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The Jezebel Spirit-Part 2

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I awoke this morning and couldn't get the whole discussion yesterday concerning the Jezebel Spirit off my mind. As you know, what I do in this section of my site is basically, to let you read my diary. So, I figured that the Lord was leading me to refresh myself on the basics concerning Jezebel that are found in the bible. So armed with my morning coffee, I headed for 1 Kings 18 and began to read. What might I find?

Firstoff, I notice something that is new for me this time. Verse 1 is a challenge given to Elijah from God: "Go, show thyself unto Ahab; and I will send rain upon the earth. We haven't even been introduced to Jezebel yet, but God knows that Elijah has some fear in his heart. Elijah is a prophet, but just a man. He wants it to rain too. I'm a prophet and I hate it when it is dry and dusty. Can you imagine? No rain for over 3 years! So God throws down the gauntlet: If you will go, I will send the rain.

When we reach 18:4, we find the reason for the fear: Jezebel has "cut off" the prophets of the Lord. This lady is a prophet killer. The only surviving prophets, 100 of them, are hiding in a cave, living off of bread and water. Not a very auspicious display of courage, but nevertheless, it is survival.

Next follows the meeting with Obadiah and then the meeting with Ahab, where Elijah requests the "duel of the prophets". We are going to see who serves the one true God. And, as we might expect, God answers with a mighty display. Notice in 18:38 that even the 12 stones of the altar are consumed by the fire from heaven: there is absolutely nothing left in the spot where Elijah had prepared the offering and the altar, with the wood and then the water that was used to drench everything on it. ALL the people who saw it fell on their faces. They said, "The Lord, he is the God; The Lord, he is the God." Then true to his promise, but not without first leading the prophet to pray in the promise, the Lord sends the rain he had spoken of to Elijah about when he challenged him initially to seek Ahab.

Isn't it then utterly amazing that in 19:1, after Ahab tells Jezebel all of this, that she has absolutely no fear of God and no fear of His prophet. We are talking here about a God who causes stones to disintegrate with fire from heaven, called down at a specific time and place by His prophet, and this woman has no fear? Incredible!

The rest of the story, well you can read it for yourself. I think for my purposes this morning, the points I have extracted above are sufficient. What might we say about this Jezebel? She was a fool of the highest order. She was confronted with eyewitness testimony concerning the works of the Lord God and she thought it advisable to further provoke the Lord. We can conclude from this that the Jezebel spirit is foolishly stupid and is slow to respond to rebuke.

What is my point? Many of you are feeling the symptoms of attack of this spirit, and you have been fighting back, but you don't seem to be gaining any ground against discouragement. This is a long battle because this is an exceedingly stubborn spirit. The Lord says, "Resist the devil, and he will flee." The Lord does not say how long you will have to resist before this happens. In the case of this spirit, it can take a long time. We must be able to persevere until this spirit flees from us and the Lord settle us and establish us in the place where he intends us to serve.

So if you have been struggling long and hard with discouragement and the desire to give up, keep up the good fight. After having done everything to stand, then stand. Don't give up, but keep pressing the fight. You may not know but that it may only require one more day to break the back of this spirit's hold on your life. Keep praising the Lord your God, praying in the spirit and obtaining the rest in the battle.

Stephen L. Bening

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