PROPHECY: Direction
February 2, 2002

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God is speaking of a shift....a paradigm shift. Websters says of paradigm: "Example..pattern..an outstandingly clear or typical example or model.

We....all of us...are such creatures of habit. In fact, everything in creation flows by an inertia that resists change.

Take, for example, the current weather in South Florida. We are today, in the 17th straight day of a heat wave. 17 straight days of 83 degree weather or hotter. That is a record according to weathermen. It is extremely unusual, but it is the model that has set in, and it is resisting change. It will take an extremely powerful cold front to cause a shift in what has been established now.

This week....early in the week...the Lord suddenly revealed to me that I had the breakthrough.

Since last August, when the word came forth from Graham Cooke concerning this next year (Sep 2001-Sep 2002), I believed with all my heart that it was from the Lord, and that the ensuing year would be a year of unprecedented and unparalleled favor from the Lord. That word of prophecy warned of tremendous opposition that would arise against receipt of what as promised, and that the breakthrough must come first in the realm of the spirit....in intercessions and battlings. Only then would we see any breakthrough in the natural realm.

On January 29, 2002 at 2 A.M., I reached spiritual breakthrough. As the week has unfolded, the Lord has spoken direction many times, encouraging me to pray for and lay hold of my brothers and sisters who have not broken through, and PULL them through the point of breakthrough.

As for me, the ensuing financial breakthrough has also begun that was promised to follow the breakthrough in the Spirit. The favor of God is now nigh upon us. We can make great progress now in the Spirit, and in the natural realm.

And so....back to the paradigm shift.

We know that the church must change. This model we exist under....that which we function under, must fundamentally change. The role of the prophet must change as well, but how we tend to naturally resist such change. We war internally against such change, yet we know that now, we prophets mostly function in something that parallels the old testament cave. The church does not really want us to come out of this internet cave. And so we huddle together, trying to keep warm, waiting for instructions from our master. We also huddle together because when we do venture out, we are, for the most part, run through by the sword, or deprived of our heads by well intentioned pastors.

We who are prophets know that we are of second order in rank. We know that when the King/Priest appears...we must point to him. We say, as John before us....behold the lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world.

Some will say this can only apply to Jesus, by I believe that Jesus is coming in His church, and real apostles are coming forth who will carry this King/Priest anointing.

I am writing this on the day of two's----2/02/2002.

This morning, my understanding of Zechariah 4 was enhanced. We see there two olive trees, with two olive branches beside the two gold pipes that pour out golden oil. We are told that these two are anointed to serve the Lord of all the earth. We are told that an earthly example of that oil flow was seen in Zerubbabel, who had governmental authority, but who also was a temple builder and restorer. In that day, it was Zerubbabel, with some measure of Kingly authority, working together with Joshua, a previously soiled priest, who achieved great things....albeit small beginnings and things that were despised by some.

There is a reason why Bob Neumann is feeling the quickening of his word on "The Seven Thunders". It is time. The main message is that God will begin to move upon the church now in ways that cannot be denied or ignored...in ways that are open and obvious...just as thunder cannot be ignored.

Ransom Stoddard may move to town.....he may hang up his law shingle in a humble place....all without attracting attention to himself, or alerting anyone as to the events he will one day be involved in. No one could possibly guess that this man would one day be the highest authority in the area...in fact of a new state.

Ah, but the image is this.....of a defining event. An event that causes the paradigm shift. An event that can be seen and noticed by all, that brings about the shift in the model, and brings authority and anointing. It is like a thunder, and it cannot be ignored.

As a prophet, I want to see.....I want to recognize the rise of the real apostolic when I see it, and point to it and show others just who and where the real is, for we have all seen so much false. Yes, Ismael is born first...and Isaac later.

I'm going to be inquiring of the Lord concerning these things. The Lord is giving me direction. He has told me to change, to shift my praying. There is a shift now that has occurred in the Spirit.

Yes....and all this blessing and mercy and outpouring and favor and prosperity will be falling like rain upon us as all hell breaks lose in the world around us and as judgement upon judgement fall upon our land and others. It is going to be a wild ride.

How are we to shift now in our prayers?

1) Pray now, thanking God for His provision, rather than begging God for it. It has arrived. Call those things that are not as though they were.
2) Pray for capacity to receive what God is pouring forth. You do not presently have sufficient capacity to hold what God is pouring out like rain from the heavens.
3) Pray for wisdom
4) Pray for self control and charity to abound in us when unlimited finances are made available to us.
5) Pray for protection from greed, from being puffed up, from pride.
6) Pray for spiritual sight to recognize the genuine apostolic when it is encountered.
7) Pray for courage and boldness to declare all of what God says to us in this hour.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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