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August 28, 2006 (Ellul 4)

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Crunch Time! The hurry up offense! The full court press! The gun lap! Sporting teams get it and they get moving when time is almost expired! Sometimes, acts of heroism occur.

Fourteen years ago, God called me and sent me forth as a prophet to the nations. He has showed me with disturbing and surprising detail the absolutely frightening future that our nation faces. Those of you who know me....well, you know.

About three and a half years ago, I was singing in worship, lifting my hands to the Lord, and he spoke to me. He said: "I will gather you to a place that is 40 miles North and West of Chattanooga, TN".

We have located that place that the Lord was speaking about. He has confirmed the location to many prophets now. Those of you who wish to argue: don't bother. It is very close to Savage Gulf State Recreation Area. The area is large and wild, and I do not care who knows about it, because God has revealed it, and we will be safe there for as long as He keeps us there, for it is He who will gather us there. I know that my Lord will gather me there and keep me there. But, I am not so sure what He will do about all of you.

Last year, in November, three prophets issued similar words, to the effect that the United States of America had approximately one year left. After that, the system would suddenly fail, and great calamity would come. Since that time, a fourth confirmation has arisen. Now, as time marches on in the final Hebrew month of Ellul, we draw closer to the new year of Rosh Hoshanah, and the Lord is warning us about the new Hebrew year that commences on that date which falls this September 23. It will be a year of great tumult.

We know where to go, but so far, those who have money are not spending it, and those who do not have money cannot do anything but pray and trust in God. Then, there are those who have spouses who are not in agreement, so they are held back and are not spending it either. And so, the preparations that have been made have been disturbingly paltry.

A few own property in different areas: in the country. They feel led of the Lord to go it alone. I only hope and pray they have heard from the Lord, because the Lord is speaking clearly to me about gathering together the remnant so that He may form the bride.

We do not own a single piece of property in Tennessee, and the calamities are almost upon us. I am up against closed doors on every side. The only active plan still moving seems to be in the actions of some widows who are moving for God. Yes, the widows may break through, and plant a flag for God on a piece of Tennessee land in the face of great adversity and attack! But oh, what shame of face that will place upon the men of our age. Deborah rises again, and you men are silent. For shame!

The Lord put it to me this way: you can be as Noah, or you can be as Lot. It is your choice. To be as Noah, you prepare to the maximum extent of your abilities as led by the Holy Spirit. To fail to prepare as Lot, you fall short, and shrink back. Now if you have no money, and you have done all that you can do, the Lord knows. But, as for the rest? The Lord knows who you are too.

There are perhaps thousands of people in America who have stored up prophecies like hobbyists collect baseball cards. They have stored up so much prophecy, they are gagging on it just like the Israelites who choked on the quail in the wilderness. These prophetic hobbyists are in a coma. Do you not realize that all of these visions were given by God for a purpose: that someone might take action!

It seems clear to me that the word that I was given on August 12, 2001, thirty days before 911, was a certain prophecy. I was given Ezekiel 7, and I am thinking now about the emphasis that the Holy Spirit is giving to one verse: VERSE 14.

"Though they blow the trumpet and get everything ready, no one will go into battle, for my wrath is upon the whole crowd."

I can go tomorrow and attempt to purchase eleven properties that are within a mile of each other that I have identified in the target zone, comprising more than 300 acres and including eleven dwelling units. The total purchase price would be about $2.5 million. How much has been brought forward so far? $50,000.

I do not care how it gets done. Eleven of you can go buy eleven properties, and put them in your names. Or you can place the cash at the feet of the apostle, and the apostle will do the job. Let the will of God be done.

I believe that God wants us to buy the whole community. A few others agree.

I wonder: who will hear the word of the Lord and act? If you have this world's goods, and you know this is the will of the Lord, you will be called to give an account. Amen.

God will raise up deliverance from the many or the few. Many are held in the balance, right now, and are being weighed. Many are in the valley of decision, right now. The Lord is in the vineyard, examining every heart. Which heart is fully His, and which heart is still in love with this world and the things of this world?

Examine yourselves, and acquit yourselves with boldness, wisdom and courage before the Lord your God, for the time is short, and the darkness is almost upon us.

If this is not the word of the Lord, you have nothing at all to fear. But, if this is the word of the Lord, as I totally believe it is, many of you are found wanting, right now, and need a sudden act of repentance to clear your name. As I have heard from the throne, so I have warned, and your blood will not be on my hands.

Kyrie Eleison

Stephen L. Bening

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