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Virgin Birth

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Hope Pregnancy Center sent me a Christmas card last week. On it's face, it showed a date, which contained month and day, followed by a first name. When the card was opened, it contained a message that said "When God wanted to redeem man, He sent a child".

God sent the very weakest possible vessel. Isaiah 7 records the discussion between an evil King, Ahaz, and God's prophet Isaiah. Deliverance for Judah was promised to Ahaz is spite of the personal wickedness of Ahaz. Then, in spite of Ahaz's refusal to ask for a sign when one is offered, God gives him a sign anyway: The virgin will be with child!

Ahaz was an abortionist! He had sacrificed some of his children in the fire to Moloch. God decided to give the sign of the virgin birth to an abortionist. How ironic!

Modern Jewish translations have changed the word for virgin to young maiden, but what kind of sign would it have been for a young maiden to have a child? No sign at all. Now, a virgin with child: that's news!

Imagine that God might allow us to listen in on Mary's first disclosure of her condtion to Joseph. Joseph, my dear, I have something to tell you. God has done something wonderful for me. His angel has visited me, and has told me that I am to bear the Christ, the messiah. Yesterday, the Holy Spirit came upon me, and I am with child.

I can just imagine Joseph, eyelids raising, saying, "Oh, the Holy Spirit came upon you?" It was only though his goodness of heart that he resolved to put Mary away quietly. Then, Joseph was persuaded to keep her by the Lord. Nevertheless, we are aware from other scriptures that this event gave Mary a reputation. Even today, Jewish rabbi's, when they are sure no Christians are around, teach that Jesus could not be the messiah because he was a mamzer, or bastard child.

I was confronted with this statement by a rabbi once. He approached me cautiously, not wanting to anger me. He then revealed that he had been taught this doctrine by his teachers at Yeshiva. I was somewhat familiar with the Law of the Mamzer, but of myself, I had no answer for him. At once, the Holy Spirit gave me the words: "Does the law of a mamzer apply to the offspring of deity?" The rabbi had no answer. I went home and researched it and found that this law only applies to human offspring.

This is important because no mamzer can have any inheritance in Israel and may not serve in the temple or even climb the temple mount.

So Mary had that reputation following her when she travelled to Bethlehem, where she was to give birth.

How did the Magi know to find her there? The were Chaldean astrologers, who evidently had benefited from teaching that Daniel carried to them. They knew they were to look for a king of the Jews whose birth would be heralded by a star (Numbers 24:17) at Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). They knew he would be come as a child (Isaiah 7:14). Perhaps they even asked to find someone whose pregnancy carried some claim or stigma, such as illegitimacy, according to Jewish law, because they certainly were aware of the teaching of the virgin birth.

How ironic it is that some Chaldean astrologers caught the signs but the Jews did not. In this hour when the signs of Matthew 24 and Luke 17 are being poured out in just as clear a fashion as that star of Numbers 24 and verse 17 was displayed, we would be wise to be awake and aware, so that some astrologers do not precede us to the proper understanding.

What I say, I saw to you all: Watch!

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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