PROPHECY: The Foolishness Of Preaching
March 15, 2001

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At one point during the last few days, I had turned the radio on in my office and was listening to the resonant sound of Rush Limbaugh's voice. Limbaugh likes to present himself as a Christian, or at least, supportive of seemingly Christian causes.

I was sort of half listening when I caught his comment which went something like this:

"One would never expect to convert a Christian or a Moslem or a Jew by a verbal presentation."

When I heard Limbaugh say this, the Holy Spirit had something very different to say.

1 Corinthians 1:23

"But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness."

So, LImbaugh apparently has some relationship to the Greeks that Paul was writing about. He apparently believes that preaching to people who are not Christians, but who follow other religions, is a waste of time, and that no converts can be made by such foolishness.

According to his own statistics, the Rush Limbaugh Program is the most popular talk show Radio program in the world, boasting 21 million listeners. And so, it seems that a large segment of the world has gone after him. The scripture says, however, that the way to life is narrow, and there are but few who find it.

And so, we keep doing what Paul was doing almost 2000 years ago. We keep right on preaching Christ crucified to Greeks and Jews and Moslems too. Sometimes, we can get discouraged and adopt the Limbaugh attitude: It's foolishness and it does no good. Yet, it's the method our Lord left us with. If you are reading this and you are a believer in Christ, you are in that position because someone embarked on that "foolishness" of preaching.

I want to think about this for a minute: Paul's method. He sought to preach to people who had never heard about Jesus Christ. He would enter a town and go first to the Jews. When rejected by the Jews, he would go to everyone else. He preached primarily in the marketplace and in private homes. Church buildings did not exist. Paul preached to total strangers who were almost always from a different ethnic group than he was.

Where might our opportunities be today? Last Saturday night, I visited Las Olas Riverwalk. This is an outdoor riverfront area in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, FL, which is very beautiful. There is shopping, and on a winter evening, various musicians entertain in the outdoor amphitheatre area. Did I see Christian outreach there? No, but I did see about 5 or 6 Satanists and Wiccans doing their form of recruiting. They had rented a cart and from it, they were selling herbs and stones and scents, many of which had occultic talisman markings on them. Here in Margate, FL, we have a swap shop flea market. Rent your own table and preach the gospel. We have outdoor picnic tables under gazebo covers, next to the boardwalk on Hollywood Beach. It is quite easy to gather there, sing, and preach the gospel. But the question is: will we do it?

Have you and I agreed with Limbaugh? Is it a waste of time? Foolishness? The mormons go door to door with their lies. What have we done with the truth.

I believe we have grown lazy and spiritually fat. We need to repent and do the first works. We need to preach Jesus Christ crucified, no matter how foolish it looks, because it is the only way that anyone who is lost gets saved.

My pastor has been saying that we need to start witnessing to total strangers, at the Dunkin Donuts, at the food store or the health club. We need to tell them about Jesus Christ crucified. Yes, it looks and feels foolish. But, I figure, we better get busy doing it.

I pray right now that God pours an anointing of His holy spirit for witnessing to total strangers upon all who read these words, and that God guides us to the person we are to speak to and lets us know when to speak and what to say. Give us the words and the boldness Lord.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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