PROPHECY: Waves Of Righteousness
December 14, 2001

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Dear WPA and Others:

Isaiah 48:18-"O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! Then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea."

Many have been reporting a dark night of the soul, but to what purpose has this dark night come? Is it not to reveal what lies behind that needeth purging from within us. As prophetess Debbie Giordany told me today, is it not true that the garbage truck continually runs by our house. We need to get up and take the garbage out. These dark nights highlight the existence of that garbage. How do we get it to the curb?

The prophet says that our righteousness would be as the waves of the sea. What does the scripture say of waves? They are under God's control and obey His rebuke (Matt 8:24! Waves go only so far, to their appointed place, and go no further (Job 38:11). The waves belong to God (Psalm 42:7).

"All thy waves and thy billows (NIV breakers) have gone over me." (Psalm 42:7) How appropriate! These waves of God go over us and they do break us. They overwhelm us, as in Psalm 88:7 (thou hast afflicted me with all thy waves).

Many of you are aware that I have written many times concerning waves in the last few years. In the main, I have expanded upon what the Lord gave me in song, more than a year ago, when He spoke of "waves and waves of His glory". These waves take many forms, just as waves in the natural do.

Some days, here in Florida, you can venture to the beach and be greeted with tranquility, and 1 foot breakers, gently washing at the sand. On other days, when a "Noreaster" is blowing, you venture to the beach if you want to experience a windblown experience and obtain a sandblasted complexion. Waves can differ greatly.

This morning, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I had prophesied three months ago that another wave of God's glory would come to the church before the end of the year, and that it would be accompanied by a wave of darkness. I realized this morning that we are in the wave, but it is different from the others we have experienced. It is not a pleasant wave or a feel good wave.

Waves of glory! Is it not true that biblically, when something is glorified, that someone or something has to die? Oh, Jesus, it is time to take the garbage out, and you have shown us in these last few weeks exactly where the garbage is in our lives.

It is time to publish a prophecy received by Debbie Giordany, which she dated Oct 31-Nov 2, 2001. She writes:

"There is quietness today. He wants us to be still by ourselves. Revelation 3 cries out (that) we need to hear what He is saying to the church.

He says that we need to love one another and agree that we will bind all that is not of Him and He will loose it in heaaven. And He will join as we agree together.

God has said (that) He wants to position us as the release of rain comes over the church. He showed me Nehemiah 4...that we need to close the door, lock and bolt it. Then those He has positioned are on the wall, as each one takes his rightful place and stands still till God moves them. He wants to move in the church as He positions us.

Right now as I write this, the Lord says this season is SO different as we allow Him to change us. Be still to hear Him. The church is now moving forward. As the rain came Sunday, many will start moving forward, they have started washing clean. There will be some depression for God will awaken them to see all that needs to be purged. Since Sunday, I have been crying, "the Lord says cleanse". For the church is cleansing, keep crying so that they can wash clean. The Lord says it is a time of death of ourselves. Life is here.

Stripping of Self; burning away. Please pray that all will received the fullness of the Lord. Haggai 2.

The heart of this message is BE PATIENT! He is shaking the nations one more time and His spirit is abiding in our mist, for the glory of the Lord has come. He will give peace."

Debbie called me this morning, after I had heard the Lord tell me once again about the waves of glory. At the time when she called, there was a battle going on in the imaginations of my mind, and I was losing. Her call helped me to resist the enemy, and this is what she said:

"I heard an explosion in the spirit this morning. And after I heard it, I smelled a burning. And it seemed that the burning was first in Spirit, and later in the natural, even possible atomic in nature. It really is time to take the garbage out".

Yes, this wave of glory is going to help us get the garbage to the curb. Allow the waves to break you. Bind every thought, take them all captive...cast down every imagination that is not an exercise unto holiness. Guard your eye gates!

Help us, Lord Jesus!

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ


You can post a response to this article by subscribing to Watchmen -Prophets-Assembly (WPA). Comments made by others may be read without subscribing, in the public archives of WPA.

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