PROPHECY: Immediacy, Severity and Timing
September 12, 2002

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Dear Readers:

I was up early with the Lord this morning, and he gave me this inner vision as I was praying:

I was in a large rectangular room of approximately 20 x 40 feet in a private home. The home was semi dark. There were no electric lights working at all. Someone was reading to the group from the light of a lantern.

The windows in the room were open, and the rain was lightly dripping, as the sky was a dreary gray.

There were about 20-30 people in the room, and these were believers, gathered to meet with one another and with their Lord.

Then, my gaze turned to the front of the house. There were many bicycles parked in front, and no cars.

This home was an American home, and the people in the room were American believers.

After this, the Lord told me to get ready and go to see my pastor. It was about 8:30 A.M. when I arrived. We talked about various things, and I shared this little vision with him. I had him close his eyes, and visualize this type of Christian meeting, for it is coming soon.

Later, we had breakfast with two other leaders of the church, and it became evident while listening to my pastor that he does not believe that three things that I have been clearly warning him about are accurate as I have presented them to him:

1) The impending trouble in America will be suddenly severe.
2) The impending trouble in America is coming very soon.
3) The impending trouble in America is set in stone. Prayer and spiritual warfare alone cannot turn it.

From listening to my pastor, he seems to believe that normalcy is going to continue for some time into the indefinite future. He sees the coming trouble that I have prophesied about as being something that will happen gradually. Not so this time. This is not what I have seen. I have seen a sudden and severe interruption of normal every day life in America.

This one, I have tried to emphasize, but my pastor believes that the "coming soon" that I have talked about is the typical "soon" as used by the Lord when speaking through prophets. "Coming Soon" can mean 2000 years or more in the bible. I get the feeling that my pastor believes that we have a lot of years left until these things come upon us. Not so this time. I agree with what Mark Wattenford wrote a few days ago. The soon that I am speaking about is soon, as I understand the term, not as God usually uses the term.

I have tried to let people know that the sudden events that I have seen are set, but my pastor still believes that there are a sufficient number of praying people in the land that the prophesied events my be overturned and that God may repent of allowing the evil events to occur. Not so this time. The events that I am seeing are set. Only a Ninevah style, nationally unified repentance would turn these things away, and that is not going to come in time.

The Lord has given me some insight about how near these events are. Thus far, I have not said very much about it. Twice in the past ten years, the Lord had me accurately pinpoint a dangerous day. Once, I did not know what was going to happen on the day. The second time, I knew exactly what was going to happen.

What can I tell you about the timing of the storm that the Lord has revealed to Bob Neumann and to me? I cannot give you a precise date, but the Lord has given some revelation on the subject before He told me to go my way and inquire no further concerning this matter.

1) The storm and warning sirens announcing the storm will begin to be heard on a New Years Day. This may be New Years Day as it is determined by any one of three calendars: Jewish-religious, Jewish-civil, or Julian. Therefore, three days in any year are possible.

The New Years Day we have already gone through was September 7, 2002. It was Tishri 1, on the Jewish civil calendar. I do not believe it was the one that I am looking for, or that the Lord was indicating. I'll tell you why in a minute.

The next one possible is January 1, 2003. It is, in my opinion, the most likely start date. The last revelation the Lord gave me before He told me to "go thy way" regarding this matter was that this "blowing of the siren" would not commence prior to November, 2002. For this reason, I discount the September 7 date, and center on January 1, 2003 as being the most likely.

The third is April 3, 2003, or Nissan 1 on the Jewish religious calendar. I consider the Jewish religious calendar to be the least likely of the three that the Lord might use.

The most likely first date is January 1, 2003. One reason for my saying this is based on my previous prophetic experience with the Lord. In the two previous times, when the Lord gave me a date, he fulfilled it on the Julian calendar. I am an American prophet, and these prophecies concern America. It is my belief that they have been given according to the American calendar, and I expect these events to follow suit.

I must caution the reader, however, that the Lord knows fully well that while I was never a Jewish rabbi, I am thoroughly schooled in Judaism and the calendar, and He can utilize both of the Jewish calendars if He so chooses.

Also, I add here that Bob Neumann believes that God will utilize the Jewish calendars for his dates of fulfillment of these things, so I am presenting things here that are being seen with a lack of clarity. It is my belief however, that I must share this information rather than remaining silent. Bob Neumann has been silent with respect to any setting of dates, and has only commented to me with respect to the calendars.

Previously, I have written in a recent article about ZERO HOUR. Please note that NEW YEARS DAY is not ZERO HOUR. New Years Day is when the warning siren begins will begin to blow, and the storm may be heard.

What am I expecting on New Years Day? Stories, rumors, dark clouds, news reports, volatile market fluctuations, earthquake foreshocks, volcanic rumblings and the like are some possibilities. Any noise or commotion will do.

Did the sirens begin to sound on September 7, 2002? Certainly, there have been many prophetic trumpets going off. If that was the New Years Day indicated by the Lord, then you will understand the importance of the next item I will write below, but I do not believe it is likely that September 7 was the New Years Day I am looking for.

2) ZERO HOUR will fall on the second day, seventeenth month of a year. Again, three calendars are possible, so three dates are possible.

The first possible date is October 23, 2002. This is Marheshvan 17 on the Jewish civil calendar. It is the date of anniversary of the flood of Noah. Prophetically, October 24 is also given to me as a dangerous day. I have previously marked this as a dangerous day. Please note that every year, Marheshvan 17 is a dangerous day to watch. Since it falls prior to November, 2002, I believe the Lord has eliminated it as the date for ZERO HOUR.

The second possible day is February 17, 2003. To me, as an American prophet, this date is the most dangerous date in any year for America. The Lord told me almost ten years ago that the Kitty Hawk would be destroyed along with the fleet on the 17th day of a month, and that it would be the first falling domino. I always believed, from the time of that prophecy and vision, that the second month, 17th day was the most likely day. February 18 has also been indicated as being potentially dangerous by the Lord.

The third possible date is May 19, 2003, which is Iyar 17, or the 17th day, second month of the Jewish religious calendar. May 20 is also indicated.

Yes, it is possible

It is possible.

It is highly unlikely, but remotely possible

I would say that I have missed God entirely as to the timing issue if these events wait four years, but the events will still occur as many have seen them and prophesied them. For me, for something to be "soon", four years would not be very soon, as I understand the term, and that is how the Lord has shown it to me and shared it with me.

Now you know why I talk so little about the timing of prophetic events. Most of you probably wish I had never opened my mouth about these things. I share these things very reluctantly, because most people will just roll their eyes back in their heads and scoff. I began to receive these things on August 26, 2002, and it has taken until today for the Lord to press them out of me.

You will note that, when the dust settles, and you have digested all of this, I really have not set any definite date. I wanted to set one, but the Lord is not revealing it, and told me to "GO THY WAY", just as He told Daniel to do so many years ago. He left me, tantalized, with the information He had revealed to me. Now, you have it too.

A few of you though are probably very thankful that I have shared what little light I have from the Lord with respect to timing.

I have obeyed the Lord for your benefit.

Any little bit of light you receive is better than none at all. That is how I always look at it, and I am thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ that He chose to reveal these secrets to His servant. Only He knows and understands why He reveals things in such a dark and concealed manner.

My job is simply to report what I hear to the few who are listening for His voice.

I heard the Lord tell me on August 12, 2001 that "The End Has Come Upon America", from Ezekiel 7. I published an article by that name, on that date. 30 days later, on September 11, 2001, the first indications of the truth of that prophecy were manifest before the eyes of every American. I noted that at the time that Ezekiel penned these words in 591 BC, according to the calculations of scholars. Two years later, invasions of Israel began. Five years later, Ezekiel's land lay desolate, burned and pillaged by the Babylonian army in 586 B.C.

In like manner, I foresee by the Spirit of God that 2003 through 2006 will likely be a time of great peril in America. Return fully to the Lord your God. Perhaps He will relent, and send a blessing instead of the greater evils that our adversary Satan has planned for the country that I love so very much.


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