VISION: "Ignition"
October 20, 2001

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Dear Reader:

My brother Alex Puyol telephoned me on Friday, 10/19, and we were discussing this night vision that he had early Friday morning. Alex asked me what I was hearing, and I told him that my spirit was stirred up....as if something was going to happen imminently, and I wanted to be right in the middle of it.

Just at that moment, I had an inner vision. I saw a Saturn V rocket on the launch pad...the ones that carried American astronauts to the moon. The inner vision was a moving picture, because I saw the steam and smoke emanating from the lower part of the rocket, which indicates that the rocket is fully fueled on the pad, awaiting launch.

Then, I heard the Lord say: "Ignition".

I told Alex immediately about the vision and the word.

Then, the telephone conversation was terminated, but not by us. The connection was broken.

I went to drop off some work at the business of a brother. I was telling him about the vision, and he told me that he had just been told, by a prophet, that the time of our coming out of trouble and coming into full ministry had just begun...it had already just happened.

Then, on to church. During worship....the Lord spoke to me three times, that I was to have a man named Gary Bonner pray for me. Now, Gary Bonner has an infirmity and must use a wheel chair. He has great difficulty communicating, speaking and moving, but he loves the Lord. He cannot commune easily with men at all, but he communes deeply with God.

At the end of service, I went to Gary and told him that the Lord wanted him to pray for me. He complied, and when he finished, he began an attempt to communicate with me something that the Lord told him. I could not initially understand him, and I asked for John Paul, another brother who sometimes understands Gary, to come over to help us.

Gary has one arm that is very strong...his left arm. He raised that arm and pointed toward heaven, and made his tricep and bicep muscles rigid and caused them to bulge. Then he pointed at me. I understood. I said to him....God wants to give me more of His power...His strength from heaven. Gary nodded enthusiastically. That was it.

And so, I realize now that the vision of the Saturn V rocket and the night vision seen by Alex includes me, but also includes others. God is "wanting" to give us more of His power; His strength. Hopefully I, and others like me who are called to receive more of the Lord's power, will do nothing to disqualify ourselves. Lord, may your will be done in our lives.

I was sent by the Spirit to read Acts 10 late last night. Peter was shown the vision three times. God has spoken three times to me regarding this imputation of His power. Immediately, when He had seen the vision three times, Peter went down from the roof, and was met by three men. The answer came immediately as Peter was pondering the meaning of the vision.

Look for the fulfillment of these visions imminently.

Once launch control speaks the word "Ignition", liftoff is certain to occur. It only waits for thrust to reach sufficient levels to lift the huge rocket from the pad. That takes five or six seconds with a Saturn V rocket. It will be soon, brothers and sisters. The Lord has spoken: "Ignition".

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

Night Vision and Word-October 19, 2001-Alex Puyol

Last night I had a powerful dream, that I would like to share with you.

I was standing with a group of Saints and we were discussing what was transpiring in the world, Then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit calling people (By name).

They then they began to assemble and come before Christ one by one and when they came out they were clothed with the Glory of the Lord and were wearing their garments of Righteousness. And as they left the Presence of the Lord they were going back and forth walking in the Earth in the midst of the rest of the saints, and the Whole world witnessed it, it was open and plain before all who witnessed it.

From that I gleaned much wisdom. I now undertand that at the altar of our lives is the Change. (It) begins the more we lay on that altar... and sacrifice to Christ... the more we are changed. For Iron he will give us Sliver for Brass he will give us Gold. At that place the Presence of God Blazes within us seeking to burst forth. It is there that we overcome the world and become more than conquerors.

I have experienced of myself powerful responses to my prayers and that God Always hears me and that he cares and loves us, I mean truly cares,

I understand about the Candle
Why put it under a bed?
When it is better to put it on a hill

The Glory of God
It is within us
But soon it will come out
and the World will witness it

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