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PROPHECY: Stepping On Toes

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I just sat down to write at 11 A.M. on this Saturday morning in Broward County Florida. The Lord spoke to me and said, "Stephen, I want you to step on toes today!"

Right about now, you are probably wondering, "whose toes"?

The apostles and the prophets, that's who! But, I'll do the toe stepping at the end of this word, not at the beginning. The reason: you have to be told about what has happened in the little church where I attend. It happened last night.

Harvest Fellowship is located at 6730 Stirling Road, Hollywood, Florida. The telephone number is 954-986-2935. Last night, we held our regular Friday night meeting, which begins officially at 7:30 pm, but for me, it begins at 6:30 pm, in the Pastor's office, where we sit, pastor and prophet, along with other elders, and discuss what God has been saying to us during that week.

Harvest Fellowship is a small church, approximately 100 members at Easter service and maybe 30 who come on Friday night, more on Sunday. So, in essence, to the eye, we are very small. We meet in a very plain, simply decorated storefront. There is no elegance to our meeting hall. It is large enough to hold several hundred, however.

Our church was born with 400 members in 1994, in a terrible church split. The original church numbered more than 1000 members at the time of the split.

On March 13, 1994, I received a word of prophecy concerning my pastor and my assistant pastor. You can read the whole text of that word at Removal Of A Pastor

1 month and 11 days later (interesting to be discussing this on 11/11), this prophecy was fulfilled. My pastor confessed "moral failures" and stepped down, to be replaced by the associate pastor. A board was convened to recommend rehabilation. My word of prophecy was ignored, in the sense that they sought to restore the pastor, even after the Lord had said through me that he had been replaced.

What ensued was a bloody carnage. The pastor refused to even accept the counsel of his rehabilation board and only "sat down" for a short period. This split the church. All elders and deacons left the church, except for two. The new work, Harvest Fellowship, was formed.

As the carnage was occurring, there was war in the eldership. The accusation that was levelled against the associate pastor, whom the Lord had made pastor, was that he had no anointing. This was a lie from the pit of hell, because the Lord had transferred the anointing TO SIT AT THE GATE to this associate.

Today, six years later, the two churches co-exist. The first one, with the original pastor still at the head, is filled with many people, who are drawn by the anointing to teach, which rests upon that first pastor. The Lord will never repent where gifts are given to an individual, for the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. But that church has lost the anointing for violence: the terror of God. That anointing for spiritual violence, to sit at the gate and to repel the forces of darkness, has rested with our small flock. That anointing is not an anointing that was given to an individual pastor, but it is a corporate anointing that was given to a church: a job that God gave the church to do. We sit at the gate as a group of ministers, and execute this anointing through unity.

And yet, for six years, the little, violent flock has struggled. Several times, our shepherd was struck by the enemy. Many sheep scattered. We are few and for so long have been as those who lay in the tent of a MASH unit: bleeding and crippled.

Last night, November 10, we were worshipping our Lord, in high praise. The Lord spoke the word "violence" to me. I paused to look it up in Matthew 11:12 and read that scripture:

"And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force."

If you follow the words that the Lord gives me from day to day, you know that the Lord has been speaking to me about "carnage" and "slaughter". These are spiritually apprised things, which we now see signs of in the natural realm, as brothers argue and fight with brothers over an impossibly close election.

Worship and praise came to a pause and I began to prophecy. The Lord spoke, through me, that our little flock had been placed at the gate of Broward County, Florida. In the name of Jesus, I spoke to disarm that prince and power. After that, I retired to a corner to pray more fully, on my knees.

We then readied ourselves to hear the word from our pastor. I began to move from the platform to my seat, but the Lord stopped me, telling me to sit on the floor of the platform. I complied. My pastor looked at me and I asked him if I could stay there. He said, "I guess so, it looks like you are getting ready".

As I sat there, I looked out upon 150 seats, which were filled with about 15 people. I looked at all those empty seats. As I looked, the Lord spoke to me. He said:

"Do you know why I had you sit on the platform?" I said, "no Lord." He said, "because all of the seats are filled."

I then realized that the angels of God long to look into what is coming upon the earth...and they must hear it through the servants of God. I believe those seats were filled with an encampment of angels, sent from God to receive their orders through the prophetic word.

Hallelujah! There is war in the heavenlies over Broward County, Florida today. The psalmist says that "the angels of God hearken unto the voice of His word." Hallelujah! The battle is on and the victory has been proclaimed through the spirit of violence. The spirits that sit at the gates of Broward County sit and mock, and now rage, as we cast them down in the name of Jesus. We disarm them. We set them into confusion, as we unleash it now upon the forces of darkness here. The battle is ours. The victory is ours.

Recent prophecy by others has said much the same concerning the whole state of Florida, but the battle is being waged, county by county.


You apostles and prophets who are travelling from conference to conference, jet setters, listening to each other speak all the time.....you are suffering from inbreeding. Your local congregations need you to be present! Present in your worship services. While you are running to Atlanta and Oklahoma City, the battle is on for the very life of the county where you live. Your church needs you. Your pastor can't serve victoriously without you. The angels of God can't receive the direction they need unless you bring forth decrees from the throne, which must be born from true worship. If you are not present, worshipping in the local body where God has planted you, the necessary decrees will not be made. The church will be hamstrung and the words you utter will suffer the effects of inbreeding. This is why so much of what you read that is coming from the apostles and prophets today is confusing and lacks clarity. There is retardation: spiritual retardation resulting from that inbreeding. It has to stop! Now!

How is it that you fail to understand that you cannot function alone. You and your congregations are gatekeepers. If you are spiritually awol, no one will be sitting at the gate of your city; your county; your state! You do not need another prophetic revelation as much as you need to make prophetic decrees, released during true worship in spirit and truth, to disarm the principalities and powers that sit at the gates of your cities, counties and states. You cannot do this by yourselves, my apostles and prophets.

Furthermore, you need the fellowship of those whose focus is the giver of gifts, not the fellowship of those whose focus is the gift. Do not forsake the assembling of the brethren.



Stephen L. Bening

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