PROPHECY: Famine Of Hearing The Word Of The Lord AND The Mountain In The Field
December 26, 2001

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Dear WPA and Others:

Today, I was reading a purported word of prophecy that contained many claims of visions received and pronouncements from the Lord. I did not bear witness with any of it, and it prompted me to pray, asking the Lord about these things and about this particular person.

I was led of the Lord to examine Jeremiah chapter 17.

I note in verse 1 that the sin the prophet speaks of is a written sin and a graven sin: written with a pen and graven on the heart.

Verse 3 speaks of a mountain in the field. Now, Daniel 2 speaks of a mountain, that is to fill the whole earth, that originated from a stone cut out without hands. Most will agree that the spiritual rock or stone of Daniel 2 is Christ. Some of us will see Christ, coming in and through the Church, as that mountain that will fill the whole earth and smash the toes of the ten toed kingdom of the enemy world system. Some of us see Christ, coming in His church before He comes for it and, as he comes in His church, apostles and prophets will become more like Him, and will do the smashing of the beast kingdom and the setting up of the kingdom that will have no end.

Does Jeremiah 17:3 depict this Daniel 2 mountain? Or does it depict another mountain of apostles and prophets? An apostate mountain? I believe it shows another one. This group has substance and treasures. The prophet promises in verse 3 to deliver them to the spoil.

Verse 5, the familiar one, rings forth the curse for those who trust in man and in the arm of flesh. I see in this verse a modern fulfillment in the new Sanhedrin of apostles and prophets. I see that mountain in the field. In scripture, the field is the world. Apostles and prophets in the world, and of the world, seeking after substance and treasure. The prophet invokes a curse upon them for their man trusting ways.

Verse 6 makes an interesting statement: "he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh, but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness." And so, a loss of vision is depicted here....a famine of hearing the word of the Lord.

Late last year, the Lord told me that a famine of hearing the word of the Lord was upon us. Now, it truly is upon us. Note that in a famine, only those who are supernaturally fed will thrive and remain green.

Verse 7 indicates the blessing for those who trust in the Lord and hope in him. "He shall be as a tree planted by many waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river." Note that this person prospers and remains green, not because of rain falling from heaven, but because of deep roots sunken into trusting and hoping faith in the most High God. This person is in the midst of the famine, but remains green. Note that the source of supernatural feeding is below ground, out of sight. What is out of sight brings no praise or visibility, and puffs no one up to pride.

September 11 is the absolute proof of the famine of the hearing of the word of the Lord: present and in full view. Yet, peruse the websites of the prophets and see who predicted it. NOBODY DID, including me and all of us here at the WPA. We are, all of us, in the middle of a famine.

At least we, in the WPA, were aware prophetically of it's onset a year ago. I am not aware of anyone else who predicted it, other than WPA members. We have endeavored to sink our roots deeply in Christ, and we hope only in him. We know that passion for Him is our only hope. Our source of feeding is now below the soil, and offers us nothing to puff us up or gain us visibility. That is why we are mostly silent now. We cannot impress anyone with our health at this time.

We do not hope or trust in apostolic and prophetic roundtables to tell us what they can agree upon with respect to what they say that God is saying. None of them warned about September 11, yet they want us to listen to them now. We are not impressed by the so called super apostles or super prophets, for they are blighted by the famine of hearing the word of the Lord as well. They are blighted, and their previously green trees are drying up. Neither did they warn us about the famine of the hearing of the word of the Lord a year ago. They are worst of all.....deceived in their hearts.....and the heart is deceitful above ALL things.

There are other things they have not warned of. They have not warned of impending calamity. They have told the United States that she will survive and prosper as a nation. They are wrong. They have not warned Israel that her next war will not go well for her, and she may very well go into captivity for a season if she does not turn to the Lord. They have not warned about many things.

And so, what should you watch for? Watch and inspect to see who among the prophets seek material substance? Who among them seeks to accumulate treasure? Who among them is selling words of prophetic utterance in the many bookstores? Who is pulling for money? Who among them seemingly has no care for a local church?

When you get your answer, you will be able to see the modern day fulfillment of "THE MOUNTAIN IN THE FIELD".

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ


You can post a response to this article by subscribing to Watchmen -Prophets-Assembly (WPA). Comments made by others may be read without subscribing, in the public archives of WPA.

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