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Prophecy: Noah's Ark Vision
December 15, 2011

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I did a radio program yesterday entitled "Message Received" which had its' genesis in a phone conversation I had with a prophetic brother. Like me, he has prepared an "ARK" that could, if need be, used to house those whom the Lord would send from the deluge to come.

He and I were discussing all the various types of warnings that have come through me and it was his most earnest opinion that the messages have been heard and received by all to whom they were sent. The problem is that action has been lacking. Very few have taken the word of the Lord and responded by making any definite progress toward preparedness, let alone relocation to any area the Holy Spirit might reveal to them as a Goshen or ARK type of place.

My mind went back to a vision I had some time back of Noah's Ark. I do not know exactly when I had the vision, but I do remember that I set down to draw a map of the upper deck of the ark after I had that vision. We know from the biblical dimensions that the ARK was about 120 feet wide and 500 feet long. I was on that ARK with Noah in my vision and what I saw gave me the ability to map out the upper deck interior. I estimate that the ark could have housed up to approximately 700 people from the crude architectural renderings that I created. Certainly, when we consider similarly sized ocean going vessels today, they are rarely constructed to carry less than a thousand people, and the ARK was smaller than twentieth century vessels like the QE2 or the Queen Mary and smaller than Titanic, but not all that much smaller. Certainly, the ARK was built to carry a lot of people on that upper deck, but wound up ferrying only EIGHT SOULS to safety.


In the vision, I suddenly found myself in the interior of what I instantly knew and recognized as NOAH'S ARK. I was on the upper deck, walking to the left of the entrance which, in my vision, was slightly right of the middle of the ship on the port, or left side. So, I was walking down this hallway toward the front of the vessel with NOAH. There were rooms on each side of me and these rooms were approximately 10' by 10'. Each room had a window on the left side that could be propped open with a piece of wood. The room window was approximately 4' high by 6" wide. The door to each room was on the right of the window. These rooms were on both aides of the corridor.

I later estimated that based upon this size and with 6 foot wide corridors like I saw, the upper deck corridor was an oval, with rooms on both sides, all the way around. With this configuration, I estimated later that there were 224 rooms on that upper deck that I saw.

In the vision, I looked at NOAH and I asked him, "Who did you build these for?". He said, "I built them for all those whom I hoped would come". And the vision ended.

I know that Ecclesiastes chapter one says, in speaking of future events, that those things that have been before are those which shall be again. To me, it is an elementary conclusion to reach that such a huge ship was not constructed with an upper deck, designed entirely for humans, with an intention and design that only 8 souls should be rescued. No, we must pray, as we are taught in the Lord's prayer, "thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in heaven". Clearly, God had a design to save more, But God's will was not accomplished.

We are heading for a deluge and modern day ARK refuge areas have been prepared, but have we done our preparation for those whom we hoped would come? How many will be inside your ARK when God shuts you in?

Stephen L. Bening

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