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PROPHECY: Great Calamity Just Ahead-Dan Bohler
May 7, 2003

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Great Calamity Ahead!

Something is about to happen in this Nation that is going to cut right into the soul of every person who lives here!

The committed believer in Christ Jesus will come to another level of anointing in prayer and dedication; but the carnal believer, after it has been over for a few weeks, just like they did on 9/11/01, will continue to fall away.

I donít know what will happen, whether it will be a tidal wave or earthquake that I saw on the western coast of the United states or on the New Madrid fault line, that the Lord showed me, more than ten years ago, or the massive destruction of Kansas City, the great floods, explosions and fires.

It could be the great earthquake that will cause the Great Lakes to empty into the United States. The Lord showed me that if the United States continues to push Israel to give away land for peace and divide Jerusalem that the Lord would divide the United States with a great earthquake and that the waters of the Great Lakes would empty and flow into the United States creating a huge gulf.

It could possibly be a nuclear explosion that was revealed to four different men of God who were carried up into the Spirit or it could be the great loss of thousands of our men in the Middle East, as the Lord has shown me, after we had invaded Iraq.

I just donít know, but it is going to be cataclysmic, and heart breaking!

Many of you know and have a copy of the prophecy that the Lord showed me about how we would be hit by terrorists internally and externally. It did happen!

Many of you know that I said in January of 2001, that they would hit us in airplanes. That is what they did!

I am giving this word of caution and warning to dedicated Believers so you will pray for our President. He is in grave danger.

Pastor Dan

May 7, 2003

Stephen L. Bening

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