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PROPHECY: Days 32 to 40 in Medillin, Colombia
August 13, 2003

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Greetings in the glorious name of Jesus Christ

It is August 16th, Saturday, and I am writing from my desk, back in the United States. Praise be to God! We are back safely, and well provided for in every respect. Members of WPA contributed more than $4,000 to the Medellin missionary effort.

Already, I have taken steps toward another trip. This time, to Santos and Belo Horizonte Brasil. I am planning that one for October and November, 2003.

This report covers the final nine days of our time in Medellin, and so, I will begin now with the daily synopsis of what transpired.

Day 32, August 5, 2003: After paying for our revised airline tickets in the morning in the neighborhood of Poblado, we held an evening meeting in the home of Inez. Ten people were in the meeting, and all confessed Christ. We cleared this home of Catholic idols at the request of Inez, the mother. We also ministered in prayer for two who were alcoholics, and who desire to repent. One is Patricia. We met her, last week, when she was banging on our door at 3 A.M., totally drunk, and unaware of where she was. From that drunken encounter, this meeting was born.

Day 33, August 6, 2003: I spent this day in bible study, and had access to the internet. I found an internet cafe very close to the house. That night, we held a meeting at the home of Teresa and Mario Cardona in Bello. A few confessed Christ, and received prayer and ministry.

Day 34, August 7, 2003: I spent this day in fasting and prayer. First, at Iglesia fasting and prayer meeting, and then preaching at the Iglesia that night. Five confessed Christ and many more received prayer ministry.

Day 35, August 8, 2003: I spent 8 hours this day in bible study of Daniel and Revelation, in preparation for my message on Sunday. In the evening, we went to the home of Alberto and Emma. We talked long into the night, and prayed with them.

Day 36, August 9, 2003: Spent all day in preparation for Sunday's message, and then we had a home meeting in the Calle 32 house with five present.

Day 37, August 10, 2003: Preached a message on the return of Christ, and as usual, ran into a bit of disagreement with the pastor, since I preach from some strongly held beliefs regarding the historical perspective, and the pastora has been indoctrinated firmly in the "left behind" tradition. Following a short talk with the pastora about our "differences", we had to unify quickly, for what followed was a terrible deliverance session.

Sandra, a woman of 22, approached us, and showed us scars on her arms, which the pastora said were Satanic. The pastora began to speak, asking Sandra to repeat and confess concerning the blood of Jesus. Sandra could not speak, and so began a terrible session. Sandra began bleeding from her arms, torn by an invisible demon from the inside, I suppose. Blood was squirting out from both of her forearms, covering the floor. Later, as the demons were expelled, she vomited for about 30 minutes, expelling a most vile substance. I must confess that I did not even have a witness that all the demons had departed, after all of that,

Day 38, August 11, 2003: Went to pray in my solitary place, on the mountain, near the statues, for about two hours. While there, I led my first man to Christ while witnessing only in Spanish. That evening, we went to the home of Jon and his family, who gave us a farewell dinner.

Day 39, August 12, 2003: After studying the word all day, we went to the home of Ligia. We met here with fifteen people. All confessed Christ, and we cleared the home of Catholic idols at their request, and anointed the home with oil.

Day 40, August 13, 2003: Left our home at 6:45 A.M. for the airport. Traveled from Medellin, to Bogota, to San Jose Cost Rica, and then to Miami. Arrived home about 12 midnight.

My best estimates of confessions of faith and expressed intentions to repent are as follows: In Church Meetings-100, In home meetings-150, Home For Invalids-30, Bella Vista Prison-30, Streets, Taxi's and Stores-70, Calle 32 Home-30. So, the total appears to be about 400-410 souls. That is a lot of fruit. Many of you share the reward joyfully in that harvest with us.

I will finish out this final missionary journey report with three pictures that show us, ministering and witnessing to street people. These pictures really need no explanations.

Stephen L. Bening

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