PROPHECY: A Reminder Word About the USS Kitty Hawk And The 17th
November 1, 2001

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Dear WPA and Others:

I feel a strong desire in my spirit to organize and present these words that came forth from the Lord on November 1, 2001 and in the few days preceding. Contributions were made to what I received by David Skelly, fellow member of Watchmen- Prophets-Assembly.

This warning needed to be organized, and placed on my website prior to the 17th of November, 2001, because the warning is very serious, and is a certain communication from the Lord that the vision and words I received from the Lord on January 9, 1993 concerning the destruction of the USS Kitty Hawk and supporting fleet on some future 17th day of a month are still on the Lord's timetable for future fulfillment.

Given that Ramadan begins on November 17th this year, I am watching and praying concerning these prophesied future events. In presenting this, I make no prediction concerning November 17, 2001, other than to say that current events seem to be lining up in ways that suggest that fulfillment of what I saw in 1993 is very near.

You can follow that whole story at USS Kitty Hawk Vision

And now, for the discussion that was recently posted at Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly concerning the reminder the Lord has given concerning these things.

Post #1
Dear WPA:

Sometimes, the Lord gives me reminder or refresher words that reinforce or emphasize previous words or visions.

Such a thing happened on August 12, 2001, when the Lord gave me a reminder, for emphasis, concerning the vision I had of the destruction of the USS Kitty Hawk.

Yesterday, he gave me another, similar reminder word.

it was Isaiah 14...and in it was a reminder, from the Lord, to me, that the USS Kitty Hawk vision is still in place for fulfillment.

I make no predictions as to timing of this event, but I feel that it will occur soon, as the other 4 parts of the vision have already been fulfilled.

Stephen L. Bening

Post #2
Dear David and WPA:

I wrote that little piece yesterday in a limited space of time. When I sent it, I knew that I would have to say more to explain it, because the Holy Spirit said just what you said, in that I had to reveal the reason for Isaiah 14 to relate to the vision.

On January 9, 1993, the visions that came to me happened as I was led around, from place to place, by my little children, playing what began as a game that was started by the Holy Spirit, called "A Little Child Shall Lead Them".

At one point, my oldest daughter Lorel, who was at that time 11 years old, wanted to go to KMart, and so we went there. She wanted to see a new video game that had just been put out. It was a game called SEGA Genesis Sonic Hedgehog. When we walked up to this game, I had the inner vision of the USS Kitty Hawk, with cruise missiles approaching, that I have described in detail elsewhere.

For some reason known only to the Lord, I had never sought for the word "hedgehog" in the scripture, until October 29, 2001. I picked up Isaiah 14, in the RSV. I do not normally read the RSV. The RSV is the only version I have found that includes the word "hedgehog" in verse 23. When I saw the word "hedgehog", the vision came flooding back to me in vivid detail.

And so...that is the rest of the story David...in how Isaiah 14 was related by the Lord to the vision.

Stephen L. Bening

Post#3 (By David Skelly)
Dear Stephen and WPA

Thanks very much Stephen for your reply. There is much more to this than meets the eye.

The Hebrew word behind the RSV translation of hedgehog is qipod. I will now write down what 3 Hebrew Lexicons say.

1) The New Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius Hebrew-English Lexicon says the following for qipod. Qipod [noun masculine] porcupine (from rolling itself together) Is 14:23, Is 34:11. The verbal form for qipod is qaphad. The lexicon entry for qaphad is as follows. Qaphad [verb Piel] gather together, roll up (Arabic wind turban snugly; Aramaic qephad Ithpe. be drawn in, together; also qupheda porcupine;........;-Perfect Ist singular qiphadetiy Is 38:12I have rolled up, like a weaver, my life (ie finished it.......)....This lexicon is seen as the best commonly available lexicon by scholars.

2) The Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament says the following for qipod. Qipod masculine a hedgehog, so called from its shrinking together, Isa 14:23; 34:11; Zeph 2:14 (Arabic.....Syriac.....Ethiopic......:porcupine). This lexicon has the following entry for qaphad the verbal form. Qaphad to draw together, to shrink (Arabic......identical) Hence qipod a hedgehog. Piel, to make shrink; hence to cut off, like the Ch., Isa. 38:12,......"I have cut off, like a weaver, my life."...... Hence- qaphad or qephad with h paragog. qephadah a cutting off, destruction, Eze. 7:25.The Gesenius Lexicon was the supreme lexicon of the nineteenth century.

3) The Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros (Koehler/Baumgartner) has the following entry for qipod. Qipod ..... 1. Igel hedgehog Erinaceus auritus u. E. sacer...... Is 14:23; 34:11 2. Eule short-eared owl Asio flammens.......The lexicon has this entry for the root qpd. Qpd......be drawn together.......wind smugly (turban).....roll up (weaver) Is 38:12.......

The lexicon has this entry qephadah. Qephadah.... anguish Ez 7:25.... The strong number for qipod is 7090 So lexically the possible meanings of qipod are hedgehog, porcupine and owl. The NIV uses renders qipod as owl.

I looked up the word hedgehog on Altavista and found thisThe Hedgehog: The Guide For The Aggressive Investor.http://www.hedge-hog.com/ Your portal to the world of African Pgymy Hedgehogs. http://www.hedgehog.org/ Miscellaneous info on hedgehogshttp://hem.passagen.se/hedgehogs/hedgehogs.html

With respect to the owl I had this information in a file called Owl Notes.docThe Owl has the best night vision of any creature on earth. Owls can hear better than other birds. With soft feathers Owls fly very quietly. without being heard. First it quietly flaps its wings in quietly flying toward it;s target prey. For the last part of it;s flight the owl stops flapping it;s wings and just glides toward the target in silence. In the past the Owl has been associated with witches, ghosts and goblins in stories. The symbol of the goddess Athena is the owl. The owl is the symbol of the city Athens the capital of Greece.

ALSO Raymundo Aguilera had this vision/prophecy about the owl letting off a nuclear bomb as he flew east seehttp://prophecy.org/237pro.htmYours in Christ

David Skelly

Post #4
Dear David:

This word, hedgehog, now connects With Ezekiel 7:25. On August 12, 2001, I received a word from the Lord: the entirety of Ezekiel 7. I posted it on my website and here at WPA on that date. The word was entitled: "The End Has Come Upon America". The link is below.


Thanks for the excellent help with the scholarship David.

Stephen L. Bening

Dear WPA:

There is one more aspect of this whole "unveiling" that has impressed me today. Certainly, there was more here than met the eye.

The Lord, moving through David Skelly, has showed me how it relates to Ezekiel 7:25 through a common Hebrew root word, which can alternately be rendered as hedgehog, porcupine, owl, anguish, terror or destruction.

On August 12, 2001, the first thing the Lord spoke to me on that night, as I was walking toward Lincoln Road in Miami Beach is: "do not eat or drink anything in this place". When the Lord said this to me, I was filled with....Holy Fear. There was absolutely no way...no way at all that I was going to drink so much as a sip from a water fountain in that place, but I knew that I had to tour it. Then, a bit later, he spoke the word concerning Ezekiel 7 to me.

The Lord has impressed upon me that Holy Fear is appropriate now, and it is what he has been saying to me at other times: it is a time to step away and clear from all defilements. I believe we really need to be seeking the Lord, in this hour, for guidance and help in stepping away from these things that may not be ordinarily sinful, but are particularly defiling for the prophet in this hour.

I am currently meditating in the word on this aspect of Holy Fear, and I expect to write more about it.

It is a time when God wants to pour more of His power through His servants. The behaviour of an obedient Nazrite might not be a bad model to emulate in many respects.

Stephen L. Bening


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