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Prophecy: How Long?
October 10, 2009

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How Long?

I arrived at Wilmington NC two nights ago, on "The Lord's staff" tour. We came here for a few days rest before moving on to finish. The expectation was that we would "get a revelation" here at Wilmington.

We walked in, sat down, and I realized that God was instructing me to put my badge back on again. For years, I judged prophecy and dealt with snakes in the Body of Christ, but now, after an extended time away from that task, I have been called, once again, to do it again.

My mind was then fixed the next day on the Vincent Xavier prophecy, gone viral. Most were saying that Vincent predicted that Washington D.C. will be destroyed by a nuke this Sunday, October 11.

You can listen to a nearly 5 and minute clip here if you want to:

Xavier DC Radio Clip

In that video, Vincent said that he KNEW, not merely believed, but KNEW that Washington DC is to be destroyed by an underground atomic bomb on a Sunday in October, 2009, and that he had that from "the throne room of God". He also said that he knew the date this would happen. He very strongly implied that it will be Sunday, October 11.

Accompanied with many of these radio appeals was a strong pitch for money for the "Arkansas Refuge". All of this was done with the classic Vincent Xavier flair for oratorical prowess.

I know Vincent. I was not impressed. I know what he did and has done to a friend of mine first hand. He fails the gospel character test. You will know them by their fruits, is what our Lord said.

Now, on October 9, I found a retraction letter, apparently sent to his email list recipients, where he has back-tracked quite a bit. Unfortunately, the retraction letter has not gone viral, and prophecy will once again receive a big black eye, because NOTHING nuclear is going to happen on October 10 or 11 in Washington DC. I know that FROM GOD.

You can read the retraction letter here:

Xavier Clarification

In that retraction letter, Vincent now says that he heard the Lord tell him to expect "a strike in October against the heart of this nation which is Washington DC."

Well, Vincent says that he did not prepare the youtube clip, referenced above, but the voice on the clip is the voice of Vincent Xavier, and he said a lot more on that July, 2009 radio clip than he now says that he said.

How Long? That is what I just heard in my spirit that prompted me to write. How long will those who are being drawn to the Lord go to men who are no prophets at all? Casual perusal of Vincent's website reveals the classic approach of a man who wants to "go with the flow" of prosperity Kristianity. Can not the most novice follower of the Lord detect the desire for the approval of men here?

How long will the people of the Lord wallow in filth, lacking discernment and following men of shallow character who handle the English language in the same manner as President Bill Clinton? Prophetic people should be precise with their language, not shifty and slimy. How long will you all put up with it?

I am sorely grieved by the use of the theatrical to strike fear in the heart of the hearer, combined with a slick appeal for the American greenback. How long will those who claim prophetic unction use their purported revelations as yarns to separate the fool from his money?

I am grieved that one can so flippantly claim to have received something in the throne room of God, and then shift around concerning exactly what was heard there.

How long, oh Lord, will you silently look on in heaven at abominations like this? How long? Arise oh Lord, and let your enemies be scattered.


Stephen L. Bening

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