Prophecy: The Third "Trouble": God Will Make A Distinction
January 23, 2022, Shebat 21 (sacred mo. 11, civil mo. 5), 5782

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Here in early 2022, we have had the first double judgements: the Biden stolen election and Covid 19. Neither distinguished between Christians and Non-Christians. God says there is a worse event coming soon and this one WILL distinguish. BUT, you need to be IN CHRIST! Religious pretending will not fool God. Your service unto God must be REAL in order to escape what is coming upon the Earth.

This is the word of the Lord that came forth on Sunday night, January 23, 2022*, as I preached at New Life Ministry Church in Altamont, TN.

I had not had a similar prophetic word of decree for almost 2 and a half years: since five months prior to the dawn of Covid 19, when I told my pastor that in January off 2020, very difficult times would begin.

This word of prophecy came forth suddenly to me while I was preaching. I noticed that the Lord had placed an invisible crown on my head, just as He last did two and a half years ago. On some earlier occurrence of a similar event, I had asked the Lord what this was. His answer: this was the "Kingly Anointing" to designate the Kingly authority of Jesus that was resting upon my head, authorizing me to make a prophetic decree regarding some event that is certain to come to pass.

In this case, there will be a third time of great trouble that is going to come upon the world. The previous two events: Biden's attaining a stolen presidence and the Covid 19 plague, have befalled Christians with the same ferocity and horror as non-Christians. All have suffered alike. Not so now, going forward, beginning with this next round of great trouble that will befall the Earth.

The Lord did let me know that there are many who THINK they are Christians, but the Lord does not regard them as such to the degree necessary to receive the benefits of divine protection in the hour of terrible terror that is to come upon the Earth. You must walk closely before the Lord; stay under the blood of Jesus; confess your sins often in prayer; avoid all pride and humble yourselves before almighty God, that He may lift you up.

The Lord has had me publicly decree this thing this day. It is established and is certain to come upon the wicked of the Earth. No real, blood bought Christian is going to be harmed by this terrible plague. God is about to make a clear distinction between the righteous and the wicked.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Stephen L. Bening
*(My wife informed me today that she had written it down on the Sunday morning when I received this word while preaching in church, and this event happened on January 23, 2022. I had originally misremembered it as February 20).

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