PROPHECY: Alert To The Coming Storm
June 1, 2002

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Dear WPA and Other Readers:

I have been alerted for the last few days in my spirit to the notion that the second half of the Y2K related prophecies, uttered in 1999 by myself, Bill Deagle, and John Neuhaus are nearing completion and fulfillment. I have reposted the 1999 prophetic article so that all of you could read it. The nudgings of the spirit have been firm and repetitive that I once again should think along these lines and begin to sound a warning to prepare.

It is time to earnestly seek the Lord regarding how you should prepare for what is at hand. Those who prepared in 1999, without seeking the Lord, or who prepared while only caring for their own personal security, have now been lulled to sleep. As a watchman, I am seeing these events as nearer now, and sounding an alarm. Perhaps so much nearer that they are even a few weeks or months away.

The World economy looks pretty good to the naked eye, but the Lord is saying that all is not as it appears.

Personally, I am going to be looking for cheap, Y2K type supplies to pick up now for pennies on the dollar, and I believe that as I look, I am going to find some of these things, being supernaturally led by the Lord. Prepare with the mindset of being a blessing to the church, and to those who will join the church in the day of trouble.

To quote an apostolic friend of mine: "the wealth transfer is on". Those of you who have faithfully served the Lord with barely enough financial support to survive are going to be entering into the time of having unlimited financial resources. You will need wisdom in how to distribute it, and how to hold on to it prior to it's distribution. You need to seek the Lord, for these finances are coming as the worldly systems begin to crumble, and you do not currently have sufficient vision or wisdom from the Lord to deal with what is coming.

Additionally, it is wise to have a small but significant percentage of available savings in silver dollars, silver quarters and gold coins, as well as having some available cash on hand. It is a time for financial wisdom. It is not a time to have all one's eggs in one basket. When the wealth transfer comes, seek the Lord about everything concerning it.

You should prepare yourself for various exigencies: closed banks, non-functional atm machines, empty food stores, urban panic and looting, poisoned water, spreading fallout, movement and escape routes and the like.

I have read, or am familiar with most of the prophecies that have been given by our Lord regarding America in the last twenty years. So many different types of trouble have been prophesied that it would be difficult to imagine a particular type of problem, danger, or trouble that will not be felt by a significant portion of this population somewhere. You cannot prepare in your own strength. You MUST be led of the Lord.

I believe that when these events begin to occur, they will be as falling dominoes, and they will fall in fairly rapid succession. Don't bury your heads in the sand. Pray about everything. Prudently take refuge. The storm is coming.

Stephen L. Bening

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