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MISSIONS: Trinidad Mission Day 14-Asteroid Tsunami Dreams
May 11, 2015

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I wanted to write about the events of our luncheon that followed my preaching on Sunday, May 10, 2015. It needs to be dealt with separately as it has to do with Asteroid/Comet Tsunami prophecies and as such, I will link it to that page on my website directly.

"You had to be there"

Just imagine: I have just finished pouring myself out spiritually and physically in this hot environment here in Trinidad. I was exhausted. The room where we have just eaten is hot too and getting hotter. I have ministered now three times in front of Pastor Liz and her congregation. Her husband, Pastor Krishna, has gotten to know me quite well. And, after all this, at the end of dinner, THIS HAPPENED!

Pastor Liz sat down next to prophetess Amanda on the other side of the table from Mary and I. Pastor Liz looked me in the eye and asked, out of the blue: DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PROPHECIES CONCERNING TSUNAMIS?

Well, as you might imagine, I felt a little bit like Babe Ruth staring at an incoming fastball I had been expecting. It turns out that after all this preaching; all this prophesying in their church; after they have opened their church and home to us............they knew me already. Pastor Liz and Prophetess Amanda knew me already because they had already spent significant time looking at my website at the Asteroid/Tsunami web page.

The thing is, they had not previously known the identity of the one who prepared the asteroid/tsunami web page on USAPROPHET.COM. They had read it and studied the links, but they never connected it to me UNTIL RIGHT THEN AT THAT INSTANT. Their eyes got rather big and I am sure that mine did to as we were now aware that we had been SET UP by Heavenly Father.

They explained to me that they have each received two dreams in which the ocean begins to rise up on the North Coast and Atlantic Coast of Trinidad. They have seen it rise, and rise and then enter their homes and then go way over the top of their homes.

I have asked these holy women to write these dreams down, but so far, I do not have the actual details of their two dreams each, but if and when I ever receive those, I will include those here, on this page. These are two women who give themselves to fasting and prayer. They are not playing.

You and I should not be playing either.

Stephen L. Bening

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