PROPHECY: Eli-who?
September 17, 2001

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Dear WPA and Others:

"Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time."

The Lord has been speaking this word to me ever since the terrible disasters of the Eleventh day of September. Most of you will note that I have not been saying very much. He spoke it to me immediately after I saw the towers fall, and continued to speak it to me every day. And... I have kept silent.

I have kept silent as I have read the forwarded words of many, many people who are seeking to speak for the Lord in giving the reasons why this event happened, and exactly what it means and what will follow. At times, my heart has burned within me, but the Lord has kept right on demanding my silence.

Last Saturday, as I was reviewing some pastoral duties, the Lord spoke to me the words "tighten up", and at that moment, I saw, in my mind, an image of a hawk flying through the barnyard. As it flew, the mother hen gathered her chicks under her wing. And so, I took heed, and added extra protections to Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly. When I finished performing this task, the Lord then instructed me to tell my pastor.

On Sunday, we had a progression of people who wanted to read letters in our Church. Some of these almost never want to speak in church, but today, they each had something to say. One dear woman felt that God had instructed her to read a three page, single spaced letter, that contained CNN type detail of disaster details. My pastor ordered me to ask her to cut her monologue short. We had others, who almost never prophesy, stand up and tell us that God was speaking to them and telling them this thing or that.

On Sunday night, it continued. Several more words of prophecy were emailed to me by Christian leader after Christian leader. Even an apostle or two got into the act, with some of their apostolic pronouncements and decrees. Then, my brother, Alex Puyol, who is a very bold and accurate prophet, posted a prophecy at Watchmen Prophets Assembly. I receive that word as being from the Lord. Again, I was filled with the itching desire to prophesy, and the Lord once again spoke to me, saying: "Therefore, the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time.

Monday, September 17 brought more prophesying and apostolic decrees. These words are just piling up, one on top of the other, and there is not much of a unity among them. The warnings and admonitions are all over the place. Then, finally, the last one came. My stepson had heard someone on TV say that Nostradamus had seen it all and prophesied the New York disaster more than 500 years ago. Now, you see, the Nostradamus thing turned out to be a hoax: Nostradamus didn't know anything about much of anything and was accurate about even less than that, but that didn't stop some person from wanting him to be right about New York.

Last night, the Lord began to speak to me about Eli-who: as in Elijah, Elisha and Eli-Who, or Elihu, as he is revealed to us in the book of Job. As I began to read his words in chapter 32, I began to see this book of Job in an entirely new and current light.

The book of Job contains two chapters filled with CNN eyewitness type reports of a terrible disaster that occurred in ancient history in a place near the Middle East. The next 36 chapters are filled with failed attempts at speaking for God by several people, including Job himself. The final four chapters finish with God speaking for God. The last chapter is Job's admission of wrong and the story of how God restored him and dealt with those who did not speak rightly about God.

These four men wanted to prophesy so badly: they wanted to speak for God. They were witnesses to a disaster and they had to understand it with their human minds, so they girded up all the knowledge they thought that they possessed about God and wrapped it up in the form of a prophetic utterance.

Look at the way this impudent little Eli-who speaks to Job: "Pay attention, Job! Listen to me! Keep quiet, and let me speak. If you have a response, answer me. Speak, because I'd be happy if you were right. If not, you listen to me. Keep quiet, and I'll teach you wisdom." Job 33:31-33

Imagine this sight: this little boy...upbraiding this old man, who is covered with boils and sores from head to toe. The disaster had to be explained. God could not be blamed and this little boy could not figure out any way possible for Job to not bear blame. He had made God too small in His eyes, as had Job's three older friends and contemporaries. And so, our friends must speak for God and try to understand the disaster.

I will give you this counsel: You should be cautious with respect to all the prophesying that you have heard or read during the seven days after this disaster that had anything to do with the World Trade Center or New York City. Especially, you should be wary of what comes now and in the weeks to come, after these first seven days have passed, because even Job's friends did him the decency of keeping their mouths shut for seven days and nights. None spoke a word to him during that time. In memory of the dead and their relatives, it has been enough already. Yet, I know that the coming weeks will bring a flood of it.

I have been interested in what was documented as having been prophesied and written BEFORE this disaster that may have had relation to it. God spoke those words. As for what is coming now and where God is in the middle of all of this, I believe Billy Graham said it best last Friday: he doesn't understand to his own satisfaction. Evil and iniquity are a mystery. Amen.

Eli-who and his utterances and upbraiding of Job were more than enough. They caused the Lord himself to speak. "The Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind". God came with supernatural effects. When He spoke, He was none too happy.

Yes, the prudent man keeps silent in times such as these. Yet, people keep asking me about these times, and even I am tempted to prophesy in them. What am I saying????

Well, I'll tell you what came out of me by the Holy Spirit of God from our pulpit last Sunday, following many negative and depressing words that had preceded my utterances:

1) God is still on the throne

2) Shake off depression! Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Buy a small cassette player if necessary and pump praise and worship music into your head all day to cast off depression. Read the word of God. Pray! How will our light shine in the darkness if we are depressed? Cast it off. Cast it to God.

3) Don't meditate on the broken flesh and spilt blood of New York any more. Meditate on this: "that on the night Jesus was betrayed, he took bread, and broke it". Realize that when he broke it, he was seeing that His flesh would be broken. He was pierced for our transgressions and he bore our griefs and pain. Realize that he carried his own blood into the tabernacle and sprinkled His holy blood upon the atonement cover, or mercy seat of the Ark of the covenant, we were bought with that blood.

4) Realize and believe that God has begun to make a distinction between the Holy ghost filled believer and the world. Inside, there will be favor from God, and blessing and protection. Outside, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Go outside and pull some of them inside: compel them to come in. Decree and pray favor over your households and businesses and all that is called yours: favor from God. Seek Him and live. Expect another wave of God's glory to cover the church before the end of 2001, and expect that a wave of darkness will accompany that wave of glory. "The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits."

5) Be encouraged! God loves each of us individually, and He is able to protect us and our families. He honestly cares for us. He is able to keep us from falling and to deliver us into His glorious presence at the appointed time. In the meantime, we are here. Let us love Him and serve Him. I can tell you, from much experience with suffering, that God will lift you up. He will keep you from being utterly cast down. He will, after a time, establish and settle you. He will never leave you, nor forsake you.

Stephen L. Bening
a servant and prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ

You can post a response to this article by subscribing to Watchmen -Prophets-Assembly (WPA). Comments made by others may be read without subscribing, in the public archives of WPA.

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