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MISSIONS: Trinidad Mission Day 4- Day 13
May 10, 2015

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I am writing this missions account from the cool comfort of my house in the United States, looking back on our "hot time" in Trinidad during our days of ministry there from Friday, May 1 (day 4) to Monday, May 11. There were many interesting happenings that I would like to document.

Day 4, Friday
I had a meeting with a 72 year old new believer by the name of Azar. I talked with him about the cost of discipleship and how we must move from believing to conversion, on to being filled with the Holy Spirit and then we must purify our souls so that our love of the brethren will not be fake (1 Peter 1:22). That evening, Pastor Krishna of Restoration Ministries picked us up and carried us to a meeting at the church. Everyone had been discussing my meeting with the men last night and they wondered if they could not devote the entire time of tonight's meeting to a question and answer session. So, we went for about two hours, with all sorts of questions coming to me from an audience of about 50 people. We even had a modern day Pharisee at the back of the room who asked me two questions with which he was trying to trip me up, but the Lord carried me through the situation and most if not all seemed to be pleased with the answers they received to all manner of bible and prophetic questions. After this question and answer session, Prophetess Mary and I conducted joint team prophetic ministry over all who desired it until after midnight.

Day 6, Sunday
Pastor Serga Merguesa picked us up 8 to carry us to Jesus Christ Redemption Center. No restrictions whatsoever were placed upon my ministering. Worship was very good and long. I preached for almost two hours and sang three songs of worship with the congregation. Primarily, my topics had to do with the requisite desperation with which we now have need to be calling upon the name of the Lord so that our nations can be saved from the judgement to come. I also preached and taught on how Jesus and Israel were both baptized at approximately the same place in the Jordan, the Migdal Edar of Micah 4, the coming consolation of Israel and the soon coming arrival of the fulness of the Gentiles. I received a prophetic "new song" and sang it. The subject: Heaven Come Down!

Day 13, Sunday
Pastor Krishna picked us up at 8:30 to carry us over to Restoration Ministries. It was Mothers Day and it seemed to the pastors that many people were out of town, nevertheless, I preached to about 30 people. I preached for about two hours on the subject of "A Few Good Men" and how the deck is stacked against God's people here at the end of the age. We then conducted joint team prophetic ministry to all who desired it until well after 2 pm. During that time of ministry, a mighty rushing wind swept into the room as a sudden, brief, yet fierce storm suddenly arose. It was very dramatic and eye opening. It was the only such storm seen anywhere near us during our two weeks here on this island and it had a very definite spiritual portent. It was at this same time that we had several demons cast out of a few individuals, with very sharp and accurate words of knowledge and detail in the prophetic word. There were other unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit and there were also demonic manifestations which had to be discerned and dealth with. We were then taken over to the pastors' home. There was an event that happened at that dinner after church regarding Asteroid/Comet impacts that will cause tsunamis. I will write about that separately.

Stephen L. Bening

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