PROPHECY: The Eyes Of A Child
September 22, 2001

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Dear WPA and Others:

Thursday morning, the Lord woke me early, and was giving me understanding of what He is doing in the Earth and in my country. He was speaking to me in that familiar way of a Father to his son, reminding me of things He has shown me before.

He reminded me that Andrews Air force base carries that name of "Andrew", and therefore marks judgement, according to His former, confirmed word to me. He also brought to my mind the Persian Gulf Revelation that He gave me in 1993, and how the destruction was perpetrated by Arabs. Then, what He spoke surprised me.

Then He said, "Son, do you know why I have called you to be silent"?

I quietly spoke back, audibly, that I didn't fully understand, and that I had been wondering why.

He then reminded me of a word I wrote some months ago: that when God begins to speak and to do, there is no need for prophets to be speaking and doing. The word was about silence. Some of you probably remember it.

Then, He really surprised me.

He said, "Yes, I have begun to speak and do. What I say and do, I do very clearly, so that anyone with the understanding and the eyes of a little child can see what I am doing. Do you believe this"?

I agreed that what He was doing in the Earth was crystal clear to anyone with childlike eyes. I pondered on that thought for a minute, and then He spoke again.

"Go and ask your children! They know what I am doing in the Earth!"

So....I arose from my bed and went to the kitchen table, where my three smallest children, ages six, seven and eleven, were gathered for breakfast. I began to question them.

They had all the answers. They know that God is in charge. They knew that the devil had the plan, and that God stopped him from doing all that he wanted to do. They knew that God did this thing, but it was not His plan. They knew that God did not stop the devil from doing everything because God wants people to believe in Him, and He wants them to stop doing bad things.

David Wilkerson has those eyes of a little child. Unfortunately, at this time in Doug Fortune's life, he apparently does not, at least with respect to the word He wrote about prophets. Any little child knows that God is in charge, He is still on His throne and He controls all things, especially those things that touch His children. Nothing can touch God's child without the Father's permission.

My kids know that there is much more trouble to come too, but they know that God is greater than the trouble, and He will hide us in the shelter of His wings.

To my childlike eyes, it is clear that God just raised His hand for one hour to demonstrate what life would be like without the constant hedge of protection He keeps in place around our nation at all times. He is gleaning the remnant. Those who are called to repentance will repent, and those who are called to destruction will be hardened against it.

It occurs to me that what we have been seeing, and what I have been silently observing for the last eleven days, is the great division in the prophetic that brother Alex warned us about many months ago. I'm going to find that prophecy and reprint it. Sister Kay warned months ago about a "paradigm shift" in the church. I believe that we are seeing it.

Saints of God: it is a GLORIOUS time to be a Christian. You can be full of peace and free from worry in the midst of all kinds of trouble. Just keep your eyes on Jesus and serve Him. Run into daddy's lap and let Him love you. Let Him hold you close when the thunder is rumbling outside. Run to Him, and be filled with His glory, and the light of His power, and then minister to others who are outside in the darkness, where there is, and always will be, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

"Even so, Lord God Almighty, true and righteous are thy judgements." Rev 16:7

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

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