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Prophecy: NEWCOMER'S TOUR CONCLUSION (Outdated Version)
October 8, 2011

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I will just make a closing few points here to pull together the main thoughts to bring into clear focus the high points that the Lord has revealed to me over the years:

  • Jesus Christ himself will destroy the church that markets itself as His, but that establishes a priestly class hierarchy that has set itself up as preeminent to rule over the people of God. This I have written about in my article called THE LORD AND THE PYRAMID.DEFINING VISION

  • Jesus Christ indicated to me that He would commence this work of bringing down the false THING that calls itself His church by bringing economic calamity and collapse upon the world seventeen years after He began to give me revelation concerning the troubles to later come upon America. I began receiving these words and visions between September and November, 1991. He gave me the vision that I call the EUROPEAN VISION. This vision was given to me on November 21, 1991, so I was further instructed to expect that world economic calamity would begin in September, 2008 and would be fully in process by the end of November, 2008. This has been fulfilled and has been identified as the first wave of six waves of trouble to come upon America and the world. EUROPEAN VISION

  • Jesus Christ further indicated to me in the EUROPEAN VISION as I saw that the rioting followed after the economic collapse, and it spread outward from Paris, France. I received revelation from Jesus on October 8, 2011 that the meaning of this is that the violence and rioting that will now cover the globe will be like that which was last seen during the French Revolution. The French Revolution saw the killing of 24,000 Roman Catholic Priests, the killing of the political class and the killing of the aristocracy and royalty. These riots now commencing in the form of civil disobedience in America which began most profoundly on September 17, 2011 at the "Day Of Rage" on Wall Street, will neither be owned or controlled by Republicans or Democrats, no matter how hard they try. These riots will result in the killings in America of Religious and Political leaders, and the rich.

  • Jesus Christ revealed to me, as I wrote in the 2012 article on this tour, that 2012 will mark the fourth fulfillment of the 1260 day prophecy of the Book of Revelation. This subject runs counter to what you have been taught by the TBN Denomination. There will be no rapture prior to this. There will be no seven year tribulation for the entire world. This subject will require much study on your part to gain a full understanding, as you have been programmed to believe a collection of lies and fabrications. 1260 years from the first major purchase of Papal landholdings in the year 752 will terminate 1,260 years, in the year 2012. The harlot church that has arisen to be the largest and wealthiest landholders and wealth accumulators on the planet will begin to be taken down and dismantled in 2012. This takedown will involve the Babylon of the Roman Catholic Church and the daughter of Babylon: the modern day TBN denomination of money seekers and prosperity proclaimers who view every man as a hundred dollar bill with legs.

  • Jesus Christ has given me a tremendous amount of revelation concerning the present day harlot church; why He hates it so much; why it is harmful and destructive; where it fails to function as Jesus designed the church for effectiveness and productiveness; where it harms and accomplishes the desires of Satan and why He has decided to remove it from the Earth after using it to accomplish His purposes during the last two thousand years. This is a rather complicated subject that will require much study. This has been presented in the tour page entitled SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

  • I discussed a lot of church history and end times teaching in THAT OLD SERPENT and LAST THINGS. The treatment is lengthy and exhaustive. Careful study of these two links will lead to a more full understanding of what has been going on for the last two thousand years. I do not believe you will find these things anywhere else. It is perhaps the reason why the Lord instructed me to write, on the front page of the USAPROPHET.COM website that there is no more important website on the internet.

  • Jesus Christ revealed to me more than a decade ago that we were not going to have the seven year tribulation or the pre-tribulation rapture that our modern theologians have taught us to believe, but that we would have a SEVEN YEAR AMERICAN TRIBULATION. This is to come upon America between 2008 and 2015 in six waves. One wave has passed. The second wave has commenced. Once you read this page, you will be armed with information that is vital for you to plan and make prayerful decisions for the near term future.

  • We now find ourselves in the escalation phase of the second wave of six that is to come upon America until the end of 2015. The world will suffer as well. Jesus Christ told me in the EUROPEAN VISION that sixty days after the world economic collapse has happened and rioting and anarchy spreads out from Paris France to cover the world, He will then strike the Earth with great floods and great earthquakes. My present opinion is that Jesus was speaking by use of apocalyptic language, and that the sixty days He spoke of probably refers to sixty months. My present expectation is that the (sixty day/sixty month period) began on or around September-November, 2008. That would point to the period of September-November 2013 for the commencement of the great floods and great earthquakes Jesus told me would come, IF I HAVE THE CORRECT INTERPRETATION of the "sixty days" prophecy that the Lord gave me. We will probably not know this with any certainty until we reach the end of 2013. I am also led to expect right now that our first evacuations of the East Coast of the United States may be necessary as early as 2012. This is not "THUS SAYETH THE LORD", but it is my present expectation. This too may turn out to be wrong. We pray for further revelation to gain further clarity on these things. We must, each of us, hear from God individually with respect to such things as evacuations and our movements to other locations.

    Stephen L. Bening

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