only did what He saw the Father doing or what He heard the Father tell Him to do. The fact that Jesus did it once does not authorize me and deputize me to run around conducting a ministry of interrogating demons. Am I in the right place, at the right time, with a Godly purpose, on mission for Jesus?

One day, He may tell me to ask them a question. So far, that day has not come. One day, He may tell me to torture and torment them. That has actually happened in one case, just a few months back, but that was only after the python (false prophecy) demon would not exit. I just tell them "OUT, in the name of Jesus". They have to GO! If they do not, the Lord always will show me what to do next, when I humble myself and pray.

The focus is not on ME and MY greatness. I am a servant; a slave. What do I have that He did not freely give me? My focus is on Jesus and His focus is on His child who needs help and needs to be set free.

There is not a single scriptural example of Jesus, torturing a demon. Anyone who takes actions in conducting deliverance that are not in line with those Jesus practiced is operating on dangerous ground. It may open the minister up to backlash and retaliation. You might take such an action upon receiving an order from the Lord to do so, as I said above, but please realize, that you are operating on fairly thin scriptural support, so you had better be absolutely certain that you have heard the Lord tell you to do it, in THAT SPECIFIC CASE. To suggest that one should torment or torture demons as an ordinary course of every deliverance is unacceptable.

Some people say that we must send demons to places of no return. These include the abyss and the lake of fire. Those are different from "dry places", or the abyss, or the pit, or the lake of fire. In that way, they say, the demons are not permitted to return.

Please consider the implications. First, IF it is true that we are now, at this present time, permitted to send demons away to places of "no return", then the one who teaches others to do these things is saying or at the very least implying each of the following:

1) Jesus used inferior methods in conducting his deliverance sessions, for He sent NOT ONE DEMON to the abyss, the deep, the pit, or the Lake of Fire during His ministry on Earth.

2) Jesus taught people about an unnecessary danger in Matthew 12:43-45. Why should any minister, when casting out devils, subject the person they are casting the devils out of to the risk that seven times the number of devils will return to that person and re-inhabit the person? If Jesus were subject to an American court, he would be accused of gross malpractice and sued for millions of dollars if He had some permanent solution or fix for the problem of the demoniac and He chose a course that left him or her open to re-infestation.

Such statements imply that Jesus might have learned better deliverance methods if He had been trained by a modern "deliverance minister".

Any activity which carries the risk that someone might be repossessed by seven times the previous number of devils can never be dealt with in any other manner than with the most grave and serious attitude. Life and death is at stake. This is not a game. I have seen two people (one, my x-wife), become filled with seven worse devils. My X wife died at age 42, even though I fasted forty days in an attempt, albeit unsuccessful, to gain her deliverance from those seven worse devils.. The other person, after being filled seven worse, manifested devils that had claws like a big cat possesses, that ripped her arms open from the inside, bleeding her out on the floor. It was the scariest thing that I have ever seen in my life.

Stephen L. Bening

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